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Lucky Horseshoe / Coumloughra Route

Hillwalking Heros

Gorse fires and anti-heros

Sambos, quad rides - finest Kerry hospitality.


Lucky horseshoe
The maintainer of this classic walk description has updated it. At just over 13km length and an ascent of 1420m, the classic Coumloughra Horseshoe is a sure fire bet if you're looking for summits to bag and spectacular views.
jackill on The Coumloughra Horseshoe
Overview This is the classic horseshoe walk in the Reeks.It takes in Irelands 3 highest mountains and also 4 of our 900s in one long, tough day walk. It also features some scrambling and exposure on one of the most talked about ridges in the country. Not one for a windy day and you need to be a competent navigator with a good head for heights regardless of the weather forecast. I prefer the a ... Click here

Walkers Association of Ireland
and other groups.
365 Challenge
Hey MountainViewers: Matt Loughrey is doing his year's worth of ascents to Croagh Patrick and finishing on 5th June. He obviously likes climbing one mountain at a time. Why not show up - perhaps try telling him about the other 1055 hills and mountains.
swoop on " 365 " INVITE !! on 5th JUNE
Hi All, Pease turn up on June 5th at 9am , to support Matt Loughrey complete his challenge. Read all about this at hes a good guy with dedication worthy of our support. This is a big thing for Irish Hillwalkers / climbers and we should show up in force to help out by simple showing our numbers. Hope to see you all there. PS bring some SUN. Click here
Irish Challenge Walk Information 2011 from The Walkers Association.
Nenagh Walking Festival May 6th -8th
Keeper Hill, the Silvermines and Tonntinna await your boots in this festival which offers walks for all levels of experience…from 2.5 to 7 hours in length.
aidand on Nenagh Walking Festival May 6th -8th
All MViewers will be very welcome at this friendly local festival. There will be a choice of 3 walks on both Saturday and the Sunday. Walks will range from 2.5 up to 7 hours. Full details will be up on our website shortly Peaks will include Keeper Hill, the Silvermines and Tonntinna. Click here
On Friday, February 25th nearly 80 people attended the second MountainViews Winter Talks and Awards at which Gavin Bate (Everest expedition front man and mountain leader) very kindly anchored the event and spoke. You may be interested in this trip being organised by Gavin Bate:

Mount Kenya
Solio Challenge

October 1st – October 10th 2011
Join MOVING MOUNTAINS this October for an unforgettable adventure challenge
This inspiring and rewarding trip combines a magnificent adventure trek to the summit of Mount Kenya (Point Lenana) with first-hand experience of development work with Moving Mountains, an NGO with more than fifteen years' experience in Kenya. Our ten-day trip will leave you with amazing memories of a wonderful country, its landscapes and people and direct experience of working with disadvantaged communities in Kenya. Find out more at:
Further WAI events in 2011 - Winter Talks Series
The WAI are planning a further talk series in the Dublin area for winter 2011/2012 which will be announced in due course. If you are interested in contributing or (hosting such an event outside of Dublin), do get in touch at
The Dublin Mountaineering Bus
is back from 30th April to the end of June. See for route and timetable.
WAI Photo Gallery - why not upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

Lough Coomeen beneath An Corrán aka Finnararagh in the Dunkerrons

Lough Coomeen beneath An Corrán aka Finnararagh in the Dunkerrons

Recent Contributions and News
Hillwalking Heros, the MI and, er, Martin Sheen.
Does Hillwalking need Heros? Personally I think that perhaps the time has come for a higher profile for hillwalking. Walking is the largest activity in Ireland. In surveys over 60% of the Irish population had walked more than 20 mins in the last week, which makes for more occasions of activity than ALL other sports put together. And if you get interested in walking for an hour to three at a time you often run out of spaces. You quickly find that an obvious place to walk in Ireland for access and other reasons are the hills. In 62 mountain areas conveniently located all round the island of Ireland.
Regrettably the body in the Republic which supposedly represents hillwalkers MI has an approach of trying to pretend that hillwalking is part of mountaineering. It isn't. It's part of walking. Hillwalking is when walkers go to the hills. Mountaineering is when climbers also do a bit of hillwalking. Good for them, but they number only about 1500 while walkers/hillwalkers are numbered by the 100 thousand.
Hillwalking needs to be seen as a sport in its own right. It has several disciplines (or subactivities) such as club walking, challenge walking, holiday walking and, of course, summiteering.
Which returns me to the unlikely connection with Martin Sheen. Or rather a new film he is in called the Way. Click link here. I have NO IDEA if this is any good and if it will do anything for hillwalking. Let's look and discuss, because hillwalking needs exposure and maybe this helps (or again maybe not.)
Two for the price of one
A route that allows your to explore Slievenamiskan in the Mournes and knock off Co ck Mountain while you're at it.
hbowman1 on Slievenamiskan: Two for the price of one
I climbed this mountain for the first time recently. I started off at the sand bank road car park, before Leitrim Lodge, walked up the lane opposite car park before coming to a gate. After coming through the gate, I turned left and headed toward Hen mountain. The rocky tors provide a nice frame for a photo of Rocky mountain and also afford good views toward wee Slievemoughan, Slievemoughanmore, Ea ... Click here
Gorse fires, first good but bad also?
I suspect our esteemed contributor has it right when he questions the orthodoxy about gorse fires then begins to wonder at the gurriers 'success'.
Certainly in the 'old' days in Wicklow we would fairly often encounter large areas that had been deliberately burnt as part of traditional farming methods. I vividly remember an evening ring of fire round the Sugarloaf. The post-Apocalyptic film Zardoz had Sean Connery riding over a huge burnt area just east of the Sally Gap. Within a year or two the burnt areas would start to recover and, joy of joys, would for some years be much easier to walk over.
While no-one wants to see forests burned, property damage, gurriers gratified or road accidents I have never quite seen why controlled burning was such a bad thing. It's hardly new, facilitates some forms of use and appears to be totally reversible. Perhaps some eco-enthusiast could explain, preferably unemotively.
Anyway, enjoy this crafted piece.
Bleck Cra on Burning Ring of Fire
Indignation. There is no human characteristic less attractive. So if I lapse into it here, forgive me. Today, crossing into the north, in my nostrils, the scent of burning mountain; on my lips a smile; and in my heart of hearts a salute to the audacity of it. I don’t think we have the goods on them yet, but on the street, it is generally surmised that the wee scuzzies are responsible for setting ... Click here

Ah, what would MountainViews be without MultipleViews?
dhmiriam on Too close for comfort
By late afternoon today, three units of the fire brigade battle fires at the back of our home. Between the fires and us stand one hedgerow, our lawn, vegetable patch and the great tree nesting a pair of sparrow-hawks and its young. All day yesterday these units were busy only a kilometer or so away putting out fires on the nearby bog. The smoke and flames were carried rapidly by the high winds. We ... Click here
Pleasant encounter in the Dunkerrons.
There have been difficulties from time to time with access in Kerry (though not in the same league as parts of Sligo) however here is a story of quite a different kind. Does anyone else have a good news story about access recently?
simon3 on A tale of Kerry hospitality.
We were seeking for a way up An Corran/ Finnararagh, never having climbed it or the summits to either side (Coomnacronia or Salagh). From the map there was a pair of tracks in roughly the right place going from the area of Fermoyle which would make for relatively easy access. Arriving in Fermoyle we were met by the farmer and owner as it turned out of the westmost of the two tracks. We inquired ... Click here
The other Brandon…
Detailed directions from Graiguenamanagh to the summit of Kilkenny's Brandon Hill in under two hours.
Geansai on Brandon Hill: Brandon
Approaching Graiguenamanagh by car from the east going across the bridge through the narrow streets and on to a big car park on the right before the roundabout. Walked up to the roundabout from the car park and turned left as per the sign for Inistogue. Turned right at the top of the hill and immediately left and its straight up all the way. Follow the sign marked by a cross when you get to a ... Click here
I (Barrclash) came, I saw, I conquered…
Don't blame me, the pun's not mine! Tough going to the top of this beautiful mountain in the Sheffrey Hills, but you can bum your way to the bottom!
madfrankie on Barrclashcame North-West Top: I Barrclashcame, I saw, I conquered.
Firstly, apologies for the excruciating pun in the title! This northern outlier of the Sheefrys is a surprisingly tough haul from the road in Doolough where there are several places to park roadside, for instance L8248069761. It took a sweaty hour and 15 minutes up the relentlessly steep NW spur and it really doesn't level off until 50m from the summit. From the summit there is a seldom-seen pe ... Click here
The marvel of Mayo
A 6 hour walk in the west reveals Mweelrea in all its glory.
jkforde on Mweelrea: Sunday 17 April 2011
Did Mweelrea again on Sunday - from the north end of Doo Lough into Coum Dubh, up the ramp, over to summit, back over north around the ridge to Ben Lugmore East and then down a steep grassy slope to the salmon weir at the south end of the lake. Twas a fantastic 6 hour walk! I have a good GPX track if anyone wants one (by the way, tracked using ViewRanger app on a Nokia E52 with OSI 50k mapping ... Click here
For those who like their ridges narrow and steep….
A rocky ridge walk rewards in the Dunkerron Mountains in Kerry.
simon3 on Caora Bhán: Climax of the anticline.
If you like your ridges narrow and steep then you you'll like the 1300m trip from Finnararagh/ An Corrán to this place. As with so much of this area there are large boulders strewn around often perching at odd angles from when the ice left. The land and the top is steep on both sides. At times the ridge seems to follow the top of an upward fold in the land, which you can see in the picture. Na ... Click here
Coastal access - A dream we can follow?
The UK e-Magazine, Walkingworld newsletter has the following in its April 2011 issue:
Coastal paths in the making
In perhaps the most exciting development for walking in Britain since Open Access legislation, work is under way on creating an unbroken path around the coast of England. Pilot areas have been chosen in various parts of the country, including Cumbria, Kent, Somerset, Norfolk and the North East. The first published report concerns a stretch of the coast in Weymouth Bay in Dorset, between Lulworth and Portland ...
Link to full article.
Link to WalkingWorld

A member recently brought the following to our attention:
Having just bought OS 1:50000 Sheet 85 4th Edition published in 2010, I noticed that there is no grid printed at Easting 100. Is this deliberate? If so, any particular reason, as I have not noticed on any other map?

I'd suspect this is a mistake. Nevertheless if you see any errors on maps do contact us at
Got Tech skills?

The website could use more technical support. If you have a skill such as setting up and managing a Drupal site or know something of web development, site management, why not get in touch. Other tech skills also of interest. Combine the sport of hillwalking with some tech. Can be fun. New social methods - Twitter etc. Incorporating better maps using modern map server methods, supporting tracklogs/ geotagging, videos There are many many others. If you'd like to discuss it why not email here: or use the members messaging service to send to simon3.
Sorry if we didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.

Summiteers Corner
A place for those interested in Summiteering, Bagging or Highpointing.
New claimant for first to do a 500m list of Irish summits!! Denis Cullen had emailed MountainViews to tell us that he reckons that he completed all of the 500m summits of Ireland in August 2002, based on his own lists which used a 30m prominence (like MV's Arderins lists).
I am sure I am joined by all other summiteers using MountainViews in congratulating Denis on this achievement which would be earlier than any other claimant that we know of.

We look forward to seeing a comparison between Denis's list and the Arderins list and additional information about the feat.
The First Trig Pillar (in Britain anyway)
For those who may not have realised it, trig pillars in Ireland and anywhere are comparitively recent. They are also now obsolete.
As reported on BBC Northampton

New features
GPS track analysis feature.

We would like to thank the several people who sent in GPS track files ( in ".gpx" form) which will be used for testing.
MountainViews is working on a new way of sharing information from contributors. Members will be able to upload tracks of where they have been. There's an astonishing amount of value that can be gleaned from such tracks in terms of keeping a record of where you've been (shareable), noting what summits you reached, analysing athletic performance, creating maps of routes etc.
Although we are many many months from even an initial useable public system, if you are technically minded you are invited to look at the very early versions of this new feature and participate in its development. Contact us at or use the members messaging service to send to simon3.

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There were comments on the following summits An Corrán, Barraduff Mountain, Barrclashcame North-West Top, Beann Far SW Top, Brandon Hill, Carrauntoohil, Carrigroe Hill, Collon Hill, Coomura Mountain, Corrig Mountain, Croslieve, Cuilcagh, Derrylahard East, Divis, Knockbrinnea (W), Knockiveagh, Knocknagantee, Knocknagun, Mweelrea, Seefin, Seefingan, Slieve Daeane, Slieveboy, Slievenalargy, Slievenamiskan, The Bones, Tievecrom, Tinoran Hill, Truskmore, Two Rock Mountain and these walks were created (none in period)
Thanks to all 901 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums. .

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 5139 comments about 947 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1056). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 150m summits have been added is currently only around 44% There's plenty (109) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.

If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Inis Tuaisceart, Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Knockaghaleague, Bunmore, Knocknascollop NW Top, Cruach Leac Chonaill, Lettertrask, Coolsnaghtig, Cashloura and some 21 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.

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