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Seat with a view
Seat with a view! Paul Fogarty says "On a recent walk around Croaghanmoira Mountain, our walking club came across this leather armchair with a view. As you can see, it was put to good use by some of our members!" Picture: Seat with a view! Contract pics


In a world of constant erosion, even the fittest and sveltest hillwalker is subject to the same rigours of time as the rocks themselves. The craggy Billy Connolly ponders the purpose of his extending nose and ear hairs and other metamorphosing parts that come with the years. And here are a few more that might apply to the maturing mountain viewer.
We and Mr Magoo acquire a GPS with a backlight - to make the type bigger of course. We buy 1 walking pole because we are only getting half old. We accidentally put on our raybands to read things. We would go on the challenge walk but sure, we've done it 6 times before. We think about giving up our stockbroker's job and becoming a park warden, or Greenpeace or something. We hate product questionnaires because they won't split up the age category 45-65. We buy new kit in electric blue or dayglow green. The midges give up on us - blecchh!. We reverse over other walkers in the car park. We get 3 new flasks for Christmas, one in Royal Stewart tartan. The something obscuring the horizon, turns out to be our eyebrows.
.. something obscuring the horizon, turns out to be our eyebrows.

We realise our time in the hills is older than the questioner. We start to sit on rocks because if we sat on the ground we'd never get up.
Somebody said something the other day about someone in their seventies winning a run. Easy when you can neither see the danger in front of you nor even hear your own heart beat. All additional crumbly comments to this column very welcome.

Your comments or suggestions to The Scrabbler.

Recent Contributions and News
"New" mountains explored

Veteran contributor csd has had a look at a number of the smaller summits (400-499m) that we have included recently. By my count he visited 12 of them in July .. must be a record. If you think you have visited every summit of interest in Wicklow have a look at this comment about Spinan Hill SE Top (also the one about Spinan Hill itself). These interesting places are NW of Keadeen.
csd on Spinans Hill SE Top
Spinans Hill SE Top is a much more appealing summit than the main top to the west. Note, though, if you're planning to approach from Spinans Hill that your way will be blocked by a wall of dense forestry. The tree cover is now much more extensive than shown on Sheet 56, so I had to detour to the north (losing some height in the process: grr!). The summit area of SE Top is littered with ancient sto ... Click here

Incidentally csd wrote up Garrenbaun in the Slieve Blooms and his account makes it sound like quite possibly the most dismal summit on the island, surpassing even Carnmore Carn.
Achill / Corraun explored

gerrym was on some of the summits beyond Mulrany towards the Achill peninsula. This is an area for high airy walks with views of the sea on both sides and it looks like this place doesn't disappoint.
gerrym on Corraun Hill
I approached Corraun Hill from its strangely bigger E top, this was a rewarding walk through and above corries with big views in all directions. There is good guidance from the E top through a series of cairns which lead to the broad col with its pools of water. The climb to the summit is an easy 20 minutes of walking, first coming to the cairn at the E side and then to the trig pillar and surroun ... Click here
Office fantasy, drizzly escape. new contributor blblos has this to say

brblos on Prince William's Seat
just yesterday during my office hours i got really strong need to escape from the city at least for a while and recharge myself. so i ran home to catch a bus to enniskerry from where we walked to wiclow way and up to the top of prince williams seat. very quite place to be on in midweek days evenings and just before sunset. you can not meet anyone there but deers. after enjoying beautiful evening a ... Click here
2007's New Challenge Walk - a report Patsy Cahalan was one of two with reports on this event in the Joyce Country (Galway/ Mayo). In a few months, when the new Walkers Association of Ireland site is set up, there will be a specific place to put in reports about Challenge Walks.

Patsy on Joyce Country Challenge- Report
The Joyce Country Challenge - (Dúshlán Dúiche Sheoige) The inaugural Joyce Country Challenge was held on Saturday July21st. After months of careful planning by the Lake District Hillwalking club, the day finally arrived. It started fine and dry, with the hills around Lough Na Fooey reflected in the lake like some alpine postcard, and the early mist adding to the sense of tranquillity. The or ... Click here

See also jim holmes comment on the Comeragh Crossing this year.
jim holmes on Comeragh Challenge
“If you can’t see the mountains; then it’s raining. And if you can; well then the rain is on its way!” Driving rain had me pondering all this on the North approach to Carrigagower whilst participating on the Comeragh Challenge on Saturday last. This and that how the wonderful people from Dungarvan Hillwalking Club cant stop themselves from feeding you (I honestly hadn’t eaten as much since Christm ... Click here
Distance from home - consultation
csd suggests that we include a new field on each summit page. Before putting this in, has anyone any other ideas about this or related fields to add/ amend? csd on Distance from home
How far away is that peak? Suggestion: Add a "distance from home" to the blue mountain data in the Summits tab. Could be dynamically calculated based on home location the user has entered into their profile. Suggest the field be right-justified after County name. Yes, happy to test. Click here
Plane crashes
Many mountain ranges in Ireland have plane crash sites which can be interesting, if sombre to visit. graniteface started a discussion about those in the Mournes here.
graniteface on ww II crash sites
Does anyone know where the wwII aircraft crash sites are in the mourne mountains?? Many thanks - Graniteface Click here

Religion on the Devil's route?
tikitiki3 has this travellers tale of opportunity grasped, devil's ladder slayed, unprepared walkers and Liffey water. Loved the view. tiktiktik3 on Carrauntoohil
One particular morning when I could see the whole reeks clearly from the garden we decided to go for it and went looking for Cronnins yard. As we arived another car drove in with what seemed like 2 hikers also going up. I asked if they wanted to team up and John & Teresa Foley agreed on the spot. We followed the river and went straight towards the Devils Ladder. It’s a fair bit of a walk up to t ... Click here
une vue spectaculaireYes, our first contribution in French. zet on Torc Mountain
C'est une montagne que j'ai grimpée en 2004, avec mon conjoint. Nous avons adoré la vue qui s'est offerte à nous rendu au sommet. Le parcours était bien, pas trop dur. Une bonne partie du parcours se fait sur un trottoir de bois. C'était une belle ballade ! La photo nous montre une belle une vue spectaculaire ! Click here
Knockmealdowns, East End
This one speaks for itself of the interest in the area. jackill on Knocknanask
With the introduction of the 400 meter list new opportunities presented themselves in the four peaks at the far eastern end of the Knockmealdowns. I parked the car at S11184 08337 and headed over a rusty gate and followed the track to Knocknasculloge. I retraced my steps back as far as S11780 07951 and climed the 100 meters to the summit over very rough ground. The summit is covered with old turf ... Click here
What is a summit = some discussion.
There is always discussion on what exactly is a summit, what is the highest etc.
It can get very scientific as this example from across the water shows:
Dewi Jones, Myrddyn Phillips and I resurveyed Castell y Gwynt yesterday. We used a Leica Disto A8 laser measuring system to obtain distances and angles. The results measured the bwlch to summit height to be 15.95+/-0.25m thereby meeting the Nuttalls' requirement of 15m reascent to include this hill in their list. This result is also in agreement with previous independent surveys carried out by Dewi and Myrddyn. However, I understand the Nuttalls surveyed this hill themselves and measured the reascent to be less than 15m. I am confident, having considered the possible errors in the measurements we made, that this hill definitely has over 15m of reascent. A full report on the survey is available if anyone would like one. (From Relative Hills of Britain mailing list)
We haven't got to that stage, if we ever will, in Ireland. Certainly I believe that the lack of a few metres of prominence should not rob MountainViewers of opportunity to describe and popularise an interesting summit.
padodes on Slieve Maan
I know that MountainViews has given its preference to the SW top of Slieve Maan rather than to the NE one, of roughly the same height. The OS map and, correspondingly, the Healy Glendalough/Glenmalure maps have led the way in this regard. Just for the sake of completion, however, let me add a photo of the less favoured NE "top". In reality it is simply a pile of stones in a flat forest clearing. I ... Click here
Walkers Association of Ireland
This is the name for a new umbrella group for hillwalkers in Ireland (Republic that it is, NI has the Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs). If you are interested in this group, get yourself on the mailing list. Email with this in the message body:
subscribe hillinterest-list
Background to this
A response will be sent in a few seconds and you then confirm your membership.
(This list may be temporary until the new group gets its website up and running.)

simon3 on New national hillwalking group.
An exploratory meeting to see if there is interest in a new national hillwalking interest group was held in Dublin on the 28th April 2007 attracting around 50 people. The meeting, held by the Irish Ramblers Club, heard about the background and the outlines of what the suggested grouping might do. A number of subgroups are proposed in areas such as cooperative holidays, technical interest, challe ... Click here
More background information can be found about this at Irish Ramblers Club.
Sorry if I didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.


Walk around Glenrastel Longish, interesting looking walk around that rough unvisited part of Ireland - the Cahas
jackill on A circuit of Glenrastel
Overview The rugged beauty of the Beara Peninsula provides the backdrop for this walk.The peninsulas broad back is formed by the Caha Mountains.This route follows the dramatic and remote glacial valley of Glenrastel (Glen of the grooves/fissures) .The valley is scattered with the remains of abandoned houses and farms of what once must have been a large community scratching out an existence fr ... Click here

Site notes If you can set-up your email to get web-format ("html format"), you should be able to get more out of this newsletter.
Getting a map on your GPS. Would you like a map on your GPS so that you can visualise summits, contours etc? Well, depending on whether you have the right sort of GPS and your willingness to do a bit of uploading, we may have the answer.
simon3 on GPS for Ireland, article, download.
Currently MV provides GPS information in the form of waypoints that indicate the summit positions of all of the mountains in our list. While better than nothing this still does not use the full potential of GPS units . Essentially these can show maps and points of interest. There is no commercial product for GPS units at present, however we are pleased to announce the results of various communi ... Click here

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There were comments on the following mountains Ballinafunshoge, Barcam, Carrauntoohil, Castleconor, Corraun Hill, Corraun Hill East Top, Croagh Patrick, Croghan Kinsella, Cushbawn, Fananierin, Garraunbaun, Knocknadobar, Knocknanask, Knocksculloge, Mamore Hill, Prince William's Seat, Rocky Mountain, Sleamaine, Slievanea NE Top, Slieve Maan, Slieve Snaght, Slievemartin, Slievemeen, Spinans Hill, Spinans Hill SE Top, Torc Mountain and these walks were created Bloody Bridge - Slieve Donard - Newcastle
Thanks to all 462 who have ever contributed
The five who have contributed most to the site are simon3 (401), csd (198), jackill (133), gerrym (111), Bleck Cra (109).
Summary. MountainViews now has 2409 comments about 498 different mountains out of the total in our current full list (840). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 400m summits have been added is currently under 32% There's plenty 342 of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.

If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service. Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a mountain rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: An Machaire, Foilduff, Croaghcarragh, Cnoc Onna, Hangmans Hill, Barraduff Mountain, Killaha Mountain, Ballyvouskill, Tirkslieve, Cnoc Lios Uachtair and some 21 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a mountain so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.

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