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Bwich Dros-bern, Nantlle Ridge, Wales

Easy enough on a summer day, this ridge between Mynydd and the Obelisk on the Nantlle Ridge in NW Wales must be pretty hairy in winter. On the skyline, left is Garnedd-goch.


A route description including the Beenkeragh Ridge
This is one of the famous ridges of Ireland, part of a glorious circuit over our three 1k summits and a few 900s. Not trivial ever and certainly not in bad weather.
jackill on The Coumloughra Horseshoe
Overview This is the classic horseshoe walk in the Reeks.It takes in Irelands 3 highest mountains and also 4 of our 900s in one long, tough day walk. It also features some scrambling and exposure on one of the most talked about ridges in the country. Not one for a windy day and you need to be a competent navigator with a good head for heights regardless of the weather forecast. I prefer the a ... Click here

Walkers Association of Ireland
There is a list of events on the Walkers Association site.

Compared to the initial season last year, there's more and better coming.
Note: some date changes here.
  • 21st October - report talk on Mountain Rescue
    Ronan Lenihan (Mountain Training Ireland and Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team) gave a talk on mountain rescue and staying safe in the hills. Ronan was Team Leader of Ireland's busiest team for over 3 years and is currently Deputy Team Leader and senior medic. A superb talk and well attended with over 50 participants.
  • 18th November - talk by John Shackleton (IRC) on Antarctica Walkers Association of Ireland Winter Talk Series John Shackleton , member of the Irish Ramblers, will give an illustrated talk on his recent visit to the Antarctic. John is a cousin of Ernest Shackleton the explorer who was born in Kilkea in County Kildare. He is deeply interested in the Antarctic and his talk, while focusing on his own trip, will also touch on the four trips made by Ernest Shackleton and will include some of the photographs of Frank Hurley the photographer on the famous 1914-16 expedition.
  • Sat 21st November - course on Modern Navigation (Geolives and Trailmaster) The Walkers Association of Ireland is holding another one day presentation and demonstration of Trailmaster and Geolives specifically aimed at hillwalkers. It should help you to get the most from Trailmaster and Geolives. Even if you are only considering using Trailmaster or Geolives you could find this presentation useful. 10:30 to 16:00 at South County Dublin Library in Tallaght Town Centre.
  • 21st January 2010 - Table Quiz with any profits being donated to Mountain Rescue
  • 18th February - Talk on summiteering - by Simon Stewart - It will touch on summit areas in Ireland, mountain lists, summiteering, MountainViews and photography in the hills.
  • 18th March - Talk on the Pyrenees
Venue for above: St. Jude's GAA in Wellington Lane, Templeogue, Dublin 6W. Click on link above for directions. In addition, WAI will also be organising a photohike (date to be confirmed) and a day's seminar/workshop in Feb/Mar on topics of interest to hillwalkers who are not quite beginners, but would like to take the hiking experience to the next level (eg navigation, campcraft, modern navigation, gear, photography, first aid etc).
WAI Photo Gallery - why not upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

MountainViews : Private messages, Hill-name circle.

MountainViews has now introduced a private Message Service.

As members you can use it to ask other members about summits and contributions or to arrange walks etc.. It's not intended as replacement for world email (this week anyway), just a lightweight way of getting in touch with other members. For more involved messaging with attachments etc we recommend that you exchange email addresses or IM details with your contacts.
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If you receive unwelcome messages, ask the member sending them to stop. If you receive seriously abusive messages and wish to complain, email and forward a copy of the abusive message.

Hill Names Circle: Mailing List formed.

This has attracted over a dozen people during the month since we announced it and there are occasional emails being exchanged. To subscribe, unsubscribe or change options for the placenames list go to

If the web isn't available just send an email (any Subject, any Text) to join:

MountainViews Lists

We've made one small change to one list: The Highest 100. Previously the Highest 100 was drawn from any of the summits that happen to be on our lists regardless of prominence. So there was a mixture of summits, some of which many might not have considered real summits lacking a decent drop of the top. Also there were some surprising omissions since the lowest height in the previous list was 714m which meant that Binn idir an Da Log, the highest point in the Maamturks, was omitted as was Knockboy (highest point in Cork and the Shehy/Knockboys) and Sawel, highest point in the Sperrins. Whole areas such the Cahas or the Bluestacks had no tops included.
Now that we have prominences for all summits we have decided to take advantage of that to make the list more representative of the high ground throughout the island and include less of the minor bumps on high ridges.
So the minimum prominence for the Highest 100 is now 100 metres. This means that there are summits as small as 649m. Summits now listed include: The Paps, Keeper Hill, Slieve Meelmore, Knocknagantee as well as some previously mentioned.

Message for old farts (and probably young fatsos.)

This just in from David Kirk, member and author of "The Mountains of Mourne".
Getting old? Aim high!
You old(er) farts of Ireland - awake . . . ! You've enjoyed decades of rambling and scrambling, of enjoying the good grey rock that loves the grasping hand but now, probably past 60 (or, like some people I know, past 40!) you're getting, well, not lazy exactly, but age and booze are threatening to take a toll and you find that the tracks between the mountains more alluring than the summits that used to lure you. Big mistake! Huge! And its all in the mind. Theres a simple formula the less you do the less fit you become, the less fit you become the less you feel like doing, the less you feel like doing, the less you do . . . etc - a downward spiral that can lead tragically to spending the precious remaining time of your life watching tele-crap instead of the views from high places. When you first recognise the symptoms act!

The answer is to Set yourself an annual challenge that involves a programme of ascents which you MUST do and most importantly ensures that you maintain a minimum level of activity that keeps you fit to continue doing what you always loved. I recognised the problem eight years ago and my solution was to commit myself to doing every 2000-ft summit in the Mournes at least once every year. There are 12 (11 actually but I declared Doan an honorary 2000-footer because its a lovely wee hill) and while Im lucky in that the Mournes offer such a challenge within easy driving from Belfast, most walkers in Ireland could devise something similar wherever they are. If you dont enjoy walking on your own, form a club with others of your age to do a monthly summit. Its not always easy (its funny how the hills get higher every year must be tectonic activity!) but its worth it in terms of maintaining a level of fitness that enables you to continue enjoying the hills. Im 73 now and have just come down off Eagle to complete this years batch.

On the way home from my last summit of the year, as an ultimate added incentive , I stop at the off-licence and treat myself to a bottle of good Scotch malt, a Laphroaig or a Lagavulan (sorry, if Ireland produced a malt fit for mountain walkers I would buy it, but . . .) which is my companion over Christmas as I reminisce over summits enjoyed - again.

Recent Contributions and News
Mellow fruitfulness of the Mournes
A reflection of what goes wrong .. but as always highly entertaining.
Bleck Cra on Slieve Bearnagh
You fall down a manhole: a bad day. You awake to a broken heart: another bad day. Your children are eaten by alligators: also a bad day. So when polemicists assert that there are no bad days it is clear they have never drawn their own blood. Slieve Bearnagh, Diva of the Mourne Mountains is flame to the moth that was, at least last Saturday, a mountain dragnet performed by squillions of be-woggled ... Click here
And another county high point mystery.
I have to say that I really thought that it would be easy to firm up a list of the "County Tops". Sure, aren't the tops of Wicklow and Kerry Lugnaquillia and Carrauntoohil respectively. What's the problem - surely it's like that everywhere? 32 counties, 32 summits - easy. The first thing you learn is that some counties share a common summit. An example of that would be Cuilcagh which is on the border between Cavan and Fermanagh, also the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Then it turns out that while all counties have a highest top they may also have part of their territory as higher ground on the slopes of a summit whose peak is in another county. That's the situation with Roscommon whose "top" is actually around some hundreds of metres off the summit of Seltannasaggart itself in Leitrim. So you can't call Roscommon's top a "County Top" .. it's a "County High Point".
And then it turns out that for historical reasons some of the usually quoted shared tops, aren't. This is the case with Truskmore which is usually quoted as being the top of Sligo and the top of Leitrim. It turns out that the highest point in Leitrim is at a cairn some distance away from the top of Truskmore.
The following comment by paulocon points out what is probably a similar situation on Sawel the (London)Derry/ Tyrone border with the border in Derry and the top of Tyrone being some 40m off.
In the other cases mentioned MountainViews has created "summits" which are simply points on the slopes of other mountains. We'll do the same for Tyrone if we can get corroboration about the top. Can anyone get a photocopy to me of the 6 or 12 inch map or some other official evidence?
In the meanwhile and if you're doing the "County High Points" - check this site and do all of the possible outliers on Truskmore, Sawel and Slieve Beagh.
paulocon on Sawel
Poor Tyrone... not only did they relinquish their All-Ireland title this year but after exhaustive investigations on behalf of MountainViews, I can now somewhat exclusively reveal that the county high-point doesn't actually lie on the summit of any mountain nor is it adorned by a splendid trig pillar or cairn offering panoramic 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside. The County doesn't ev ... Click here
Boggeragh Delights.
The Boggeraghs, a mountain area with some 8 summits of average height 521m, have various highlights such as Musheramore. The summit described, at the NE corner is hardly the best of the bunch but seems feasible enough even if covered in masts. If you take a look at the comment, take a look also at the commenters new photo. Admire.
jackill on Bweengduff
Tis an awful affliction bagging hills. Worse again is bagging hills under 500 meters because you stupidly tell yourself , "ah sure I'll get 4 or 5" and end up crippled by distance and drowned by bogwater. Such is the case with trying the Bweengs and Mount Hillary on the same day. Anyway Bweengduff is reached from the road at W46444 88741 by following the Duhallow way (and don't take shortcuts unl ... Click here
Member's Blogs and a new national hillwalking website.
You might like to check out member paulocon's blog. While we're at it you should look at his also new Walking and Hiking in Ireland site. Good luck to both ventures. Looks like the Irish hillwalking website scene is at last becoming more active. We need more views, different ways of looking at things and good cooperation between the sites.
View to the Urris Hills
The Raghtin More - Urris Hills ridge in the very northerly peninsula of Donegal is one I had the pleasure of walking last year. Bulbin is perfectly positioned to provide a panoramic view of the ridge.
Harry Goodman on Bulbin
Some time back when I was walking the ridge of hills from Raghtin Beg to Urris, in addition to the views across to Slieve Snaght (my objective for the next day), I became very much aware of the nearer neighbours of Dunaff Hill (Head) and Bulbin. Previously I had only seen Bulbin and its sharp peak from afar but now it was across the valley just waiting to be climbed. Although it took some time ... Click here
High point of County Monaghan - height in question?
As discussed previously, some of the county high points in Ireland are not independent summits or even shared summits. Instead they are the highest point that the county boundary includes on the slopes of a summit in an adjacent county. And so it is with Slieve Beagh South East Top, which wouldn't be listed at all if it wasn't because of its county status.
three5four0 on Slieve Beagh South East Top
Followed Harry Goodman's excellent route description to Slieve Beagh South East Top, from the parking area by the locked gate at Barratitoppy, following the tracks described above and over Eshbrack, pt 365 to Slieve South East Top. My altimeter flicked between 370 & 375 on top of the hummock (perhaps a buried cairn?).

But here is the thing, the grid ref for Slieve Beagh East Top & Harry G ... Click here
Croaghan in Antrim described.
Member-Slemish had a number of useful descriptions of north Antrim tops last month. slemish on Croaghan
I had never climbed Croaghan before today and wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be an excellent little hill. I parked at a lay-by just off the Altarichard road (119297). The trail towards the 417m summit is clearly marked from here all the way up. As the other comments state the trail is badly eroded and after a summer of heavy rain it was like walking through treacle. I advise staying of ... Click here
Nearest top to many Dubliners!
The addition of the Binnion list (150m prominence summits under 400m) has meant the inclusion of lots of lower places generally with good views. As veteran contributor csd says, it was surprising that this one was commented on before.
csd on Ben of Howth
Arguably one of the easiest bags for Dublin-based folk, it's remarkable that Ben of Howth has escaped comment for this long! This is one that stretches the "mountain" in MountainViews to the limit. Anyway, access is easy from Windgate Road, there's a laneway all the way to the top from the quarry entrance. Views are great in all directions; as a southsider it gives a perspective on the city that I ... Click here
Sorry if I didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.

Site notes If you can set-up your email to get web-format ("html format"), you should be able to get more out of this newsletter. Previous Newsletters
GPS Notes. Would you like a map on your GPS so that you can visualise summits, contours etc? Well, depending on whether you have the right sort of GPS and your willingness to do a bit of uploading, we may have the answer.
simon3 on GPS for Ireland, article, download.
Currently MV provides GPS information in the form of waypoints that indicate the summit positions of all of the mountains in our list. While better than nothing this still does not use the full potential of GPS units . Essentially these can show maps and points of interest. There is no commercial product for GPS units at present, however we are pleased to announce the results of various communi ... Click here

Also the latest from MV member pazapas, with more uptodate info including lakes, rivers, roads, antiquities, 150m list from this site and urban areas.
pazapas on Ireland Map v1.91
Ireland Map v1.91 is available both for Mapsource (Windows) and Road Trip (Mac OS X). OSM layer is now routable without too much errors and it displays more features mostly in towns. Please forget v1.90. Click here

This month.
We welcome the following new members who enrolled this month. 21daysgone, abeaniahiggins, Affy, aishob, Andy-Tree, AndyTree, annlenhardt, ballinastack, barry5891, bellanascadden, billhorgan05, blondie, bluegreen, Bourkie100, BrianMadden, btfortune, burnsie, Caledonia, carlfitz, Cduane, Con-Tour-360, covkid45, daraburke, darrengavin, DenisFlynn, denistreacy, Diski, donaldgordon, dottoremabuse, dublinblue, duffman, duffmyster, EamonnSweetman, Elaine_Nagle, ennisp, esmf, feynr, ffarrell, frankennedy, Gareth330, garv, GHamilton, glennon33, glennonjoe, gmpr40, group, HoctorJames, Homerclesse, infomcd, ireland2010, Irelandjj, Jag, janem, jcgalway, jfp_carto, Jht, johnnyindia, jsd, jsomerville, karlachameleon, kelper, kiladante, Kramshoj-Denmark, Labhras, Labhrs, laraine, lbf, m2rk, m3llowship, mageecolm, Maggie1974, mairead, mamut67, Manuel, marccoyle, Marcinlak, Marcus86, Mark26, martincarr, martin_kubov, mesmonde, michaelmcgee1, michaeltobin, mickp, mkfschmidt, mok-av, morans, mountainclimber, mountainviews, newswalkw, ninearms, oisindf90, omeade, ostros, outdoor, pearnett, petermc4, petescherm, philst5, pierre-sjostrom, pjod, ramblerdee, riverlaune, rkill, RobTomlnsn, roconell, roconnell, saltytart, saoirse2000, scarthy, shaunkelly, sherco, simon, stan, stephend, TheSquonk, tiberious, TiChulainn, tomdonnelly, tomm, tony1960, vbreslin, vincent_murphy, walfisch65, wonderful, zil (126)
Our contributors to all threads this month: Bleck Cra (1), ChrisG (1), Geo (5), Geronimo (1), Harry Goodman (11), Wicklore (1), ahendroff (2), bneville (1), brenno (3), colinmdean (1), csd (3), david kirk (1), davidhorkan (1), des carroll (1), gerrym (2), gm (1), jackill (6), jlynch (1), jontheshrub (1), oakesave (1), oldsoldier (1), ostros (3), osullivanm (1), paddyhillsbagger (4), paulocon (12), pazapas (1), pplsgod (1), reidyden (1), roscorrocket (1), sbender (1), silentbob (1), simon3 (3), slemish (4), three5four0 (16), tiktiktik3 (1), tupelopenny (1), wicklore (1), youngjohn (1) and Contributors to GPS information this month were: csd (4), Geo (5), jackill (15), simon3 (7), Wicklore (3)

For a fuller list view Community | Recent Contributors
There were comments on the following summits Agnew's Hill, Ballinard, Ballincurra Hill, Ballineddan Mountain, Ballykildea Mountain, Beenatoor, Beenoskee, Ben Bury, Ben Lugmore, Ben Lugmore East Top, Ben Lugmore West Top, Ben of Howth, Benbulbin, Bulbin, Burren, Camaderry, Carn Traonach, Carnearny, Carranarah, Carrigatuke, Carrigvore, Cnoc Fola, Cnoc na Bánóige, Cnoc na Bánóige N Top, Croaghan, Croaghnamaddy, Croslieve, Divis, Djouce, Dromavally Mountain, Dunaff Hill, Errigal, Fauscoum, Geokaun, Gob an Iolair, Keadeen Mountain, Killelan Mountain, Knockadigeen Hill, Knockanuarha, Knockcraugh Hill, Knockiveagh, Knockmulanane, Knocknacloghoge, Knocknashee, Lugnaquillia, Mauherslieve, Mouldy Hill, Mullaghanoe, Mullaghnarakill, Mweelrea, Owenreagh Hill, Sawel, Scalp Mountain, Scarr, Sliabh na nGabhar, Slieve Beagh South East Top, Slieve Bearnagh, Slieve Beg, Slieve Carn, Slievemaan, Slievenahanaghan, Slievetrue, Soarns Hill, Stradbally Mountain, Sugarloaf Hill, Taobh an Leithid, Woodcock Hill and these walks were created The Coumloughra Horseshoe
Thanks to all 728 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums. .

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 3833 comments about 838 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1054). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 150m summits have been added is currently only around 42% There's plenty (216) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.

If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Carnanelly West Top, Puffin Island, Inis Tuaisceart, Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Carhoo Hill, Edenacarnan, An Tiaracht, Croaghan Hill, Inch Top and some 62 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.

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