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Glenbeigh Horseshoe Area , S: Knocknagapple Subarea
Feature count in area: 20, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 70, 78, 83, EW-R
Highest Place: Coomacarrea 772m

Starting Places (24) in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Ballaghasheen Coilte, Ballaghasheen Pass Viewpoint, Cahernaman, Caunoge Boreen, Cloon Lough NE, Cloon Lough SE, Coolnahornan Bridge, Coomaclarig Bridge, Coomaglaslaw Outflow, Coomasaharn Lake, Coosatemple Cove, Coulagh Bridge Road, Drung Hill Layby, Gleensk Forest, Gleensk Viaduct, Glenbeigh Village, Lissatinnig Bridge Boreen, Lough Brista Wood, Lough Cappanlea OEC, Lough Caragh SW, River Behy Road, River Ferta Source, River Owroe Source, Roads Lough

Summits & other features in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe: Been Hill 651m, Beenmore 660m, Beenreagh 495m, Coomacarrea 772m, Drung Hill 640m, Keamconneragh 593m, Macklaun 607m, Meenteog 715m, Mullaghnarakill 665m, Teeromoyle Mountain 760m
N: Glenbeigh: Callahaniska 219m, Coolroe 414m, Curra Hill 275m, Seefin 493m
S: Caunoge: Caunoge 502m
S: Knocknagapple: Colly 679m, Knocknagapple 466m, Knocknagapple NW Top 458m, Meenteog South-East Top 565m
W: Mount Foley: Mount Foley 355m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Colly, 679m Mountain An Bheann Mhór A name in Irish,
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, Kerry County in Munster province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam, Irish Highest Hundred Lists, Colly is the 147th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference V65073 80762, OS 1:50k mapsheet 78/83
Place visited by: 156 members, recently by: maryblewitt, mlmoroneybb, Marykerry, glencree, Nailer1967, Hjonna, rhw, knightsonhikes, orlaithfitz, maoris, ToughSoles, Moirabourke, Krzysztof_K, Beti13, bagoff
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Longitude: -9.963758, Latitude: 51.96309, Easting: 65073, Northing: 80762, Prominence: 144m,  Isolation: 1.1km
ITM: 465052 580823
Bedrock type: Purple mudstone & siltstone, (Valentia Slate Formation)
Notes on name: Overlooks Ballaghisheen (Ir. Bealach Oisín, 'pass of Oisín' from the north. A ridge to the north connects with Meenteog on the Glenbeigh Horseshoe. There are several names mentioned by Ó Cíobháin with the element collach, lit. 'a boar', but referring to boulders. This may be the origin of Colly, but there are other possibilities.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Colly, 10 char: Colly

Gallery for Colly (An Bheann Mhór) and surrounds
Summary for Colly (An Bheann Mhór): Fine views from conical peak and outlier of the Glenbeigh hills.
Summary created by markmjcampion, Peter Walker 2021-03-28 16:50:40
   picture about Colly (<em>An Bheann Mhór</em>)
Picture: Colly from Coomaspeara
Colly's pyramid is a distinctive feature in the area SW of the reeks. It lies between the Ballaghisheen Pass and the Glenbeigh Hills and offers fine views due to this position. The spine of the Iveragh hills from Mullaghanattin to Knocknagantee offers itself up to close inspection as does the SW aspect of the reeks as well as Broaghnabinnia.

W. Start from the collection of multi-coloured farm buildings in Coomaspeara A (V63627 80982) where it's possible to park with permission. From here a conspicuous track zig-zags eastwards up the hill to around 500m, a short distance from the summit ridge: once the ridge is reached turn right for the summit. Less than 1hr.

SE. An alternative ascent can be made by parking at Ballaghisheen Gap BSheen Ps (V67079 79137). Head over the twin tops of Knocknagapple, aiming first for Colly East before swinging west for C. The going is good underfoot and should take 1.25 hrs.
In both the above cases the best return is by the route of ascent. An alternative descent to get back to the Ballaghisheen Pass would be to drop to Collybeg and head steeply downhill SE along the forest edge from here to B (V65019 78297). Then walk up the road to the start. This walk can also be reversed for an alternative ascent.

NW. Colly can also be reached as a detour off the Glenbeigh horseshoe. It should take around 40 mins from Meenteog.

Notable tracks incl. track/3789, track/3615 and track/2575. If you've two cars and are prepared for a long day try track/933.
Member Comments for Colly (An Bheann Mhór)

Peter Walker on Colly
by Peter Walker 14 Sep 2007
We strolled up from the head of Coomaspeara (whose farmer is very friendly.... C (V637 810) ) on a "lazy Sunday afternoon after the Saturday night before" (if you catch my drift) in September. Blazingly sunny, and an absolute army of flying insects to contend with on the top. A farm track runs up to about 500m; it's unfortunately conspicuous from a distance, but it neuters any sting from the ascent quite effectively. Once you reach the end of it, a short pull over grass and heather leads to the summit ridge. This is an excellent vantage point; Colly is amidst many higher hills but overshadowed by none of them. As previously noted, it can be linked to the hills around Glenbeigh; the intervening terrain seems relatively easy going. Linkback:
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   picture about Colly (<em>An Bheann Mhór</em>)
Picture: Colourful flora on Colly
colin murphy on Colly
by colin murphy 19 Aug 2009
On my way up Colly from Knocknagapple NW Top I came across a semi-circular stone structure about two metres diameter which my map indicated to be William Scotus Well, and I noticed a lengthy track from the SE leads almost exactly to this point. My first thought was that Scotus was the guy who used to feature on the £5 note but subsequent research tells me he was John Scotus Eriugna, so I am none the wiser. As visibility was slightly beyond the length of my arm, I can't comment on the views from Colly but my slog was compensated slightly by happening upon the multicoloured mossy growth in the pic which measured about one metre across. Linkback:
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   picture about Colly (<em>An Bheann Mhór</em>)
Picture: Summit cairn of Colly looking towards Waterville.
riverlaune on Colly
by riverlaune 26 Feb 2010
We climbed Colly on 13th Feb 2010 and parked like others by the farm at Coomaspeara. The farmer was very helpful and pointed out the various peaks, although they were shrouded in cloud at the time! We scooted rather quickly past some heifers and a Limousin bull at the start of the walk and I hoped that this bull didn't have a penchant for bright red North Face jackets!! The zig-zag track up the mountain is as described in other comments and you eventually take a right hand turn after having followed a fence, towards the summit. There is a summit cairn at the top and when the clouds eventually cleared, panoramic views in all directions. We were due to head from Colly on towards Meenteog but decided to do this another day! This seemed quite a good access point for the 'middle' section of the Iveragh horseshoe. Like most of my climbs in Kerry, we did not see a single soul out walking or on the mountain! I'm glad to say the sun came out on the way down and we savoured the beauty of this magnificent area whilst eating our sandwiches!! Linkback:
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   picture about Colly (<em>An Bheann Mhór</em>)
Picture: An Bheann Bheag or was that an Bheann Mhor x 2??
Double entendre?
by muddyboots 23 Feb 2017
This is a great quick summit- follow the farm track from the end of the road at Coomnaspeara. I met 2 farmers (one on the way up and the other on the descent. There are 2 farmhouses at the end of the road and both were happy to let me use their path.) Park though about 300m back along the road - room for 2-3 cars. You might as well do Meenteog SE Top (see my comments on that peak). The view from the top is amazing a full 360 degrees of the Iveagh pennisula....I have posted no photos as you need to see yourself! One oddity - as you approach on the road in you think that there are 2 peaks. I fact I was checking the map, logging onto to mountainviews and even thinking of emailing Simon Stewart. Had I found a "lost VL?!". As you see from the photos it looks like an Bheann Bheag is nearly as high as Colly itself. It is however an illusion as one sees on ascending the summit of Colly. On the drive back to Cork, hidden ridge between both is clearly visible on the south face. Linkback:
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   picture about Colly (<em>An Bheann Mhór</em>)
Picture: Colly viewed from Coomaspeara
dbloke on Colly
by dbloke 14 Sep 2007
Here's the picture to go with Mr Walker's comments. The farm track can clearly be seen. I can confirm that the insects were the most vicious yet encountered. And the farmer's dogs' bark is much worse than their bite. Linkback:
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