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Donegal Central Area , NE: Loughsalt Hills Subarea
Feature count in area: 15, all in Donegal, OSI/LPS Maps: 1, 2, 6
Highest Place: Moylenanav 539m

Starting Places (28) in area Donegal Central:
Astelleen Burn Waterfall, Ballyarr, Binnadoo, Braughan Road, Drumfin Bridge, Edenacarnan East, Edenacarnan North, Edenacarnan South, Garrangalta Rocks, Gartan Wood, Glenveagh Bridge, Glenveagh National Park SW, Glenveigh Castle, Losset North, Lough Acrobane Farmhouse, Lough Acrobane South, Lough Acrobane South West, Lough Barra Slipway CP, Lough Barra W, Lough Natooey West, Lough Salt North, Lough Salt West, Moyle Hill, Nabrackbaddy Lough, Parochial House, River Barra Bridge NE, River Barra Bridge SW, Sruhancrolee Bridge

Summits & other features in area Donegal Central:
NE: Loughsalt Hills: Crockmore 349m, Croaghmore 278m, Edenacarnan 192m, Loughaskerry 252m, Loughsalt Mountain 469m, Moyle Hill 148m, Stragraddy Mountain 285m
SW: Glendowan Mountains: Binswilly 337m, Brown Mountain 224m, Cionn Bheatha 384m, Crockastoller 418m, Farscallop 420.6m, Gartan Mountain 357m, Leahanmore 442m, Moylenanav 539m

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Loughaskerry, 252m Hill
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, Donegal County in Ulster province, in Binnion Lists, Loughaskerry is the 1278th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference C09300 20800, OS 1:50k mapsheet 6
Place visited by: 5 members, recently by: Fergalh, jackill, Garmin, chalky, Harry Goodman
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Longitude: -7.855344, Latitude: 55.034504, Easting: 209300, Northing: 420800, Prominence: 145m,  Isolation: 3.9km
ITM: 609247 920784,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Lghskr, 10 char: Lghskry
Bedrock type: Banded semi-pelitic & psammitic schist, (Termon Formation)

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/1213/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Loughaskerry
Picture: View NW to Aghla Beg, Crocknalaragah and Muckish
No great challenge but a worthy Binnion nonetheless .
by Harry Goodman 8 May 2023
I visited this top on 26 July 2014. Take the R255 W off the N56 at A (C119 221) and follow along to take a minor road on the left, B (C110 223), going SSE. About 2km along go right SW along the Braughan Road to C (C101 201). Take the minor road on the right and follow it up NNW to BraughRd (C09848 20421) just past a large shed on the left. Before going down left and around to a parking place at BraughRd (C09769 20371), ask permission to do so at the nearby farmhouse as this part of the road has been extended by the local farmers to improve their access to the land above. From the parking place the tarmac continues along for a further 300m before it becomes a rough stone and clay track which ends on the hillside at D (C09548 20586). From this point the top lies a further 300m along to the NW up a good grassy slope with some patches of short heather broken only by a few small rocks near the high point. The top lies unmarked within a small relatively flat ring contour. The views are extensive with a full 365 degree sweep covering many of the tops in NW Donegal, the Bluestacks, the more distant Sperrins, with the prominent outline of the Sawel / Dart ridge clearly visible and further around to the hills of Inishowen. Although this is a hill that can be easily climbed up and back in less than 30 minutes, be sure to take time when there simply to enjoy the views on offer. A worthy Binnion that can be included with a number of other nearby stand-alone tops in the area or simply included as a side trip when visiting the higher tops of the Derryveagh / Glendowan mountains. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/1213/comment/17577/
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