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North Kerry Area , W: Ballyheigue Subarea
Feature count in area: 3, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 63, 71
Highest Place: Crusline 355m

Starting Places (1) in area North Kerry:
Tursillagh Wind Farm

Summits & other features in area North Kerry:
N: Ballybunion: Knockanore 265.5m
S: Stacks Mountains: Crusline 355m
W: Ballyheigue: Maulin Mountain 217m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Maulin Mountain, 217m Hill Málainn A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Málainn [OSNB], poss. 'high or sloping ground'), Kerry County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Maulin Mountain is the third highest hill in the North Kerry area and the 1368th highest in Ireland. Maulin Mountain is the most westerly in the North Kerry area.
Grid Reference Q72213 30455, OS 1:50k mapsheet 63
Place visited by: 26 members, recently by: Taisce, chelman7, Bunsen7, Lauranna, liz50, hivisibility, markmjcampion, Fergalh, TommyV, omurchu, jackill, eamonoc, Geo, gallybander, frankmc04
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Longitude: -9.878664, Latitude: 52.411105, Easting: 72213, Northing: 130455, Prominence: 210m,  Isolation: 21km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 472191 630504
Bedrock type: Red cross bedded siltstone & sandstone, (Glandahalin Formation)
Notes on name: Málainn is rare element of obscure origin and meaning, occurring in a handul of place-names scattered throughout the country. For origin of name, see articles by Paul Tempan: The Element Málainn in Place-names in the Kerry Magazine, No. 18, 2008 (15-16) and An Eilimint Málainn i Logainmneacha in the Donegal Annual 2006 (218-19).
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: MlnMnt, 10 char: MlnMntn

Gallery for Maulin Mountain (Málainn) and surrounds
Summary for Maulin Mountain (Málainn): Easy climb up boreen and rough track
Summary created by Geo 2016-06-11 16:23:14
   picture about Maulin Mountain (<em>Málainn</em>)
Picture: View toward Brandon from Maulin summit
Park at A (Q73867 31394) at a junction where there is a sign for Dahillan's Well. The North Kerry Way exits a boreen here and you go South on this boreen for about 150m to a junction where the NKW (White loop) turns right and follow this. The track is sound underfoot almost the whole way to the summit at B (Q72213 30455). There are a few wettish spots but boots will be quite adequate.
The return trip from car to summit is approx 5.5km and 45min up and 35min return.
Views are extensive if cloud cover is not obstructive, going from Loop Head in North clockwise over the Shannon Estuary, Ballybunion, North Kerry, Tralee Bay, Slieve Mish to South, Then Brandon ridge and the Atlantic to the West.
Well worth a visit on it's own or as part of a North Kerry Way walk (esp. the Kerry Head sections)
Member Comments for Maulin Mountain (Málainn)

   picture about Maulin Mountain (<em>Málainn</em>)
Picture: View SE from Maulin towards Ballyheige and Bana Strand
dbloke on Maulin Mountain
by dbloke 1 Jan 2009
After a 2 month hiatus (health, car and weather issues) New Year's Day 2009 was time to hit the hills again. So, best to ease into it with Ireland's 1029th highest then. Parked the car next to the old building at the crossroads at C (Q738 313) where there is a signpost to Dahillan's Well. In completely the opposite direction follow the bohereen south and then follow the bog road all the way to the top. Maulin is a featureless mountain with a broad plateau covered in heather and gorse. There's nothing to mark the top but the North Kerry Way passes over the highest point. There's also a geocache up here so killed two birds. On a clear day there would be great views south towards Bana Strand, the Maharees, Slieve Mish and Brandon. North towards Ballybunnion and Clare. Today was hazy. There is a good description of the North Kerry Way at under topics|sport. Round trip under two hours. Linkback:
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three5four0 on Maulin Mountain
by three5four0 17 Sep 2009
Parked up at Dblokes recommended spot, and then spent some time taking to the house owner in the lane. He told us that he used to climb Maulin mountain every day and in general imparted local knowledge to us, a fine man indeed.

Followed the North Kerry Way to the summit, with the eagle eyed noting that the summit just lies over the wall running along the track (north side). A quick visit and returned back the way we came. Great views towards Brandon, which, was cloud free for the first time in our holiday of 9 days. Linkback:
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   picture about Maulin Mountain (<em>Málainn</em>)
Picture: Trig surrounded by scorched ground.
A walk around Kerry Head
by TommyV 2 Nov 2018
There is room to park a car at D (Q73964 31239). It's possible to follow the Kerry way West and then South to the summit of this hill. The Kerry way runs across the unmarked high point at 217, but I decided to go for the route to the trig point at 215. This involved about 200m of walking over scorched heather. I was happy enough with the trig point so I didn't feel the need to continue along the Kerry way to the unmarked high point of 217. Not a lot to recommend on this hike. Linkback:
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   picture about Maulin Mountain (<em>Málainn</em>)
Picture: Friendly goat on the slopes of Maulin.
North Kerry panorama
by liz50 26 Sep 2020
Having decided to visit all the summits in the North Kerry area listed in Mountainviews (yes-there are only 2!) on a fine late September day we started with the lower summit of Maulin at 217m. Approaching from the west we left a narrow road at E (Q71739 30063) where the Kerry Way follows a grassy track to the summit, a distance of approx 800m. We were rewarded with clear views of the Brandon ridge, Slieve Mish mountains and Loop Head to the north. Linkback:
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