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West Clare Area , NE: Burren East Subarea
Feature count in area: 14, all in Clare, OSI/LPS Maps: 51, 52, 57, 58
Highest Place: Slievecallan 391m

Starting Places (16) in area West Clare:
Abbey Hill, Ballyvaughan, Ballyvelaghan Lough, Ben Dash, Derroolagh, Feenagh, Fermoyle Cottage, Glenfort, Leimaphuca, Lough Gaelan, Murroogh, Murrooghtoohy CP, Slieve Callan Wind Farm, Slieve Elva, Slievecarron, Toberkieran

Summits & other features in area West Clare:
Cen: Ennistymon Hills: Clifden Hill 189m, Knocknalarabana 204m
NE: Burren East: Abbey Hill 240m, Bouleevin 222m, Knockanes 205m, Mullagh More 180m, Slievecarran 326m
NW: Burren West: Aillwee 304m, Gleninagh Mountain 316.1m, Slieve Elva 344m
S: Ennis Hills: Ben Dash 267m, Cloontohil 190m, Slieveacurry 255m, Slievecallan 391m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Bouleevin, 222m Hill
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, Clare County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Bouleevin is the 1355th highest place in Ireland. Bouleevin is the most easterly summit in the West Clare area.
Grid Reference M33865 02012, OS 1:50k mapsheet 52
Place visited by: 27 members, recently by: chelman7, eamonoc, Krzysztof_K, finkey86, trevorf, markmjcampion, melohara, Oileanach, FrankMc1964, Cathal-Kelly, tagoona, conormcbandon, hivisibility, Jamessheerin, JMarc
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Longitude: -8.987261, Latitude: 53.064961, Easting: 133865, Northing: 202012, Prominence: 124m,  Isolation: 3.7km
ITM: 533830 702048
Bedrock type: Cyclical crinoidal limestone, (Balliny Member)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Blvn, 10 char: Bouleevin

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Member Comments for Bouleevin

   picture about Bouleevin
Picture: Summit Area Marker .
On the Edge of The Burren.
by sandman 14 Oct 2015
If you do intend to visit this hill you will not be disappointed. Parking at a layby which has a information board for the Burren National Park ( LmPuca (M33698 03036)) you can reach the hill through the farm gate opposite following the grass covered farm track up past some derelict buildings into a small wooded area which will give you easy access to the hill proper.Now pick your own zig zag route up to the ridge where you will locate the wall as shown on the map and by following same you will reach the summit. Linkback:
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   picture about Bouleevin
Picture: Bouleevin
"Smelly Goat Hill"?
by Jamessheerin 22 Sep 2016
Parked at point A LmPuca (M33698 03036) and followed Sandmans excellent directions to the summit. On the way met a very smelly bunch of wild goats who insisted on staying upwind of us for a very long time! Decided on an alternative route down.. went south over end of ridge, some lovely downclimbing on cliffs there! Ended up at A (M33093 01896) looking for the road. No sign of it! Its actually hidden in a tree covered gully that looks impossible to access. And very nearly was (three strand barbed fence also present at roadside). Well worth climbing this hill: its way out on the edge of the Burren with stunning views. And very smelly goats! Linkback:
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   picture about Bouleevin
Picture: Bouleevin from the north.
A very enjoyable circuit
by markmjcampion 6 Mar 2021
For such a small hill Bouleevin has a lot to attract it. I really loved the scrambling opportunities and the limestone pavement in the area is spectacular.
I started where Sandman suggested and followed his route past to open countryside but, instead of heading directly for the summit, I headed NE to B (M34272 03258) and from here headed south along the ridge. There were a couple of ups and downs on the way with some nice minor bits of scrambling, all avoidable. It's an easy route with a lot of grass underfoot once yiou get past the limestone.
From the summit I headed to Turloughmore Mountain but first I descended maybe 30 metres to the west so I could enjoy a walk across the numerous stretches of clints and grikes in the area. Eventually these petered out and I started climbing again to reach the summit of Turloughmore...great views of Knockanes and Mullaghmore form here. From here I had intended to drop to C (R33260 98418) and to walk back the road to my car but, having spent too much time dawdling, I decided to back track and ended up accidentally hitting the road at more or less the same place as James Sheerin. The descent was easy enough but you need to keep a keen lookout for gaps in the scrub as you're moving down. A highly recommended circuit which took me a very leisurely 3.5 hours. Linkback:
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   picture about Bouleevin
Picture: Bouleevin from the south
Don't stop Booleevin
by markmjcampion 6 Mar 2021
There's the potential here for a great day out if you have two cars or a car and bicycle. Stick one at approx TbrKiern (M34552 05085) and then drive to the SW of Mullaghmore parking at D (R30408 94500). Follow the ridge S to N or in reverse depending on the weather. On the way you'll summit Mullaghmore, Knockanes, Turloughmore, Bouleevin and the un-named peak to the north. Can't wait to give it a go later in the Spring. Linkback:
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