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February 2012




Éanna ní Lamhna (Mooney goes Wild) and others to speak at WAI/ MV event

Nanny works or necessary evil - pushback

Summits newly described such as this one Crockuna

The chair, the teddy: MV on Liveline


The MountainViews survey - much to report and digest.

Many thanks to the nearly 400 who responded to the survey request.. As well as statistical questions on topics like age group (a spread but often older) and sex (85/15% male/female) we received hundreds of comments and suggestions, enabling us to plan better for the future.

There will be a fuller response however in the meanwhile please find some survey suggestions about the website and our responses below. Click here.

WAI events in 2011/2012 - Winter Talks Series

Full details here: www.walkersassociation.ie
  • Friday, 17th Feb 2012, Presentation from MountainViews. This will include a number of short talks from members. Guest speaker Éanna ní Lamhna ' of RTE's Mooney goes Wild to speak well known broadcaster on RTE, who will be talking about flora and fauna in the Irish hills. Recently Éanna completed the Irish county highpoints - while most of these are airy, exciting peaks some are pretty low lying and a spot of nature watching would make trips to them more interesting. MountainViews members Simon3, Wicklore, Harry Goodman and Captain Vertigo will talk on a variety of hillwalking related topics, including Social GPS, Curiosities of the Military Road, Walking in Ulster & Irish Mountain Videos. More info ..

    wicklore on Annual MV/WAI event- Feb 17th
    On Friday February 17th 2012 MountainViews and the Walkers Association of Ireland are proud to present our annual speaking and awards event. Titled “An Irish Mountain Gathering”, MountainViews members Simon3, Wicklore, Harry Goodman and Captain Vertigo will talk on a variety of hillwalking related topics, including Social GPS, Curiosities of the Military Road, Walking in Ulster & Irish Mountain Vi ... Click here
  • Weds, 21st Mar 2012, Completing the Munros Recent compleater and former WAI chairperson, Anne Morrissey will speak about the experience at St Olaf's GAA, Stillorgan, Dublin at 8pm. (Date TBC.)
  • Sat, 21st April 2012. WAI Photography Day This is a hiqh quality but inexpensive introduction to hill photography organised in the Brockagh Centre, Glendalough. Booking is not yet open so this is advance warning only.
  • Soon Modern Navigation course. TBC
  • Weds, 25th Jan 2012,Hillwalkers Quiz in association with the Wayfarers Association
    The ever popular annual pub quiz as hosted by the WAI and the Wayfarers Association took place in the Landsdowne Hotel, Dublin on Wednesday 25th January 2012. Around 1000 euro raised for Mountain Rescue. Click for more
Full details here: www.walkersassociation.ie

The WAI tell us that if you are interested in hosting such an event outside of Dublin, do get in touch at http://www.walkersassociation.ie/contact

WAI Photo Gallery - They would like you to upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

On a route including the ever popular Djouce, we visited War Hill. Screwing up our eyes in the only slightly cloud shaded winter sunshine we saw this inviting vista towards the South East.

In short: Discovery

WEST: Splendid Isolation
What Lackagh in the Darty Mountains lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in its remoteness and the panoramic views it affords, as our member discovered.
gerrym on Lackagh Mountain: Splendid Isolation
Started from old forestry entrance (006304). This may seem distant but it was useful in completing a full and arduous circuit of the plateau above Glenfarne. Road is followed SW and in May it had primroses and flowering hedgerows, with views across the river Shannon to the precipitious flanks of Playbank.
The well signed Leitrim Way was met at 986289 and pleasant walking continued through ... Click here

WEST: The other rock of Cashel
Cashel Hill in South Connemara is a short, simple but very sweet little jaunt, as members paddyhillsbagger and vanczyz report.
paddyhillsbagger on Cashel Hill: Fantastic views.
A pleasant little top with rewarding views of the Twelve Bens from the summit. Well worth a visit if you have a spare hour and still some oomph in your legs for a short steep climb. Fantastic views to seaward too. Just follow route described by vanczyz and you can't go wrong. Click here

SOUTH: Kerry gold
Caherbla in the Slieve Mish mountains is steeped in history and enjoys an eternally majestic view across Dingle Bay, and benefits from a new short summary by jackill.
group on Caherbla: Looking up to Curor Mac Daire
Start from a small lay-by at Q 716 052 , room for 2 cars. Walk up the steep ground at the back of the lay-by heading for Caherbla.At about the 500-meter mark there is a long ridge of conglomerate rocks, which you can skirt around to the south to avoid or pick your way carefully through one of the gaps. Be careful though the gaps are slippery and full of loose stones. The summit is the highest poin ... Click here

SOUTH: Knock knock
Member thomas_g puts us in the loop with an enjoyable 11km circuit in the Knockmealdowns taking in Knockshanahullion and Knocknalougha
thomas_g on Knockshanahullion: A nice 11km loop that takes in this summit and Knocknalougha
Nice walk today, Started at carpark above Bay Lough (plenty of parking) at S031101, from there follow the Avondhu way west (head towards statue west of carpark to get started) as far as S016097, you are now leaving county Waterford and entering the Premier County. On the way to S016097 you'll pass on old broken style at the edge of a forest at S022094, this is where you'll rejoin the Avondhu way f ... Click here

EAST: Going forth in Wexford
Forth 'Mountain' at 237m may be a bit of a misnomer, and the plethora of masts at the summit don't help, but this Wexford top does grant some nice views of Wexford Harbour as member eamonoc explains.
eamonoc on Forth Mountain: Forth on the Fourth
Eamonoc. Left Wexford on the N25 turned right onto R733 at Duncannon Rd Roundabout. Turned right onto L3072 at Hayes Mountain Bar, turn left at 2nd crossroads, after about 3mins driving when Forth Mt comes into view on the right, look out for an obvious stoney path which leads to the summit, there is space to park on the left for one car. 5mins easy walking will see you on the summit. Fine views o ... Click here

NORTH: A wintry oasis of wildlife in the Sperrins
The very accessible Mullaghmore provides a pleasant blend of woodland, wildlife, impressive cliffs and wintry snowscapes, as member gerrym reports
gerrym on Mullaghmore: Moneyeany Moydamlaght and the Mullagh
Mullaghmore, like Slieve Gallion, is one of the distinctive tops that can be seen from the east of Northern Ireland when looking to the 'wild west'. It is also very accessible using the tracks rising steeply through Moydamlaght Forest, just past the hamlet of Moneyeany (grid 742986 sheet 13).
There is room for several cars at the forest entrance. A beautiful stand of beech trees greet the ... Click here

NORTH: In the footsteps of St Colmcille
Gerrym is blessed with glorious coastline views as he ascends to the summit of Cnoc Onna following in the footsteps of Donegal's famous saint.
gerrym on Cnoc Onna: In footsteps of St Colmcille
On my travels Cnoc Onna was reached after walking 15 miles from Gleann Cholm Cille along some of the most glorious and remote coastline in Ireland (Walk 111). There is an easier option though, taking in the neighbouring heights of Sliabh Tuaidh.
A scenic drive along Loughros Beg Bay brings the small collection of houses at Maghera. The walker is well catered for with ample parking for a sm ... Click here

Sorry if we didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.


Wood Anemone, or not?
Our member reports the discovery of this suspected Wood Anemone high up on Lug (Wicklow). Maybe our guest speaker at the Annual Bash (17th Feb) Éanna can tell us for sure?
fingalscave on Wood Anemone?
I took this photo of what I think is A. nemerosa, the native Wood Anemone in May 2010. Normally seen in clumps in deciduous woodland and meadows, this one was a solitary specimen growing at 750m alt. in the South Prison Gully below Lug, so an east or south east aspect. The foliage is not typical, somewhat burnished and inrolled, perhaps stressed by the altitude? Otherwise the plant seemed to be ... Click here

The chair, the teddy and Joe Duffy:
Why not listen to the discussion on the radio of a surprising feature on Slievecorragh. http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2012/pc/pod-v-31011215m15slivelinememorial-pid0-915192.mp3
wicklore on Slievecorragh: Sharing the story of the Chair
Listeners to RTE’s Liveline programme may have heard me today as I discussed the chair and Teddy memorial on Slievecorragh and its history. The podcast can be listened to here: http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2012/pc/pod-v-31011215m15slivelinememorial-pid0-915192.mp3 Please remove the (point A) and (Point B) insert in the http link as these are generated by MountainViews thinking they are grid referen ... Click here

Mountain Meitheal member bites back.

kevin carroll on Response to Bleck Cra
I have been a Mountain Views member for some time and I have to say I have enjoyed reading the contributions of the other members over the years. Few are more entertaining than those from Bleck Cra, but I feel I must take issue with him regarding his views on efforts being made to improve tracks, counteract erosion, etc. When I started walking many years ago, you could be out all day and not meet ... Click here

But see also David Kirk, respected author
David Kirk on Re Bleck Cra's bridge
Dear God in Heaven - what an innapropriate monstrosity, Surely not the National trust who are supposed to steward and protect the environment of the Bloody Bridge track area; if so they should be ashamed of themselves and if not they should be taking action to have it removed. If human action will not purge this affront let all hill walkers pray to their Gods to sent a torrent down the Fofanny ... Click here

Philosophy: The point of existence and summitteering.
Oh, this is an interesting question on several fronts.
And I see another of us replied in like fashion. Mind you I doubt many would think the optional pains of summiteering are in really comparable to the agonies and agonising choices of, say, drought ridden East Africa.
CaptainVertigo on No Pain No Gain
I am reliably informed that the Oxford University Press has published a treatise in which the author argues that the existence of pain means that it would be ethically preferable to discontinue future life on earth. Apparently the gist of the thesis is that the yet to be born (and now never to be born) will comprise two groups. One group will be made up of those who will experience more pleasure ... Click here

Video link of the month.
This is just so so simple in theory. Go to a place where the sky is really clear, Tenerife. Just time lapse photograph the sky.
The result is simply gorgeous, if a little disjointed.
I'd say in practice doing this means staying up more or less all night with a whole load of issues from battery fade, condensation, camera stability and animals or curious landowners nosing around.
Highly Recommended.
Conor74 on The Mountain...
...you may have seen this short clip of various time lapse shots taken from a mountain in the Canaries, it has had about 20 million hits. Or you may not. Here it is anyway.. http://vimeo.com/22439234 Click here

Shackleton memorial

simon3 on Shackleton memorial.
An interesting event coming up in the National Concert Hall, Dublin. Monday February 6th. 5-7pm Lectures and Concert 8pm. January ...90th anniversary Shackleton's death, February ..... Shackleton's birthday, March 1912 ... Amundsen's Telegram to the world, South Pole conquered. March 1912 ...Death of Scott and colleagues. I would be delighted if you could post this NCH link. Please cli ... Click here

Geology books discussion.

mcrtchly on Geology of Ireland Books
In reply to Sweeney, the Geological Survey of Ireland (and the Survey in Northern Ireland) produced a series of booklets on Landscapes from Stone. These mainly cover the northern part of the island, but there are also publications on the Burren and the Copper Coast. see http://www.gsi.ie/Publications+and+Data/General+Interest/ for more details. The GIS has a more detailed book on the geology of ... Click here


Responses to some of your Survey feedback
The committee will no doubt be responding to the Survey feedback in time. This isn't a trivial exercise because there were nearly 400 respondents, many with substantial points. I thought I would respond to some of the issues and suggestions specifically regarding the website - I hope to respond on further points in forthcoming newsletters. Comments were generally warm and supportive in tone which which after 10 years made for a great feel-good factor. However to improve the website constructive criticism is really useful.

User interface comments
  • I came across the site when looking up information on hill. Excellent resource. Website is a bit clunky for someone new to it. Absolutely love the idea of keeping a record of hills walked and ideas for new hills. Everything else is a great bonus. A well thought out redesign of the website would be easier on the eye and maybe make navigation of resources easier to find.
  • I think the website has a lot of really great information, but the layout is unclear, and I often don't know where to click to get simple things, like walk start points, maps etc.
While many pronounced themselves delighted with the interface at present the above were typical of a number of similar comments. There is no arguing this point, some of the main displays of summits/routes while workable and fast are outdated and haven't kept pace with the sheer volume of comments. It will take time to fix. In the meanwhile, in the next few days the track sharing system will be made public. Take a look at this because it is using quite new (for MV) techniques for displaying information with sortable lists and integrated modern mapping. It would be really useful if people review this new section because the techniques there will be gradually used to replace the existing main pages and early feedback in the Suggestions Forum would help.

User interface comments 2
  • I preferred when you used to be able to click into a summit and see the full range of comments/images - the new set up where you just see the latest entry is inconvenient. Also the map function could be a bit more user friendly and also more detailed. Maybe a layered map with things like county boundaries, towns/villages marked?
When you click on an item in Recent Contributions you come to the page with that item. There is a feature visible at the top of the comments which says:
Currently showing only linked comment in full Change

If you click on "Change" the system will show all of the items for that page, the way it used always to be.
The reason we made this feature optional was that many users asked us to and for Search Engine Optimisation.
Other respondents said that they could not find how to do things. Perhaps this illustrates a point: MountainViews is a big system with fairly rich features and while yes it can and should be redesigned some of the richness comes at the price of complexity and indeed the need to spend some time trying things. MV is also a community website. Do put "how-to" questions into the Suggestions Forum and you will generally get a response if you are stuck.

MountainViews track sharing system - just a few days now for the initial release.
This a means by which members can view where other people have found walks. The initial release will be made in the next few days and well in time for the MV/WAI meet (17th Feb 2012).

Half a dozen members have been putting assorted tracks into the system. Some of these have extensive descriptions, some contain just the basic track. Let us emphasise this feature will be useful to your whether or not you are into GPS, because it allows you and all of us to see other peoples' routes and discuss them.

A place for those interested in Summiteering, Bagging or Highpointing.

Position Appeal?
The following is a list of the 8 only Vandeleur-Lynams we don't have any GPS position measurement for:
Name Area Height
Maumtrasna Partry/Joyce Country 682
Tomaneena Dublin/Wicklow 681
An Bheann Mhór Dunkerron Mountains 675
Beann na Stiocairí Dunkerron Mountains 672
Coomcallee Dunkerron Mountains 650
Mullaghclogha Sperrin Mountains 635
Leenaun Hill Maamturks 618
Slieve Snaght Inishowen 615

Look through your records. Do you have a GPS measurement for the summit position of any of these? If so, please use the "Amend" feature on the appropriate summit page to put in your reading. If not, and you are up on one of these this year, please do take a position measurement.

This month.
Kudos to our contributors.

We welcome the following new members who enrolled this month. A3jaan, alfred, anne15, antony, arlo, bdevitt1, belsyde, Ben-Ban, bigfishdanny, Bobbio1969, BoneyBones, brendancork, briann3, brownep, Cashel, Cashmanm, casur, cdoherty, cfitzgerald, chris1988, ciaranof1979, cleliaherron, cmosullivan, conlonjd, crazychester, crowl, curiouslp, daletrekers, DamienSlattery, danogs, daphne, Darg112, DarrenH, daveokelly, DavidOb, daviefitz09, deed, deteFrork, diannecfc, diarmuidjoseph, DonalFitzgerald, donothoponpop, eagerv, editor, edowd, edward147, edwardsomers, Eileenp, eilismoylan, emily1, eoinmulholland, Fasteddie, fc, fiacran, finnec, finnpowered, fintan, florinfiona, forwardsurge, fran251, francesann, GavinS, gcantwell, gerryobrien, Gianlu18, greevels, gregdbyrne, harascooney, heatheroutsider, Heffernanm, hel1, hgm3742, hidmh1, Hilltop-Harrier, Huskyman, ian-h, Innealtora, inshin, jacquiw, james20cc, jamesdoherty, jamesgrimes, jcmode, jenmrowka, Jessie, jmorris550, jodowd, johndemp, johngrenham, johnsfox, jparle, judith, Katie2333, keith365, Kenny24, kfinnesatclearie, Kilgarvan, killary13, kipcarroll, komaglass, kora, lackmt, lawhec, Lexington, LeymarieCh, Liam81, limccart, Littlewolf, lizbogan, luke1234, madmud, Maeve86, MagneticWild, mahergrrr, marcel, margaret419, maried, marklag73, MarkMul, marti, mazamegaza, mcginleyireland, mchugh1982, mcmoto, Miceal, michaelcaplice, michaellynda, mickswalks, MikelSalazar, montemayorgg, mountainmadness, Mountainmum, MyraSavage, NaNaman, nephin, NiallStobie1975, Nicholastown, noelhyland, noelhyland2, nollam, obor21, odddie, OlddogHardroad, ollyo, osul_owen, paz_arteijo, peatfree, petelefroy, pmtilldawn, Podgemus, pompeii, porado, Puffle, rafal, randm24, rayw, redstag1791, robboby, Rodzilla, Ronan_C, RoxieDejesus28, rrg20536, rusky2003, Saigak, SamasMac, SarahJ, Satty, sconvery, scunningham, Seamonkey007, seanp, serb_vx14, shanepatrick, shunadaly, sisyphus, soreknee, Spartan, spudman, Stephenjryan, StephensDay, steve1969, stonebob, stylishmcd, sully2012, swburton, szmula79, tgolden, Tim_Crooks, tom22n, Trapper, Treeclimber1, trouble2001, Usher12, Walkni, waynedaly, winner, xXxjikxXx, yogijon, yvonnebyrne, zofo (200)

Our contributors to all threads this month: Bleck Cra (2), CaptainVertigo (2), Colin Murphy (1), Conor74 (5), David Kirk (1), Dessie1 (1), Havoc (1), Hilltop-Harrier (1), Mulciber (1), Peter Walker (1), Sweeney (1), aidand (2), brenno (1), didymus (1), eamonoc (1), fingalscave (7), fkaatje (3), gerrym (6), grahamcumming (1), Communal summary entries (24), jackill (4), kevin carroll (1), kissanepat1 (2), lackmt (1), mcrtchly (2), paddyhillsbagger (2), paulocon (1), sbender (1), scapania (3), simon3 (5), thomas_g (5), wicklore (7)
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There were comments on the following summits Abbey Hill, Ben of Howth, Benbrack W Top, Caoinkeen, Cashel Hill, Claragh Mountain, Cnoc Onna, Cnoc Ramhar, Croughaun Hill, Drung Hill, Forth Mountain, Knocklayd, Knockomagh, Knockshanahullion, Lack Mountain, Lackagh Mountain, Mullaghmore, Ring Hill, Silvermine Mountains Far E Top, Slieve Gallion, Slievecarran, Slievecorragh, Slievemore and these walks were created (none in period)

Thanks to all 962 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums.

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 5561 comments about 983 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1056). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 150m summits have been added is currently around 49% There's plenty (73) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.


  • If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
  • If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
    Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
    Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
  • If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Knockaghaleague, Bunmore, Knocknascollop NW Top, Cruach Leac Chonaill, Lettertrask, Coolsnaghtig, Cashloura, An Bheann Mhór and some 14 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
  • If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.
  • MountainViews are on Twitter as MountainViewsIE. Follow us and we will follow you back. Any queries to secretary@mountainviews.ie

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