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North East Midlands Area , E: Kingscourt Subarea
Feature count in area: 24, by county: Cavan: 7, Westmeath: 5, Meath: 5, Monaghan: 3, Leitrim: 1, Louth: 1, Longford: 2, OSI/LPS Maps: 26, 27, 27A, 28, 28A, 28B, 34, 35, 36, 41
Highest Place: Cornasaus 339m

Starting Places in area North East Midlands:

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Summits & other features in area North East Midlands:
Cen: Ballyjamesduff: Aghalion Hill 249m
Cen: Oldcastle: Mullaghmeen 258m, Slieve Na Calliagh 276m, Spire of Lloyd 131m, The Hill of Mael 241m
E: Kingscourt: Carrickleck Hill 173m
N Cen: Cavan Town: Shantemon 218m, Slieve Glah 320m, Tievenanass 261m
NE: Ballybay: Bunnanimma 268m
NE: Carrickmacross: Corduff 243m
NE: Castleblaney: Mullyash Mountain 317m
NE: Cen Bailieborough: Cornasaus 339m, Taghart South 290m
NW Cen: Arva: Bruse Hill 260m
NW: Aughavas: Lugganammer 190m
S Cen: Crookedwood: Cruckboeltane 199m, Knockeyon 214m
S: Westmeath South West: Knockastia 200m
SE: Boyne Valley: Hill of Slane 160.4m, Mount Oriel 251m, Tara 155m
W: Ardagh: Bawn Mountain 200m
W: Drumlish: Corn Hill 278m

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Carrickleck Hill, 173m Hill Carraig Leice A name in Irish,
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from Ir, carraig rock and leac flat stone or rock, flagstone
, Meath County in Leinster province, in Binnion Lists, Carrickleck Hill is the 1440th highest place in Ireland. Carrickleck Hill is the second highest point in county Meath.
Grid Reference N82538 91750, OS 1:50k mapsheet 35
Place visited by: 34 members, recently by: Jai-mckinney, Oscar-mckinney, Dee68, Carolyn105, annem, TommyMc, trostanite, dregish, Harry Goodman, briankelly, abcd, wtrs, melohara, LorraineG60, MichaelG55
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Longitude: -6.746067, Latitude: 53.868751, Easting: 282538, Northing: 291750, Prominence: 115m,  Isolation: 11.2km
ITM: 682469 791763,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crc173, 10 char: CrcklckHil
Bedrock type: Buff coloured sandstone, (Carrickleck Sandstone Member)

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/1326/
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Summary for Carrickleck Hill (Carraig Leice): Second Highest Summit of Meath!
Summary created by Trailtrekker 2014-01-11 21:34:50
            MountainViews.ie picture about Carrickleck Hill (<em>Carraig Leice</em>)
Picture: View from Slieve Gullion to Slieve Foye from the Summit
Beside two bungalows there is room to park one, maybe two cars, just off the road at A (N82454 91663) without blocking gate. Cross gate or low fence on to farm track, all of 125 metres to summit trig at B (N82538 91749). Good views of the Cooley and Gullion hills to the north east, views to the south west are blocked by trees. The neighbouring hill which appears to have evidence of a motte or ringfort is more aesthetically pleasing and despite it's slightly lower elevation was no doubt chosen for it's better views of the surrounding lands. This is a hill to tick off a list on your way somewhere else.
Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/1326/comment/15570/
Member Comments for Carrickleck Hill (Carraig Leice)

            MountainViews.ie picture about Carrickleck Hill (<em>Carraig Leice</em>)
Picture: Carrickleck Trig
Tickers paradise
by eamonoc 3 Feb 2014
Following Trailtrekker`s advice and directions. I was on my way back from somewhere north passed through Kingscourt and took a left onto the L3527 after about 10 mins on this road as it gradually rose to it`s highest point I noticed the two bungalows and parked just opposite a metal farm gate Point (A) the trig point is visible from here . Then the walk started in earnest! all 234mts of it. Total time taken from car to car 1 min 30 secs. Despite the arduous trip the views towards the Cooleys and Slieve Gullion were worth the effort. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/1326/comment/15821/
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