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October 2011




Near death experience on Errigal: riveting reading.

Hillwalkers and sharks (real ones).

East-West Mapping explain their mapping methods.

ILIM 100 Peak Challenge


Scavenger 8: walk in the Reeks MountainViews members organise occasional meets in different parts of Ireland, the next one being in the Reeks on November 5 2011. Having been at the recent event in the Mournes I can heartily recommend! Read all about it here:
jackill on Scavenger 8 - Rocks in the Reeks
Scavenger 8 - The Big Gun and the Western Reeks,November 5 2011 The Scavenger walks are making a return to Kerry by popular demand. These are walks organised by MViews members for MViews members(and their friends) The route will be the famous 'Reeks ridge from Cruach Mhor to Carrauntoohil, starting from Cronins Yard. This is the classic walk of the main ridge walk in the Reeks. It takes i ... Click here

Irish Challenge Walk Information 2011 from The Walkers Association.
  • CARLOW AUTUMN FESTIVAL 8th 10th October 2011 Distances from 7km to 20km. More Info Here
  • Next year 2012. The program is already building up with a number of events planned for April (Knockmealdowns, Slievenamuck and Maamturks)
WAI events in 2011/2012 - Winter Talks Series

Full details here: www.walkersassociation.ie
  • Weds 26th Oct, 8pm Talk by East-West Mapping in connection with their maps for hillwalkers.
    Barry Dalby will outline a lifelong interest in maps and survey and describe some of the processes involved in the recent production of mapping for the Wicklow hills. Venue St Olafs GAA, Stillorgan
  • Wednesday 23rd November: 8pm Talk on Walking in Slovenia by Denis O'Connor: Venue St Olafs, Stillorgan
  • Jan 2012, Hillwalkers Quiz in association with the Wayfarers Association.
  • Feb 2012, Presentation from MountainViews.

Full details here: www.walkersassociation.ie

The WAI tell us that if you are interested in hosting such an event outside of Dublin, do get in touch at http://www.walkersassociation.ie/contact

WAI Photo Gallery - They would like you to upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

Ireland's only screening in 2011 of The Banff Mountain Film Festival.
The Set, Kilkenny, Sat 8th October. 7.00pm.
See: http://www.set.ie/
or http://banffinkilkenny.blogspot.com/

  • Sat 08th October 2011
  • Sun 23rd October 2011
  • Sat 12th November 2011
  • Sun 27th November 2011
More information at www.pathsavers.org


A description of one of the classic walks on the Reeks
Member ablighe in his first walk description has given us a straightforward description of a way of walking much of the MacGillycuddy Reeks. This is not a short walk and the duration he has given is over 8 hours without including stops.
ablighe on Hag's Glen Circuit
Overview We followed the Hag’s Glen Circuit as described in Jim Ryan’s Carrauntoohil & MacGillycuddy Peaks book. The route takes in 12 peaks, 9 of which are over 3000ft. Start Starting in Cronin’s Yard we headed along the path into Hag’s Glen. After a few minutes the forest to the left of the path ended which is where we left the path & headed for Cruach Mhor. There is 1 fence to cross ... Click here

Intrepid MountainViewer hitched a lift with a helicopter and made it to Tearaght island, the most westerly summit in Ireland.Read the full report and the later piece about the history of island occupation.

In short: Discovery

WEST: Rocky tops, verdant valleys…
Two mountainviewers chance upon each other on Benbaun and enjoy the strikingly contrasting landscapes that define the Twelve Bens
wicklore on Binn Bhán: Looking at the mountainviews with a fellow MountainViewer
Arriving at Benbaun from Knockpasheemore ridge involves negotiating 270 metres ascent over varied rock, scree and intermittant grassy patches. Thin trails appear and disappear in the scree, helping at times to avoid that 'one step up, two steps back' feeling. I was glad to have my sunglasses in the bright sunlight as the glare off the white rock was dazzling!
Arriving at the curiously broken ... Click here

WEST: A super day out
On a fine day, there are few places to compare with Mayo's Ben Gorm mountains, as reported by david bourke
david bourke on Ben Gorm: A super day out
Climbed Ben Gorm and Ben Creggan on the 25th September 2011. Commenced at Killary and made ascent to the ridge via the double line of fences from the car park. Rather wet at start but once on the ridge it was a gentle pull up on to the summit on good terrain. Continued on to Ben Creggan. Got hit by a hail storm on the initial climb to the spot height 687 but by the time the main summit was reached ... Click here

SOUTH: It's not often that hillwalkers encounter sharks!
On a trip to explore Great Blasket's Croaghmore Hill, member three5four0 enjoys a spectacular sighting of more than 25 mammoth basking sharks.
three5four0 on An Cró Mór: Where Is Tony Soper when you need him?
On our recent trip to Great Blasket Island we arranged a private hire, to ensure an early arrival on the island. As our boat approached the Island we noticed seabirds, in great numbers, diving into the sea, a shoal of fish no doubt. As my friends watched this I just happened to look over board, only to see the largest Basking Shark I have ever seen, quietly gild by our boat. Well, it was actually ... Click here

SOUTH & EXTREME WEST: Access? All you need is a helicopter and low winds….
wicklore's exploits on Ireland's most westerly island are well worth reading. Another island jaunt for the intrepid wicklore as he ventures out to Tearaght Island Hill off Kerry and discovers, among other things, the most westerly building in Ireland!
wicklore on An Tiaracht: A unique day
An Tiaracht loomed through the window of the EC135 helicopter, appearing forbidding as it rose sharply out of the glistening Atlantic, culminating in a rocky pinnacle 200 metres above. The lighthouse came into view, perched on its ledge high above the water. There was the helipad, an impossibly small square of concrete with sheer drops on three sides that plummeted to the rocks and boisterous sea ... Click here

SOUTH: Surely the best view in Ireland
What Geokaun in Iveragh lacks in height, it more than compensates in scenic spleandour, affording breathtaking views in all directions, as member Cormacg discovered…
Cormacg on Geokaun: Surely the best view in Ireland
From the top of this one hill you can see the Skelligs to the south-west, the Blasket Islands, Slea Head and Mt Eagle to the north-west, Mount Brandon to the north, Knocknadobar to the north-east, and (if you're lucky) Carrauntoohil and its two companions to the east. Yes you can drive to the summit and see it all without effort for €4, or you can climb it from sea-level. Park at the Tetr ... Click here

NORTH: So many Binnians, so little time
Member jackill supplies a new short summary for the spectacular Slieve Binnian, from whose summit one can see the more diminutive Binnians to the north and to the south.
group on Slieve Binnian: So many Binnians, so little time
Park at Carrick Little carpark at J345 219, room for 10-15 cars. Note the carpark fills quickly on weekends but it is possible to park on the roadside nearby. Walk up the farm track next the carpark over a stile to open hillside. Follow a rough track beside a wall then forest then open ground. At J321 256 on the col overlooking Ben Crom dam turn south and climb the steps towards the first rock o ... Click here

EAST: Bray wanderers…
You can tell you're near the summit of Bray Head when you hear the mooing, (or is that braying?) as reported by three5four0 and several other MV members…
three5four0 on Bray Head: The cow marks the summit
Parked at V350 737, as dbloke and followed the track out to the signal tower, then along the cliffs and back to the spot height. Lots of cattle just before the summit, so as dbloke says, not a walk for the bovine phobic! Click here

Sorry if we didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.


Mortal risk and gripping writing.
Various members put in pieces about life threatening situations they had got themselves into following an article by newcomer Samo.
Personally I have done this a few times myself. Once in an act of bravado I followed some comrades up the snow and ice-covered north prison of Lugnaquillia in winter. I realised about a third of the way up that it was seriously dangerous but allowed myself to be trapped into a following mentality.
It's well worth reading the discussion not to extol the benefits of recklessness but to understand how it can happen to you. Perhaps we can persuade our members teaching Mountain Skills to get everyone to read this - it's worth 20 hours of conventional teaching.
Original article set on Errigal, highly recommended: Samo on Errigal: Climbing alone in Hurricane Katia (Scary)
I climbed Mt.Errigal on 12/09/11 contending with the remnants of hurricane Katia. Probably the craziest thing I've ever done (and that's saying something!) especially as I did it alone. I'm pretty certain I was the only lunatic to climb the mountain this day. It was no suprise that I didn't see any other walkers on my climb. There were winds of up to 76mph recorded around Northern Ireland that day ... Click here
Start of comment and discussion. One member revealed "..have fallen through ice crossing a frozen lake (knew the depth was about chest height, but still surprised at the cold!).." Bleck Cra on Samo's Errigal. Awe-Inspiring.
Samo - re Errigal, you know how the site here awards you stars for your comment ..... there are not enough stars in the sky for this wonderful piece. Completely fabulous. Keep the rest of it - your thing on Errigal is what it is all about. When you are old, cranky and miserable you will recall that day, probably ad nauseum to our grandchildren and you will be a hero again. Thanks so much for givin ... Click here

A happy ending…thanks to Donegal Mountain Rescue.
The news of the rescue of Kelly Jones in Donegal was met with jubilation by everyone, hillwalkers in particular….
CaptainVertigo on Wonderful News
I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Kelly Jones was found today. Well done to all of you who searched for her. Click here

Members Walk: Scavvy.
MountainViews members organise occasional area visits - walking and craic. This report was one of a number. These scavvies seem to suit many of the independent walkers that make up some of the membership. Another one planned for October in the SW.
roberto on Scavvy 7 A Big Thank you
Like Muzzag, I too would like to thank all the Scavvy 7 Crew for their company on what turned out to be a great day's walking in the Mournes with an excellent evening of craic in Newcastle. PS May I also express my sincere gratitude to Bleck Cra for all his kind and expert assistance to me in the lead up to the Mourne Seven Sevens. THANK YOU. Click here

2000m mountain made in Netherlands?
Read all about it.


Trackback feature
Sometimes members want to be able to easily refer to content that appears on the site. Perhaps send a link to a friend. It's now been made easier. Most content now has a "trackback" appearing in small grey print after the item. For example a recent comment about Bentee in Iveragh has this -
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A place for those interested in Summiteering, Bagging or Highpointing.

Irish Life 100 Peaks
People will create their own challenges using the hills and mountains of Ireland. Compared to the somewhat concentrated track use of some such challenges this one spreads people out over the 100 highest peaks as listed in MV. Well worth taking a look at the website and other comments about this challenge here.
Can I make one point to anyone considering such a challenge again? The list of summits was generated apparently by our listing program (Lists & Logs | Listing Programs | Simple Irish Listings). Such a raw list includes does indeed include all of the 100 summits as listed by MV however a better 100 Highest list can be created. This is because in the raw list all summits regardless of prominence are included. Some of the summits are smallish bumps. The better list can be created using Lists & Logs | 8 Lists & Personal Log | 100 Highest option. This gives a list with 100m prominence, eliminating minor bumps and spreading the summits covered to more ranges. (The Simple Irish Listing program can generate the same list by putting in a required prominence of 100m) Anyway, take a look at what they did.
gilnadowd on ILIM 100 Peaks Challenge
On the weekend of 10th and 11th September 2011, 43 staff from Irish Life Investment Managers undertook what had never officially been done before – attempt to climb all of the 100 highest mountain peaks in Ireland (as listed on Mountainviews) over 1 weekend. This was done in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital for whom we are hoping to raise €50,000. The peaks range from no.100 - Stony Top (714 ... Click here

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