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March 2012




MountainViews major new feature: Track Sharing

"New" summit discovered

Book for photography day

Report: Around 100 at WAI/ MV event


WAI events in 2011/2012 - Winter Talks Series

Full details here:

  • Weds, 21st Mar 2012, Completing the Munros Recent compleater and former WAI chairperson, Anne Morrissey will speak about the experience at St Olaf's GAA, Stillorgan, Dublin at 7:30pm. The agm will also be held. If you are interested in volunteering please do put your name forward. WAI has had a great year so far and looks forward to continued but gentle increase in its activities.
  • Sat, 21st April 2012. WAI Photography Day This is a hiqh quality but inexpensive introduction to hill photography organised in the Brockagh Centre, Glendalough. Booking is now open at This course has a tendency to be oversubscribed so book early. Where else are you going to get instructors with professional or serious amateur status at anything like this price?
  • Soon Sat 14 April 2012. Modern Navigation course covering modern navigation tools and GPS. Details to be confirmed. Booking not yet open.
  • Report: Friday, 17th Feb 2012, Presentation from MountainViews at WAI. This included a number of short talks from members with Guest speaker Éanna ní Lamhna of RTE's Mooney goes Wild and well known broadcaster on RTE, who was talking about mostly fauna in the Irish hills. Some 97 people attended.

    Click for full report, photos.
Full details here:

The WAI tell us that if you are interested in hosting such an event outside of Dublin, do get in touch at

WAI Photo Gallery - They would like you to upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

Secrets of Stone - Seminar
This looks to be an interesting, inexpensive and fairly intensive seminar on all things Geological in Ireland. Poster and details here
simon3 on Seminar on Irelands Geological Heritage
This is a great sounding seminar on Geology in Ireland. There's a pdf about it here /mv/_serverdata/monthlynews/images/SecretsOfStone.pdf and a fairly basic listing here: Click here


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More information at

The beloved Maamturks Walk is on again. Have a look here at some info.

For a full list of Challenge Walks, visit here.

Doesn't this picture look great? Its composition includes foreground, strikingly coloured middle ground with low angle light and a sense of distance disappearing into the dusk. But here's the surprising bit: it was taken with a smartphone, not a high powered SLR. Of course SLRs can usually make the most of a scene, but never forget that luck in being there at the right place and time is as important. So if you see something worth capturing and have your Android or iPhone or Nokia, go for it.

In short: Discovery

SOUTH: The most famous summit in the SW?
Conor74 reveals how poor reception of RTE in the 70's made Mullaghanish a household name…
Conor74 on Mullaghanish: The most famous summit in the SW?
Right up there anyway, though perhaps only amongst a certain generation. And I say that conscious of Carrauntoohil's height and Brandon's pilgrimage. I think I made this comment to Simon last weekend as we were on its slopes and as it amused him, so it may amuse you to know of its fame. Before I ever picked up a geography book in national school and learned about mountains I was a fan of the tv ... Click here

SOUTH: Mullaghnattin over the clouds

wicklore on Mullaghanattin: Rising above a sea of white
On Saturday last, while hiking the Coumloughra Horseshoe, we were blessed with the most fabulous cloud inversion that was present for many hours of our walk. This photo shows Mullaghanattin to the SW poking through the clouds as visible from the summit of Caher West Top. It's views like this that can make you catch your breath and stun you into silence. Click here

SOUTH: Spectacular coastal outpost.
Simon3 visits one of the most stunning cliff walks on the island.
group on Ceann Bhaile Dháith: Spectacular coastal outpost.
One place to start is at around Q389 100 going west intially, then north then north-east. In places the going is over rough dwarf furze, so long trousers are recommended. The walk up and down could take around 90 minutes. The summit is accompanied by the ruins of a Napoleonic era lookout post. There are fine views to SW of the Three Sisters and north to the nearby Beenmore and further to the ... Click here

WEST: Possible access issue in Joyce country
Another landowner has posted warning signs in one of Ireland's most unspoilt areas, as Frank 12345 recounts.
Frank12345 on Bunnacunneen: Access Issue
Just south of the summit there are two bright red warning signs 'No unauthorised access beyond this point'. They are attached to the boundary fence that runs along the ridge,and they are confusingly situated near the boundary to dissuade any walking,although technically they only refer to a short strect of commonage that runs down to the glenteige,east side of the ridge. Click here

WEST: Access resolved? A thoughtful track and interesting description.
Member fingalscave has been using the new track sharing system to show off a number of interesting routes. These are well worth considering as ideas for your own walks. This particular one shows was a car split starting from near Benwiskin and going over Kings Mountain - a general route that I for one didn't realise could be done. I suspect permission might need to be sought for the particular way taken for the final section to the road.
fingalscave on Benwisken
On the RTE news on a Monday night in 2009, then minister Eam walk, Length:12.2km, Climb: 529m, Area: Benwiskin, Dartry Mountains (Ireland) Benwiskin, Click here

WEST: Connemara beauty cloaked in a veil of mist
Approaching Garraun from the east proved something of a muddy trek for member fkaatje.
fkaatje on Garraun: rain, mud and no views
Climbed Garraun and Garraun South top on Saturday February 12th 2012. The weather forecast was for good bright spells with some showers, so I was hopeful for some good views. However halfway up Garraun ESE spur clouds and soaking rain descended on me and did not leave me alone until almost back at the car. Therefore I dropped my plans of including Benchoona and Binn Fhraoigh. I started from the ch ... Click here

EAST: Mountainviews does Joe Duffy
Member wicklore recently appeared on the Joe Duffy show to bring the story of the Slievecorragh teddy bear to the nation… Note: the consensus of previous discussions in MV forums has been that many memorials in the hills are obtrusive and unreasonable. The story and nature of this memorial is special and unique.
wicklore on Slievecorragh: Sharing the story of the Chair
Listeners to RTE’s Liveline programme may have heard me today as I discussed the chair and Teddy memorial on Slievecorragh and its history. The podcast can be listened to here: Please remove the (point A) and (Point B) insert in the http link as these are generated by MountainViews thinking they are grid referen ... Click here

EAST: A sweeter ascent
We welcome new member vycanismajoris (which is the largest known star in the universe!) who ascended Wicklow's Great Sugar Loaf via the little-trodden east face.
vycanismajoris on Great Sugar Loaf: North East Face
I have climbed the south face from the car park several times in the past few weeks but decided to try the scramble of the north east face. The mountain is a different beast from this side. Tall, broad and intimidatingly rocky. Managed to get up in 45 minutes with a stop for a sore ankle. There is parking at the Kilmacanogue GAA club (O244 137) and a grassy path at the side that leads to several r ... Click here

Also see this track for a walk right round the Great Sugar Loaf, surely one of the most shapely Arderins in Ireland - ah quartzite. tommyclarke on Near Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
walk, Length:5.4km, Climb: 404m, Area: Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Great Sugar Loaf Click here

NORTH: The lake that isn't there…or is it?
On his travels through the Bluestacks in Donegal, member bryanmccabe encounters a sizeable lake that doesn't appear on the OS map…
bryanmccabe on Silver Hill: Lake on Eany Beg River not on OS Discovery Series Sheet 11
Having completed a walk taking in Croaghgorm, Lavagh More, Lavagh Beg and Silver Hill on 19th Feb 2012, I feel it is worth reiterating a comment made by gerrym in his post of 3 Jun 2005. In the valley south of Silver Hill, the Eany Beg River is dammed to form a sizeable lake which does not appear on the OS Discovery Series Sheet 11 that I purchased in early 2010. I also checked on http://maps.osi. ... Click here

NORTH: 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, you need Police Authority permission to go up that hill!
…or so member Peter Walker was informed, luckily as it happened, after he'd climbed Slievetrue in the Belfast Hills.
Peter Walker on Slievetrue: Changes?
The wise man isn't late home on Valentine's Day, and so it was that I went for the same route up and down Slievetrue as used by Harry Goodman and gerrym, but without any additional exploration. Nobody was in evidence on the way past the house on the way up so I pressed on to the top, and was greeted by a northerly Antrim vista smothered by a dampened blanket of grey cloud, and to the south Cave Hi ... Click here

NORTH: The call of ravens and the curse of the mink
Member Gerrym encounters an eclectic mix of country life on his ascent of Scraigs Hill in Donegal's Bluestacks, including herons, ravens, and friendly farmers bemoaning the mink…
gerrym on Scraigs: Walkers Welcome!
Scraigs presented an imposing profile approaching from the NW and became even more impressive as its steep slopes swept up from the shores of Lough Finn. Mist was just clearing its top whilst in the background the top of Aghla was lost.
A small road (928025) drops to the NW end of Lough Finn and rises to the col between Scraigs and Aghla above Lough Muck. There is parking for a couple of ... Click here

Sorry if we didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.


FLORA: Bearberry
Crockrawer (Cnoc Ramhar) has this.
fingalscave on Cnoc Ramhar: Bearberry.
Thanks for that Scapania, I hadn't come across it before though its a beauty. If it had berries on it I might still have mistaken it, though the fruits wouldn't be as closely attached to the stems as on Cotoneaster. If I'd found it in flower, being from family Ericaceae, I would hopefully have tracked it down by process of elimination! Attached is a distribution map for this species from 'The W ... Click here

Emergency uses of a map.
Occasionally the uk.rec.walking newsgroup can come up with amusing stories .. or at least odd.
Two walkers set fire to their map to aid a rescue by the South Yorkshire Police helicopter after becoming stranded in the Peak District.

In the discussion afterwards this gem appeared about burning a GPS instead of the map "The flames would have followed instructions and driven into a stream."


The MountainViews track sharing system is now live !
This a means by which members can view where other people have found walks. So far it is going well with some 32 tracks added last week. Try it here at /track/report/ It works much better on Firefox or Chrome browsers than on versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer before V9.

Some of the added tracks have extensive descriptions, some contain are basic. Let us emphasise this feature is useful to your whether or not you are into GPS, because it allows you and all of us to see other peoples' routes and discuss them.

MountainViews first book - The Vandeleur-Lynams and the Arderins Currently MountainViews community is preparing this book and have created the V1.0 Proof Copy. It is a list of all the summits in the VL and Arderin lists as well as an account of their history, how they fit with the MountainViews family of lists and the work that has been done on them.
The book is not yet on sale yet. Enquiries about the book to
Responses to some of your Survey feedback. Part 2.
The committee will no doubt be responding to the Survey feedback in time. This isn't a trivial exercise because there were nearly 400 responses, many with substantial points. I thought I would respond to some of the issues and suggestions specifically regarding the website. Comments were generally warm and supportive in tone which which after 10 years made for a great feel-good factor. However to improve the website constructive criticism is really useful.

User interface comments
There's a lot of comments about the availability and organisation of information on complete walks or routes. These give flesh to something that we began to realise some time ago. The website was originally structured around a list of summits, into which there are comments often including parking and walks. However many visitors want more focus on routes and walks.
Here's some of your comments in no particular order:
  • route cards for walks with 6 figure grid references and more detailed maps to view on line
  • I would like to see a linkage to Open Street Map so that tracks could be added there
  • I woud like to see a section advertising upcoming walks or section where other members are going on a hike and invite new comers along.I mosty go on my own and i am not very experienced so i would love to go along with other members who know what they are doing and going.
  • The walks need grading! I have read reviews of walks that I know to be dangerous routes yet they are put forward without a grading. IE posting easy routes and posting dangerous routes, who can tell? This could lead the inexperienced into danger!
  • As my knees are wearing out and arthritis is winning the battle, perhaps more emphasis should be put on shorter walks. There is a slightly macho culture about MountainViews and some of its contributors.
  • newbies section, with specific infromation and rsources for less experienced members, particullarly map reading skills, simplified routes Also a setion featuring detailed routes and trails not covered in the main on.
  • Maybe a section listing guided walks or a section for people like me who would like to walk with other more experienced hikers i.e a monthly guided walk with a fee charged might be an idea.
  • to be able to search using starting points (car parks etc) to be able to search for circuits. to be able to search on distance. to be able to search on time (hours to complete hike)
Response from MountainViews. The first thing to remember is that this is a site that allows people to share data. We rely on users, not paid staff, to enter information. While volunteers vary, on average they are only prepared to put in a certain amount of time for writing up what they have done. Stewart's Proposition on User Networking (SPUN) says that people will only spend around 10% of the time that they were involved in an activity in writing it up. If you do a 5 hour walk then you may on average be prepared to spend 30 mins writing it up, tops. If you do a 20 day trip to Patagonia, then you may well be prepared to spend 2 days writing it up. This is why Mountain Log has such a problem balancing the articles on foreign expeditions with good articles on hillwalking in Ireland. By creating a uniform format that demands several hours of work, few people engaged mostly in expeditions of 5 hours are prepared to participate.

We had a go at creating a walks section for MountainViews some years ago. It allows substantial walk descriptions to be entered, with some control over formatting, with multiple pictures, summary information and a thumbnail map. It has some success but not as much as hoped. It also violates Stewart's Proposition since it can take 2 or 3 hours to write up a walk. There's various other difficulties to do with presentation and the precision demanded.

For the future we are building something different, a system that allows the basis of a walk to be added easily (gps track) with further layers to be built on top of that. So far, the GPS track sharing has taken off suggesting that this approach will work. Also we are tending towards a cooperative approach more like a wiki where multiple people can work on the same route. We have been doing this with the Short Summaries for summits.
Take a look at the track sharing system and you can see the start of the new approach.

A place for those interested in Summiteering, Bagging or Highpointing.

"New" Arderin added.
For summiteers there's a new one in the Wicklow area: Carrigshouk. member jackill wrote this up here jackill on Finding Carrigshouk
And so it falls to me to confirm what the eagle eyed Geo has already spotted, Carrigshouk has been found and promoted to the Arderins. Also did anyone spot that Beenabrack in the Brandon group has been moved to the east and increased in height by eight meters? A little bit of history in summiteering in Ireland. But how did we get here? Last year a small band of dedicated MViewers got together a ... Click here

And, as has happened when we added summits previously, there are already some comments in:
Geo on Carrigshouk: Too long left out!
Just happened upon this "new" summit on Mountainviews, this evening and feel I have to give it a short comment, Always good to be first to do so! For as long as this summit has been on the "excluded" list it has been unfortunate as it has been crossed by many I'm certain, mainly as the entry or exit to Mullaghcleevaun (via East Top). It has lovely views as you come down SE towards the R115, loo ... Click here

This month.
Kudos to our contributors.

We welcome the following new members who enrolled this month. 5peakskev, acres14, adofitz, Adventure, ahhiehayden, Annmcsarkar, an_t-eoghanach, appletart, aughnagomaun, backwoodsman, barrydonghy, battigan, bigdub, Bradogyouth, brayhead, brendan35, brennanr, brentpowell, brianp223, brid, carlj, cassingirl, Cgartlan, coiseach, Conor, conwalnorth, coolabuaile, corrynor, cshields, Daryl, David_Thomson, delexical, denishealy, dublinz99, EamonnOb, Edmondo, Eils, EllieD, Eoin-C, EricDavies, eunanking, flynnp, freedom13, gerca12, glennbrady, goalpost, groverfoley, gunnerska, hambling8, harrowb53, hawaiigal063, HendryG, highwalker, Irialc, irishrocky, jarty, jerrymc, JilliD, jim251704, JimMurray, jimmy999, joehiggins, joeregan, johnfields, jurgenhofman, Karen82, kdunne41, kermac, KevinRoberts, khitomer, ktsmith, Ledvig, Lemontops, lennyantonelli, lioscarrigmals, lizamajig, lodsols, MacCruiskeen, Magpie, maksimushka78, march-fixer, maria, martinbreen, maxpower212, maxwellp, mb, mdmaher2000, Meier1011, micklore, mickoriada, MikeWalker1, misio39, modfather1983, Myles1, neillrussell, Nene177, nollyj4, nomadbob, nusheen, ojpoc, oldyellow, Ollopa, paddywack, Padraignestor, pauliemck, Paulk, PByrne, petergdes, pjob31, pkaner, prakhead, pwilson, redarmy, RedRebel, rena, Richy, Ronana, rowanwalsh, seanjohncostello, sgahan, shiraz23432, Shiv, shoreking, Slev, smcc1463, susang84, TonyCollins, Tormey, Tracymc, travelbug, TrishG, trishoshaugh, vancole, vmc21101951, vycanismajoris, wodonohue, yellowbatter (137)

Our contributors to all threads this month: Bleck Cra (15), CaptainVertigo (8), Conor74 (3), David Kirk (1), Dessie1 (4), Frank12345 (1), Geo (1), Hilltop-Harrier (4), JimMurray (1), Pazapas (1), Peter Walker (3), aidand (2), barryd (1), bogtrotter (1), bryanmccabe (1), dbloke (2), fingalscave (9), fkaatje (1), freedom13 (1), gerrym (2), Communal summary entries (5), guestuser (2), highwalker (2), hikelass (1), jackill (6), jmoore (2), joemountain (2), jop68 (2), kernowclimber (1), madfrankie (1), march-fixer (12), marymac (1), nkenealy (1), oconnorcj (6), osullivanm (2), patmoran (1), porado (1), scannerman (1), shaunkelly (1), simon3 (29), thomas_g (5), vycanismajoris (1), weedavie (2), wicklore (17), yvesdb (1)
For a fuller list view Community | Recent Contributors

There were comments on the following summits Beenkeragh, Bran Scultair, Bunnacunneen, Carrigfadda, Carrigshouk, Djouce, Doughruagh, Garraun, Garraunbaun, Great Sugar Loaf, Knockfeerina, Knocklaur, Maulin, Milane Hill, Mount Hillary, Mullaghanattin, Mullaghanish, Nowen Hill, Scraigs, Silver Hill, Slievecorragh, Slievetrue, The Bones, Tonduff, War Hill
and these tracks An Cnoc Riabhach, Iveragh Ireland, Ballinacor Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Ballycumber Hill, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Ballykildea Mountain, Shannon Ireland, Ballyvouskill, Paps/Derrynasaggart Ireland, Beann Dhearg, MacGillycuddy's Reeks Ireland, Benwiskin, Dartry Mountains Ireland, Binn Charrach , Twelve Bens Ireland, Binn Doire Chláir, Twelve Bens Ireland, Black Hill, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Brandon North Top, Brandon Group Ireland, Brandon, Brandon Group Ireland, Broaghnabinnia, Iveragh Ireland, Caher West Top, MacGillycuddy's Reeks Ireland, Carrick Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Ceann Bhaile Dháith, Dingle West Ireland, Church Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Cnoc Bólais, Slieve Miskish Ireland, Collon Hill, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Croagh Patrick Far East Top, Croagh Patrick Ireland, Crockauns, Dartry Mountains Ireland, Cúlóg , Maamturks Ireland, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Hungry Hill, Caha Mountains Ireland, Ireland , Ireland , Knockanimpaha, Mullaghareirk Mountains Ireland, Knockanuarha, Shannon Ireland, Knockfeerina, West Limerick Ireland, Knocklaur, Partry/Joyce Country Ireland, Knocknacloghoge, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Lackawee, Caha Mountains Ireland, Leenaun Hill, Maamturks Ireland, Lobawn, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Lugnaquillia, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Mangerton Ireland, Maulin, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Maulin, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Mullaghanish, Paps/Derrynasaggart Ireland, Musheramore, Boggeragh Mountains Ireland, Muskeagh Hill, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Muskeagh Hill, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Nowen Hill, Shehy/Knockboy Ireland, Puffin Island, Iveragh Ireland, Sawel, Sperrin Mountains Ireland, Seefin, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Seskin, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Slemish, Antrim Hills Ireland, Slievanea, Central Dingle Ireland, Slieve Binnian North Tor, Mourne Mountains Ireland, Slieve Miskish Ireland, Slieve Miskish Ireland, Slieve Miskish Ireland, Tonelagee, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Two Rock Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow Ireland, Wee Slievemoughan, Mourne Mountains Ireland, Wolftrap Mountain, Slieve Bloom Ireland tracks and these walks were created (none in period)

Thanks to all 979 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums.

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 5591 comments about 986 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1057). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 150m summits have been added is currently around 49% There's plenty (71) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.


  • If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
  • If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
    Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
    Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
  • If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Knockaghaleague, Bunmore, Knocknascollop NW Top, Cruach Leac Chonaill, Lettertrask, Coolsnaghtig, Cashloura, An Bheann Mhór and some 13 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
  • If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.
  • MountainViews are on Twitter as MountainViewsIE. Follow us and we will follow you back. Any queries to

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