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Slieve Meelmore from Slive Meelbeg

Converging Lines: Slieve Meelmore viewed from Slieve Meelbeg in the Mournes.
Courtesy member paulocon
(See his site here)

Website news: 1:50,000 Maps with MV Summits, Short Summary Sections,
Ordnance Survey Maps
If you have bought one of the new revisions of of OSI maps ( certainly sheet 56 and 78 are in the shops) you will see that they now highlight the summit positions of many of the hills and mountains of Ireland (well- Republic anyway). Every reasonable summit over 400m is included as are all smaller hills well above the surrounding ground. Specifically the summits OSI have used are on the following: the Vandeleur-Lynam list (600m summits with 15m prominence), the Arderins list (500m summits, with 30m prominence), the 400s with 30m prominence and the Binnions (sub 400m with 150m prominence).
The inclusion of this information is excellent. Although summits have been shown on OS maps for over a century, this now includes them systematically using definite criteria. It includes often less well known tops. Summits are, for recreational users, places of importance in their own right. Generally they have a very definite presence in the landscape, have good views, and are important points for wayfinding whether using GPS or traditional methods. Route description also benefits through having a greater number of places of interest identified.

The inclusion of this data came about from a consultation meeting run by OSI with the WAI. We offered the MountainViews name information to the OSI as well but for now they would prefer to use only the positional data. We would hope that future maps will use our name data which is generally more accurate and more extensive than the OSI data.

Personally I believe one of the functions of national mapping is to include places of significance, from abbey ruins to old railways to summits, serving a wide range of user. This is in contradistinction to some emerging and international commercial approachs to mapping which can be overly commercial, ignoring centuries of landsape and culture in favour of locations for eateries.
Titles: The Heights of Nonsense award goes to ...
Recently we introduced the capability to enter a title for summit comments. I'm glad to say many of us have let our imaginations rip: from "See how much she loves you, climb Knocknamaddree!" to the vaguely menacing "Moylussa an iconic mountain... from a distance." to the curiousity provoking "Sorry but Commedagh can't come out to play..", "Meenard Mountain: ice cold after sAwELX " (ouch), "Lackabaun: Sancho Panza would have his hands full", "A teenager’s awakening on Benbulbin…" etc etc.

Of course for years we have had the extraordinary names people choose to call themselves when registering. These varied this month from the comprehensible such as mustclimbdat, to the self-deprecating smellella or the downright odd name for a hillwalker of ComberSpud. It takes all sorts.
Short Summaries: A short wiki-style entry.
Ever found it difficult to find basic information about a summit? As mentioned previously MountainViews is experiencing a big increase in comment submissions. This is welcome and reflects the continuing and developing interest in hillwalking in Ireland. However we need a way of having condensed version of the basics about a summit, similar to the Overview section of Walks. We have now got a new feature on trial and you can see some of the early entries such as this one:

group on Ballycumber Hill: Wicklow Way gives good approaches
The Wicklow Way contours to the east of Ballycumber Hill along an old drover path. This gives easy access to the hill from both the northeast and southwest. From the northeast start at T049 771, while from the southwest start at T021 744. In each case the Wicklow Way will bring you onto the slopes of the hill, from which a route over the hillside bog can be made to the summit. There is a ringfor ... Click here

There's other early entries for Galtymore, Lugnaquillia, Tinoran Hill, Annagh Hill.
Short Summaries are intended to make it easy to find the basics about a summit. There is only one short summary per summit. Other people may edit the summary. Compact not comprehensive. Less is more. It is intended to have concise information about the:

* Attractions
* Safety, access or other considerations
* Principal places to start from
* Unobvious and essential waypoints

Comments welcome on this in Motley Views or by private message to group.
At present as we consult, only a group of volunteers can create entries, however once we have got it going then it will be possible for contributing members to put in an entry or edit an existing one.
In the longer term assuming the success of the Short Summary, we will also include a separate, longer wiki entry. But one step at a time. Small success better than ambitious failure.

Walkers Association of Ireland
and other groups.
Want to review a book?
From time to time we are asked to review books such as this one Causeway Coast Way If you are interested in this why not contact the website and we will send you the review copy. The review will appear under the bibliography entry for this book. View bibliography brief entry here..
Train and connecting buses in south Wicklow
There's a new bus service that could be very interesting if you want to reach south Wicklow without a car. The bus picks you up from Rathdrum and goes to a number of places such as Glenmalure/ Glendalough/ Iron Bridge/ Tinahely.
Read more here
The Walkers Association Challenge Walks Calendar
This is a calendar of challenge walks in Ireland, north and south. Check out the 17 or so club organised events. While they are all challenges, some such as the Maamturks or the Mourne's Seven Sevens are much harder than others such as the Galtees or the Burren Walk.
If you are in a club why not consider organising an event yourself? This is an excellent time to launch a new event and the WAI would help.
There's also a list of some 14 commercial and charity events which have a challenge element about them.
Upcoming events:
  • GUS TOBIN GALTY MARATHON, Saturday 12th June 2010, Distance: 26 km. Total Ascent: 1,400m.
  • CIRCUIT OF IMAAL, 19th June 2010, Distance: 35 km. Total Ascent: 1,800m.
Good numbers on the Blackstairs challenge walk.
Over 200 showed for this Wayfarer's event. See Report
WAI Photo Gallery - why not upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

Featured Walks this month.

Derryclare Horseshoe
This month we have entered some seven walks. This is a fine one describing one of the great hillwalks of Ireland.
Geo on Benlettery/Glencoaghan Horseshoe
Overview A beautiful and peaceful place to walk and if you haven't gone here yet I'd heartily recommend it. This is on paper a relatively short walk distance-wise but don't be fooled, It has a lot of steep climbing and descents, It is over rocky terrain for possibly 90% of the way and so is great if you like keeping your feet dry! A demanding walk for the fitter walker, and if the clouds shou ... Click here
A northern western Bluestacks circuit
member three5four0 put in four walks in Donegal - some unusual and all interesting.
three5four0 on Bluestacks Circuit
Overview This circuit is an extension of Simon3's Croaghnageer to Croaghbrack Ridge walk, adding the 3 extra summits of Croaghaniwore, Croaghagranagh & Croaghconnellagh to give a walk of just over 20km. Approaches There is a carpark and picnic area at H042 873 on the N15, opposite the forestry track which is the start of the walk.   Start Follow the forestry track up and rou ... Click here
A route through history and folklore near Kippure
You may have walked in this general area for quite some time but never realised the amount of culture in the place. wicklore's walk is stuffed full of background and will make it much more interesting in future.
wicklore on Kippure from Glenasmole Valley
Overview This is a circuit which takes in the infant River Dodder, Mareens Brook and Cot Brook. It involves light scrambling in a narrow river valley in an area steeped in lore, while climbing the highest and most southern summit in Dublin – Kippure. Kippure is one of the most climbed hills on MountainViews, but you can be guaranteed peace and isolation for most of this walk. While walking yo ... Click here

Wicklore also has another walk in the Galtees, using the two big northern outliers as handrails.

Recent Contributions and News
Much more on Tearaght

It's not often that you see a comment rated at "5" from a newbie to the site. But this one was really worth it because it gives background and a clear way up the summit should you manage to get there.
patmccarthy on An Tiaracht: AN TIARACHT
I enjoyed reading of Wicklore's efforts to reach An Tiaracht, the most westerly of the Blasket Islands, in January 2010. Back in the late 70s, I was a post-grad student at UCC interested in the lichens of off-shore islands. Thanks to the generosity of the Commissioners of Irish Lights I was fortunate to be able to visit An Tiaracht for 2-week periods in the summers of '76, '77 and '78. Then, as ... Click here
Hill of the pile

Curiously no-one had previously put in a contribution about this strategically positioned top in Donegal with its great view of the south side of Slieve Snaght/ Drumnalifferny etc. Our contributor also put in a really interesting looking walk incorporating Crockastroller with Moylenav. I could definitely seem myself trying that one in Sept.
three5four0 on Cnoc an Stualaire: Resplendent views from a small hill
A fine view point indeed. From the Bluestacks to Slieve League & SlieveTooey round to Slieve Snaght, Bingorms, Drumnalifferny with Errigal poking over them to Moylenanav. Worth the long walk out for the view alone and not another walker in sight anywhere! Click here
and the walk:
three5four0 on Moylenanav & Crockastroller
Overview A walk linking Moylenanav and Crockastroller summits, both giving outstanding views of the surrounding hill groups with little chance of meeting another walker. Generally good ground on the higher sections, but with one bad area of peat bog to negotiate approaching Crockastroller.     Approaches There is room to park two cars - with perhaps a third on the verge - ... Click here
County High Points News

County Monaghan high point position now captured. A couple of us were up there recently. A magnificent wasteland. The position of the high point (not really a summit, more a slight bulge in the ground) has now been corrected by GPS measurement. Its grid reference as previously shown in MV was about 500m out. Apologies for not fixing it earlier.

Tulips on this one
csd on Slieve Na Calliagh: Summit in bloom
Coming from Kells on the R163, keep an eye out for the signs directing you to Loughcrew and you won't go wrong. The car park is at N58205 77519, and it's a very short walk up the well-marked trail to the summit. As others have noted, excellent views on a fine day, and keep the dog on the leash until you're inside the fenced-in area containing the summit cairns. It sems that someone has added a bit ... Click here

And finally, I've just got 2 county highs to finish. Anyone fancy a trip up Sawel? Do get in touch.
Tilting at Windmills and spotting a Janet Jackson

A startling array of windpower. Industrial majesty indeed.
jackill on Lackabaun: Sancho Panza would have his hands full
The stroll up to this little summit begins begins on the tarred road at W14146 71751 where there is room to park many cars. Follow the very obvious gravel track uphill, passing Mweelin, to the track end.Go slightly uphill to find the sheepwire fence and follow this down then up to the summit of Lackabaun. Speaking to the enthusiastic owner of the very welcoming Gougane Barra Hotel afterwards, I ... Click here
Slieve Felim in the south Shannons

This is a description of an area that's not so well known.
oldsoldier on Slieve Felim: Slieve Felim walk
An excellent hike in the hills of north Tipperary. I turned left in Rear Cross, coming from Thurles, and travelled 2.5 KM to a four pier gateway of old stone blocks on my right. I turned to my right into this gateway and drove for about one mile up along the road. It is not the best road but it is ok. I parked my car in a field entrance, parking for about three cars, at R83200 57100. I followed th ... Click here

gerrym and ahendroff have mentioned the possible uses of Facebook in connection with this site. MountainViews now has a minimal Facebook page. However before developing it, we are adopting a wait-and-see attitude because of the jarring privacy issues raised by Facebook. A 26 year old in charge of the data for nearly half a billion people. What could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot judging by the intervention of everyone from the FCC to the EU.
Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. See Wired's take on Zuckerberg's attitude to privacy. and also here where he took his hoodie off
Meeting other members?

Some of our members have organised expeditions in various summit areas. They are great for putting a face to a writer you may have enjoyed for years.
These events are open to all members who can do them - and the standard isn't exhausting - and great fun. Here's an explanation.
jackill on Scavvys - Members Meet Ups
Its come to my attention that some of you may not realise the meaning and the purpose of a Scavvy. First the history. Mountainviews was started in 2002 by he who did not know exactly what he was at, but it was a good idea anyway! Bleck Cra and Jackill joined the site sometime after this. Roll the clock on a few years until 2009 and although we had all met Simon very few of us had actually met ... Click here
Climbed 600 summits!
Hendroff's heights: part 600. This one speaks for itself. Incidentally, Adrian is energetically researching a couple of books which will come out this year.

ahendroff on Coomacloghane: Another small achievement
Unlike my 500th, my 600th MV summit was done solo, on a late spring evening under an azure blue sky. The circuit of the Rabach's glen was tackled in clockwise fashion starting from the farmhouse at the end of the road (a charge of 4 euro applies) in the Pocket. Fabulous views all round of all the Caha mountains and Iveragh peninsula. Ended up walking most of the Caha's in four consecutive days: ju ... Click here
Hungry Hill Scrambling

If you are interested in mixing your walking with a bit of hard scrambling you might like to look at a couple of comments from the mrcrtchly-kernowclimber duo. You'd want to be comfortable to V.Diff for this one. What's V.Diff you ask? OK - you aren't ready for this route - I'd suggest a basic climbing course.
mcrtchly on Hungry Hill: Not an easy route
To the casual observer the east face of Hungry Hill South presents an impenetrable barrier. But on closer inspection a steep gully can be seen which splits the face close to apex of the corrie just at the northern end of Coomarkane Lake. This gully was our chosen way to breach the face as we decided to follow the description given by Lynch in his book on “Munster’s Mountains”. We began the clim ... Click here
Blood at Barranisky

Live near Dublin, Wicklow etc? You are not a real summiteer until you've done this one.
simon3 on Barranisky: Furze infested top - character building after easy forest walk.
It astonished me that as of May 2010 so many as 8 people have logged climbing this place before me. While there are pleasant walks to be had around the summit, the top itself is extremely difficult involving a push of 70m through furze (gorse or whin) much of which is over head height. Make proper preparations - bring your heavy Goretex, your overtrousers and gloves. Zip shut all pockets and ... Click here
Curra Curs - a discussion about dogs -- a resolution?

jackill on Jimmy Barry , My apologies
I'm wrong, I might not like it but I am.I owe Jimmy an apology as on a recent visit to the Galtys I found all access points to Clydagh wood/Cush now have no Dogs signs. In my defense the one entering Clydagh wood is in the botton corner of an information board , erected by The Glen of Aherlow Failte society,to one side of the entrance which I marched straight past on my last visit without looking ... Click here
M8 improves route to Galtymore.
It's well worth keeping an eye on the new roads as discussed in relation to reaching Connemara from points east recently.
csd on Final M8 section brings the Galtys closer
The final section of the Dublin - Cork motorway opened on Friday, bringing the Galtys to less than two hours from Dublin. Exit 11 will bring you onto the old N8 (now R639) Cahir - Mitchelstown road, where the "Galtymore Climb" is well signposted. However, all approaches to Galtymore are signposted as off-limits to dogs, so I had to leave Holly at home. Click here

This is a website that's taking off. While the site has had really fantastic support by way of visitor numbers, comments and volunteer help of many sorts one thing we could really use is technical support. One or more of Software development (PHP), website configuration and management, newsletter work, web mapping etc. If you'd like to discuss it why not email here: admin@mountainviews.ie or use the members messaging service to send to simon3.
40 Mountain Summit contributors this month
Sorry if I didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.

Site notes If you can set-up your email to get web-format ("html format"), you should be able to get more out of this newsletter. Previous Newsletters
GPS Notes. The latest GPS map from MV member pazapas, with more uptodate info including lakes, rivers, roads, antiquities, 150m list from this site and urban areas.
Pazapas on GPS map v1.95 released
Emerald Island GPS map v1.95 is available. This version introduces a new rendering and an easier way to manage layers in MapSource. You will see many trails in Wicklow, Carrauntohill and Mourne Mountains. Coniferous forests are now displayed in a different manner. Enjoy your walks ! The link : http://emerald-island.eu/wikka/GpsMap Click here

This month.
We welcome the following new members who enrolled this month. Adventure-Agency, aidanbyrne, ainebrodbin, amr, andrewleggate, andrewleggate2, andyg10, aniedolini, Anna-Shields, anniegallagher, Ardrone, arightlad, aurelienbxl, avrilc, banjoboy, barryjas, big-jimmy-c, Bmerlin, bnally, Brains, brourke, bw, cafolla, carolkill, catbohan, cathal-rego, cathmac, cdsm101, chemtraveller, chwastoks, ciaranciaran, ciaranhunter, ComberSpud, cronin, cruizer101, dalysfort, Damateos, daveo, derekfarrell, Dionk, dmatthews, donalfff, donalt, drumpound, dunbar1, ebuggle, envirologic, Feno, fin10, fitz1040, fjcharlton, flokko, Fraggle, Garry, garyconway, GerryG, gerrymcd1, gerrymurphy, glasso, glog, gniewosz20, GrahamS, gusg, howukeepen, inhernpooli, jaromir30, jcandon, Jennycw, Joanhillbilly, jocjac, joejoe, johngalway, Johnliz, johnmcg, jttgallagher, kacka, kamelot, Klementina, kokotalafraise, Learfarm, liampaul, lifeisachoice, linnsan81, lismuse, louiselynch, lozano, magnet, makrat, mark-rdc, MarkH, matthewr, mattie, maus, mesmonic, michaelg, mickmoe999, mikepwalker, mikesvilla, mjennings, mmulligan, msalomons, msheil, mtnwlker, mustclimbdat, mwalker, NeilBrown, NewBoots, ngalway, nilim, noth, oblique, oceanrain1985, Pacman, padkins, padkins1, patmccarthy, pauljobrien, petefarnell, peterbod, peterteahan, podillon, Psycho-ceramics, RedBay, redtelephone, RichieDunne, Risteard_Suebi, Rita, rossdburke, rosst, rte, scairt, seabear, sean123456, seaners, shez, silvertoe, smellella, sorima, Steeven, steveH, steviejohnston, tallesius, teamddr, terencaidanbyrne, tombombadil, tomglynn, trigger, tullachon, uibriain, vamp369, walkwalk, wcummins, whbs, Wicklore2, winus222, yleroux, ZepSetlebulge (157)
Our contributors to all threads this month: Bleck Cra (3), Buny Clare (3), Colin Murphy (6), Conor74 (4), Daithi2004 (2), Declan Foley (1), Derry259 (3), Dessie1 (8), DonieG (1), Geo (1), Harry Goodman (13), Himiwack (1), NICKY (1), OonaghG (1), Prius (1), Secret-Five (1), YoungJohn (2), a_whelan99 (1), ahendroff (4), brenno (2), bryanmccabe (2), csd (9), dbloke (1), gerrym (1), Communal summary entries (6), hbowman (3), jackill (9), jimgraham (3), kernowclimber (5), kili or bust (1), madfrankie (2), mcrtchly (2), oldsoldier (3), paddyhillsbagger (3), patd (1), patmccarthy (1), paulocon (11), pdtempan (5), pplsgod (2), scapania (2), simon3 (10), slemish (4), three5four0 (17), wicklore (8) and Contributors to GPS information this month were: csd (9), Geo (14), jackill (15), simon3 (11), wicklore (8)

For a fuller list view Community | Recent Contributors
There were comments on the following summits Aganny Top, Aghalateeve, An Liathin Mor, An Tiaracht, Annagh Hill, Ardloughnabrackbaddy, Arroo Mountain, Baltinglass Hill, Barranisky, Benagh, Benbulbin, Bird Hill, Brockagh Mountain, Brockagh Mountain SE Top, Brown's Hill, Bruse Hill, Caherbarnagh, Caoinkeen, Carrigalougha, Carrigroe Hill, Cloghervaddy, Cnoc an Stualaire, Cnoc na dTarbh, Cnoicín an tSeabhaic, Coomacloghane, Coomataggart, Corn Hill, Corraun Hill, Coumfea, Crenville, Croaghagranagh, Croaghanirwore, Croaghbrack, Croaghegly, Croaghnageer, Crockdooish, Crockkinnagoe, Crockmore, Cruach Mhín an Neanta , Derrygarriff, Dooish, Dooish South-East Top, Faha Ridge, Galtybeg, Galtymore, Glendoo Mountain, Glennagalliagh Mountain, Glennamong, Gortnageragh, Great Sugar Loaf, Gullaba Hill, Hungry Hill, Keeloges, Keeper Hill, Kippure, Knockastakeen, Knockastanna, Knocknamanagh NE Top, Lackabaun, Lavagh More, Loughermore, Lugnaquillia, Lyracappul, Maulin, Meenard Mountain, Mid Hill, Moylenanav, Moylussa, Mullaghmeen, Muskeagh Hill, Pollnalaght, Rocky Mountain, Saggartnadooish, Saggartnadooish E Top, Seahan, Seefin N Top, Silvermine Mountains W Top, Sliabh an tSratha Greadaithe, Slieve Bawn, Slieve Beagh, Slieve Beagh South East Top, Slieve Binnian, Slieve Commedagh, Slieve Corragh, Slieve Donard, Slieve Felim, Slieve Gallion, Slieve Gallion NE Top, Slieve Meelmore, Slieve Muck, Slieve Na Calliagh, Slieveanard NE Top, Slievecarran, Slievemeen, Slievemore, Slievemoughanmore, Slievenaglogh, Tievebulliagh, Tievedockaragh, Tinoran Hill, Tonelagee NE Top, Trostan, Truskmore, Tully Mountain, Two Rock Mountain, Wee Binnian and these walks were created Kippure from Glenasmole Valley, Benlettery/Glencoaghan Horseshoe, Binbane to Binnasruell, Bluestacks Circuit, Croaghmeen & Croaghnameal Circuit, Knockastakeen-Greenane-Cush Circuit, Moylenanav & Crockastroller
Thanks to all 802 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums. .

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 4388 comments about 906 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1054). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the short summaries can be added is currently under 40% There's plenty (148) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit and the vast majority could use a short summary. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.

If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Puffin Island, Inis Tuaisceart, Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Croaghan Hill, Inch Top, Barr an Dígín, Dunaff Hill, Knockaghaleague, Bunmore and some 40 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.

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