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Slievemore (Dartry Mountains)

Slievemore in the Dartrys: Interesting summit with an industrial history.
Although somewhat unkempt as a result of barite mining, this place is an unofficial open air industrial museum. Member kernowclimber explains some of the features above and below ground adding to comments previously put here by others.

Several comments.

Walkers Association of Ireland
and other groups.
The WAI Photography Workshop (April 10th) was a great success. If you like to contribute to MV but can't get the pictures right, why not give them a go?
Clkck here for report
The Walkers Association Challenge Walks Calendar
This is a calendar of challenge walks such as the Moyle Challenge Walk (11th May 2010), Blackstairs Walk (22nd May), Clare Burren Marathon Challenge (22nd May) and Galty Marathon (12th June) Check out the 17 or so club organised events. While they are all challenges, some such as the Maamturks or the Mourne's Seven Sevens are much harder than others such as the Galtees or the Burren Walk.
There's also a list of some 14 commercial and charity events which have a challenge element about them.
Knockmealdowns (24th April 2010).
Surge in Challenge Walk Numbers
It seems there was good crowd at the Turks this year (over 150) and certainly last weekends Knockmealdowns had a huge increase in numbers (to 180 plus) over last year (See Report)
Most likely this is a pattern - an unexpected benefit of the Celtic Tiger Twilight. It's great to see. The WAI are doing what they can to publicise events with their calendar, with reports and a place to comment (volunteers welcome to help - contact news@walkersassociation.ie).
Let's commend the MI who have been spotted actually publicising events something they took a policy decision not to do for some years. While a start, their policy is still largely inappropriate, attempting to foist exaggerated environmental controls over support or safety and failing to see the big picture of inter-club cooperation.
The next Mountain Meitheal work day will be Saturday 8th May 2010 on our project repairing a well worn track on Three Rock Mountain in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains. For more information on Mountain Meitheal check out our web site www.pathsavers.org.
WAI Photo Gallery - why not upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?
Glen of Imaal MRT

Here's a report
simon3 on Mountain Rescue getting organised in Wicklow
One of the two mountain rescue teams in Wicklow, Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team is setting up a base near Laragh. Earlier this month they held this groundbreaking ceremony at the site which is near the Wicklow Mountains National Park HQ. In true bottom-up style all were invited to help turn a sod. They are looking for money and have a scheme to allow you to buy a brick or an aerial or whate ... Click here

New wiki feature for MountainViews in Gestation
Currently MountainViews is experiencing a big increase in comment submissions. This is welcome and reflects the continuing and developing interest in hillwalking in Ireland. Much information has been collected by our members however sometimes it is hard to find just what you need for a trip without a lot of reading, (be that often very entertaining). So what we are working on is a new sort of comment which will be at the beginning of the comments for every given summit. This will be a group effort aiming for a neutral and informative point of view (Wikipedia style).
This is under development right now, and we are looking for ideas on what sorts of data should be in these special comments. One idea is to have it in two parts "a Wiki-short" and a "Wiki-full". The Wiki-short section would have only the minimum data required to characterise, park at, access and reach the top. The Wiki-long section could have more space to expand on the basics.

Comments welcome on this in Motley Views or by private message to group.
Volunteers to help put in some of the early summaries or comment on design also welcome.

Recent Contributions and News
New contributor sees a long way!

According to Scapania he had a view of Achill nearly 200 klicks from Brandon. The very faint piece skyline left could indeed by Achill and the larger land would then be Connemara starting left to right with Maumfin/Tully, then the Bens and then the Turks. Croughaun (on Achill) would be at around a bearing of 1 degree from Brandon and Tully would be around 6.3 so this could be right.
scapania on Brandon: View to Connemara and Mayo
I just thought I'd share this photo I took of the Connemara mountains from Brandon in brilliant conditions last week. The large detached landmass to the west must be Achill, almost 200km away! Its pretty rare to get any view from the top of Brandon let alone with visibility this great, other views extended up the Clare coast from the mouth of the Shannon to Black Head in the Burren, down the coast ... Click here
Lough Curra Curs - a discussion about dogs.

This has gone back and forth between two informed members on the issue of dogs in the hills.
On a site organisation note: could we request this sort of controversy be kept to the Motley Views forum?
jackill on Lough Curra Mtn
Jimmy, I have seen one sign advising that dogs are unwelcome at one access point on the Aherlow side of Lough Curra. I did not access the lake/mountain by that route.Perhaps I should explain that I was brought up on and still live and work a farm in the foothills of the nearby Knockmealdowns. For upwards of 30 years we have kept sheep(dry cattle, suckler cows also).It is true to say uncontrolled ... Click here
Getting to the 'Turks in 2.5 hours
After various contributions public and private we are more persuaded that you can reach the Maamturk Mountains in the West from Dublin in around 2 and a half hours on the new roads. That's augurs well for the future. In fact someone told me it may be quicker to get from Belfast to Connemara via Dublin than previous routes via Enniskillen. It's a pity that this benefit of the Celtic Tiger is totally overshadowed by its horrendous negative consequences.
Trip report for Bencorr in the Twelve Bens

Interesting comment on the perils of the descent to the Gleninagh valley. Gorgeous pink lit quartzite in the picture.
kernowclimber on Binn Chorr: Descent from Bencorr to the Gleninagh Valley
From the summit of Binn an tSaighdiúra we picked our way carefully south down over loose rock towards Mám na bhFonsai. From this wild, rocky col between Binn an tSaighdiúra and Bencollaghduff the views eastwards towards the Maumturks with the outstretched arms of Bencorrbeg and Bencorr embracing the corrie that is the Corrabeg Valley are particularly fine. From Mám na bhFonsai a steep, rocky a ... Click here
Adventure area.
"An area of hills which feel and look wild and remote yet are never far from major centres of population. Easy to lose yourself amongst for a couple of days with all sorts of rewards and challenges within easy reach." Yes, I would agree with this - there are remarkable, unfrequented places in the Dartrys and I look forward to going back to try some more of them.
I wasn't aware of the grotto featured in this picture which photographically counterbalances the magnificence of the slopes under Crockauns. It's the place I would venerate not the statue.

gerrym on Crockauns: Blessed Views of Sligo
For a more challenging approach to Crockauns, also taking in 8 other neighbouring tops, a starting point is Doon Lough (794363). This allows a traverse of the range of hills framing Glencar to the south, from Leean Mountain in the east to Copes Mountain in the west. Smaller than the big lads to the north but every bit as beautiful, dramatic and exciting.
Having camped on the summit of Keelo ... Click here
Armagh Mindset

In reply to another comment the following mordant wit appeared from Northern pundit Bleck Cra
Bleck Cra on Moving Mountains
dr_banuska/Marty Don’t think for a second that this is shimply a mishtake. It is a conspiracy to take everything from South Armagh that characterises our little county. No more British Army (that we know of); no more RUC, no more spleen, bitterness and bile. All gone. Camlough Mtn is the least of it. As for the locals not being happy. Are you going to take that away as well? Not being happy is wha ... Click here
Benwee Coast Opportunities
I can't say that I had heard of the place until this comment came in. Now I would definitely like to visit it and the rest of this area of North Mayo. A number of the hills there have no comments but look very interesting.

Kirwanjt on An Bhinn Bhuí: Benwee head and "eire" head
An easy climb with Breathtaking views along the coast out to Stags of Broadhaven back across the Mullet. Accessed by taking signs for Portacloy and driving past the entrance to the beach and past old harbour. Park in new harbour and it is signposted for the track and stile up the hill. Cliffs are steep and dramatic at the edge. Also of note is the stone markings of EIRE beside the old shepherd hut ... Click here
Ireland's KGB Triangle
As far as the south of Ireland is concerned the triangle is the place to be for optimum summit choice. I reckon that there is probably a place to the South West of the Sperrins with a similar big selection.

jackill on Beachfront property indeed
Yes Wicklore the stone seer Simon said somewhere around the Ballyhouras and roughly speaking I'm in the middle of the triangle framed by the knockmealdowns, The Galtys and the Ballyhouras. So forget the convienience of running water and a flush toilet in Dublin, forget the coastal cottage in Connemara and move to the side of a rain sodden hill on the Waterford border. Seriously though in 2.5 ho ... Click here
Apparently a recent OSNI map has demoted Slieve Meelmore to under 700m. Heretofore it was marked with a spot height of 704, but only had a highest 10m contour line of 680m.
Will there now have to be Mournes Six Sevens in future?
(Thanks to Kevin for this one)
Anyway I still think that the birds and bees comment below is by far the most entertaining about Slieve Meelmore. (Necessary translation from the Anglo-Pictish: Kecks are trousers)
Bleck Cra on Slieve Meelmore: Meelmore Highs
Meelmore is an odd critter. To all intents and purposes, she is fairly dull, although she can surprise you with postcard views along the ridge to Donard and in the winter, her Eastern flank is a glistening must. She is a big hill and so, inspired, the cartographer entitled her, “Meelmore”. She is neighbour to the more ostentatious Bearnagh and sibling of her smaller sister - yup you got it: “Meelb ... Click here
More on maps and mapping and the free release of data
The [British] government has released some Ordnance Survey mapping data for free re-use to British citizens today, in response to public consultation that got underway in December last year.

Delightful linear walk on unpromising Donegal whaleback.

On a previous occasion I tried this top and found it a lot of work for very little, but hey this comment shows it in a different light. Many Views makes Enlightened Walk. They passed beside Lough Acrappan surely one of the least enlightened name manglicisations the 19th century had to offer.
Harry Goodman on Sliabh an tSratha Greadaithe: Straggrady Mountain
On 8 April accompanied by my son-in-law and two of my grandsons I decided, with two cars available to us, to tackle this hill as a linear walk from the R255 near Glenveigh to the N56 near Creeslough. We started at a small area of roadside parking C0642522699 and headed NE. We had no difficulty in crossing the small stream shown on the map, although this could be avoided by walking S to where it ... Click here
Slieve Beagh SE Top - Highest Point in Monaghan

Just when we thought we knew all that there was to be known about the county tops of Ireland, a whole slew of comments have appeared about this, the highest point in Monaghan.
It seems less likely that you will encounter a cougar (well a non-human one) and there is still some confusion about what is the top. I think we will just have to go there and put up a county high point cairn.
wicklore on Slieve Beagh South East Top: Confusion over Summit Coordinates, & Beast on Beagh
There is definitely something odd going on with the given coordinates for Slieve Beagh SE Top. Having read three5four0’s piece on the apparent error with interest, I found myself up there this week in the pursuit of another County Top. I also followed Harry Goodman’s clear route. The coordinates I captured at the highest point of Monaghan were H53185 43600. I reckon this is about 100 metres south ... Click here
Northern Delight

This summit is an extension of the Urris Hills ridge SW.
three5four0 on Knockalla : The Traverse of the Devils Back Bone
There is enough space for 2-3 cars to park at 252341, by an old mass rock on the minor road south east of Knockalla. From here follow the road back towards the R247, till you meet a lane way at 247336 and follow this lane up hill. Where the track swings round towards the Knockalla Loughs, pick you line (left) up hill to Knockallas west summit. Views are superb from the summit, return towards the ... Click here
MountainViews & friends outing on Faha Ridge

Looks like it was a great success ..
wicklore on jackill was nimble, jackill was quick...
...jackill got me over Faha without my hiking stick...
Not being one who had done much scrambling I was delighted to be guided safely across Faha Ridge by such stalwarts as dbloke, jackill and Cra. I have now learned what ‘interesting’ means, as in ‘here’s another interesting section.’ After we climbed down one such ‘interesting’ section I learned that a previous climber had sadly fallen to ... Click here
Coastal Walk proposed.
The following is still interesting.
simon3 on Proposal for a coastal walk.
A proposal that has been made on another website recently by "Kate" that members may be interested in. For reference MV does include a few peaks which would be included in a coastal path and has considered extending the information we provide to more of them. Claim your coastline - and Go Green Road..... Hi Hikers, I've been trging to get the idea of a Green Road off the ground for 3 year ... Click here
Sorry if I didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.

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GPS Notes. March 2010. The latest GPS map from MV member pazapas, with more uptodate info including lakes, rivers, roads, antiquities, 150m list from this site and urban areas.
Pazapas on GPS map v1.95 released
Emerald Island GPS map v1.95 is available. This version introduces a new rendering and an easier way to manage layers in MapSource. You will see many trails in Wicklow, Carrauntohill and Mourne Mountains. Coniferous forests are now displayed in a different manner. Enjoy your walks ! The link : http://emerald-island.eu/wikka/GpsMap Click here

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