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North Kerry Area , S: Stacks Mountains Subarea
Feature count in area: 3, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 63, 71
Highest Place: Crusline 355m

Starting Places (1) in area North Kerry:
Tursillagh Wind Farm

Summits & other features in area North Kerry:
N: Ballybunion: Knockanore 265.5m
S: Stacks Mountains: Crusline 355m
W: Ballyheigue: Maulin Mountain 217m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Crusline, 355m Hill
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, Kerry County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Crusline is the highest hill in the North Kerry area and the 1049th highest in Ireland. Crusline is the most southerly summit in the North Kerry area.
Grid Reference Q89720 18930, OS 1:50k mapsheet 71
Place visited by: 20 members, recently by: annem, Taisce, chelman7, hivisibility, Wildrover, daitho9, TommyV, ciarraioch, Bunsen7, wicklore, sandman, pdtempan, jackill, eamonoc, conormcbandon
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Longitude: -9.617801, Latitude: 52.311186, Easting: 89720, Northing: 118930, Prominence: 133m,  Isolation: 14.4km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 489688 618959
Bedrock type: Shale & sandstone, (Namurian (undifferentiated))

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crsln, 10 char: Crusline

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Summary for Crusline : The Highest Point in the Stack's Mountains
Summary created by Bunsen7, sandman 2018-04-01 15:45:37
   picture about Crusline
Picture: Crusline from the South East
Crusline, at 355m, is the highest point in the Stack's Mountains, one of Kerry's lesser known ranges, much of which has been covered with wind turbines. This hill is on the south western edge of the range with a number other hills above 300m closeby, particularly Ballincollig hill to the south east and Beenageeha to the north east, none of which are prominent enough for listing on MV.

The hill offers largely unobstructed and wide-ranging views of the North Kerry coastline to the west. On a clear day, the gap of Dunloe can be discerned on the horizon to the South. A trig pillar at the summit is hidden within the forestry.

One possible way of reaching the summit is to turn off the N69 north of Tralee at Leath crossroads, follow the road eastwards and park at the wind farm entrance located at TurSil WF (Q90413 18723). Walk past the barrier and then along the road around to the north of the forestry line, walking beneath turbines, before a short bog crossing to the summit area where the forestry tapers off.

Another name used locally for the area around the summit is Tursillagh.
Member Comments for Crusline
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Easy jaunt - but where's the summit?
by Conor74 3 Jun 2014
Apparently only 1 summit in the range qualifies for inclusion as a summit here. The range itself is perhaps one of the lesser known ones in Kerry. It was the home of world champion mountain runner John Lenihan, and recently it's landscape of mostly raised bog has seen a number of windfarms erected. These make access to the highest point at Crusline relatively easy, a 20 minute stroll from the car, though locating the precise summit is trickier. There is a boggy bank adjacent to a forestry, but plunged into the trees a few times to see if I could find some marker like an old cairn.

Unusually, Crusline is marked as being 355 on the OSI map. Nearby Ballincollig (which looks higher) is noted as 353 metres, and a third peak is 352 metres. Might be one to be checked at some stage. Linkback:
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   picture about Crusline
Picture: Diamond in the rough
Probably best MV Summit in the Stack's Mtns
by Bunsen7 1 Apr 2018
The elusive trig pillar can be found amid brambles and thick forestry. The forestry narrows towards the summit but very few people appear to have sought out the trig itself in recent times. I felt a bit like Indiana Jones when I eventually came across it. Access to the summit area is otherwise easy but only the most intrepid binnion basher will place their paws on this hidden treasure! Linkback:
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   picture about Crusline
Picture: If only I could find a wind turbine!
Epic fail!
by TommyV 5 Jul 2019
As mentioned by Bunsen7, the entrance to the windfarm is the best way to access this hill. Note that there are signs saying no unauthorized access but isn't that always the way. I did come across two white vans but the wind turbine technicians are too focused on servicing the turbines to worry about one little trespasser. The road through the windfarm leads you away from the summit at first but doubles back until it ends at a small bog track. Follow this onto the hill keeping the tree line on your left. I went into the thick trees a number of times trying to locate the trig based on my GPS but I just could not find it, I spent 15 minutes in a terrible thicket but no joy. My search brought me out on the South side of the treeline and I decided it was a shorter route back to the car if I simply follow the treeline instead of going back through the windfarm. To be clear, I have made some bad decisions out hiking before but this was probably my worst. The ground wasn't great to begin with but it got progressivly worse until I was surrounded by furs and briers for the best part of a kilometer. If you would like to get ripped to shreds then this is the route for you, if not just go back via the windfarm. 'Bunsen7 I hope that trig is not photoshopped :) Linkback:
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   picture about Crusline
Picture: The elusive trig
The trig exists. It is not photoshopped
by chelman7 5 Apr 2023
Interest piqued by the comments on this hill and always up for a good rummage to find a trig - I did my homework. I programmed three sets of co-ordinates into my Garmin GPS, Irish Grid, ITM, and LatLong. My Garmin claims to be accurate to 4 metres - this would be a good test. On a different hill I had once spent 45 minutes on my hands and knees in impenetrable Sitka Spruce and still not found the trig. I was going to give this 10 minutes - tops. Well, it felt like Christmas when my device led me straight to the trig. Accuracy to 4 metres confirmed. Thank you Garmin. I have uploaded my track, there is a bit of hacking through the undergrowth, but well worth it. By the way ITM and LatLong more accurate than Irish Grid. Linkback:
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