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A multicoloured mossy growth on Colly, the Iveragh Peninsula
A Colly flower?
Couldn't resist it. Nor can I resist telling you that there is a place named on the map as Colly East. Between it and Colly there is, oh no, the Colly East Colly col. There really is. Sometimes done as an excursion from the Glenbeigh Horseshoe.
Anyway thanks to colin murphy for the pic.
More ...

County Listing, Revised feature.
New County List introduced.

We mentioned last month that we are including all of the county tops on MountainViews. We've made a few smallish changes as errors came to light such as where we had listed Truskmore as the highest point in Leitrim. It turns out that because the border between Sligo and Leitrim doesn't quite go through the summit, we needed to add a further point "Truskmore SE Cairn" near the summit. This is the highest point for Leitrim. We made a similar correction for Seltannasaggart SE Slope.

During the month we adding a listing feature for the county tops, so you can more easily view them as a group. If you are interested in summiteering you can tick them off also.
View county list

And here's a sample of the comments coming in about County Tops:
paulocon on Mullaghmeen
Climbed this back in November 2008 as part of my 'county high points' ongoing task. Can be combined with a visit to Loughcrew in County Meath and Corn Hill in Longford, all of which are perfect for young children. As wicklore pointed out, the biggest problem is finding Mullaghmeen itself - I spent quite a bit of time being directed from Castlepollard to Oldcastle and back in my bid to find the for ... Click here
Revised system for amending summit heights.
An example of why this is necessary is Foilduff in Shannon mountain area. Our original database shows the height of this as 400m which would have been a best estimate from contour lines. However member jackill was actually there and took a GPS reading of 419m. That's quite an error and well worth correcting given that GPS readings would usually be a accurate to 3 or 4m.
When we have accumulated more summit heights we will start publishing them on the website. More info below.
simon3 on "Amend" feature and height.
The "amend" feature for each summit allows people to suggest the correct position for the summit. This is done by entering the value for "Irish Grid" at the summit. The new version from yesterday allows the entry of the height position also. The reason for doing this is because many summits do not have any indication of height on maps and also because it may be necessary to correct some summit he ... Click here

OSI and the new style of maps. I understand from a contact in the OSI that this is less likely to happen now, but no official decision has been announced.
However there will be revisions to the maps using the existing layout of sheets and the existing "Irish Grid".

Recent Contributions and News
Leading summiteer's success. But this silver lining had a cloud
If you look at the 600m Irish Mountain list (here) you will see that for "All Ireland" there are 278 summits. ahendroff became the first person listing on MV to hit that number as you can see in the Hall of Fame by climbing Aghla Beg (South). Well done ahendroff for an achievement that has taken years.
How irritating that his car was then vandalised. We commiserate.
ahendroff on JOY THEN DESPAIR ...
Wed 26 Aug 2009, 3pm Aghla Beg (South) summit was my last 600m MV top. Nothing more to climb all now lower than that magic 600m mark. Full of joy, tho' slightly muted. Weather - low cloud base all day, misty, prolonged light rain, wind 20mph gusting to 35mph, winds NW/WNW blasted straight at Aghla's. Sharp contrast to walk day before in the Bluestacks. Sharp contrast on return as well. Car window ... Click here

Open cast summit
I don't think there is anything like this startling view on a summit anywhere else in Ireland. Harry Goodman includes this picture with several other interesting contributions this month. We went up a mountain and came down a hill
Harry Goodman on Seltannasaggart
Climbed this mountain !! when seeking out the highest point in Roscommon ( see also Seltamasaggart SE Slope). It is crossed by part of the Miners Way and, as already indicated in other comments, is a bit of a wasteland. Start at G2895019100. Once there you may well ask , why did I bother? At least now, thanks to the new County Tops Listing by MV there is a well defined purpose for summiteers s ... Click here

Meet as recounted by Bleck Cra
Some MountainViews members put together a second meet in the form of a walk up Slieve Donard in the Mournes. As before all members, friends, friends of friends, fellow club members, lovers etc were heartily invited. As an online group many of us know the names and something of the personalities of the other members through contributions on the site. It's really interesting to meet people in the flesh and chat to them. To get such a good humoured walk which also managed to get good weather was just great. However whether you are a regular contributor or someone who isn't (yet) all were made welcome by the organisers.
All thanks to Bleck Cra and Jackill for setting up this one.
Scavenger Walk 2 was a success. That’s the miracle. Firstly because the Jackill and I prepared the night before entirely on beer and Cabernet Sauvignon and secondly because either side of Aug 22nd, Noah was sharpening his adze. Yet on Scavvy Day, the sun split the trees in the morning and teasing clouds uncovered breathtaking vistas across Northern landscapes, Irish seascapes and Co Down townscape ... Click here

colin murphy's dozen

he really packed them in this month, including pictures and write-ups for this previously unmentioned summit in the Cahas. colin murphy on Feorus East
This was our first stop on a circuit of Feorus East, Derrysallagh, Knocknagorraveela NE top and Knocknagorraveela. At point V854637, there is just room to squeeze one car in beside a gateway without blocking it. Then proceed NE along the Beara Way until you reach a stile. Cross this and head NW until the gradient steepens sharply, then ascend Feorus in a zig-zag fashion around the giant fingers ... Click here

mad bagger of the month award

paddyhillsbagger on Curlew Mountains
Well on my map the grid reference given is marked as Brislagh with Curlew Mtns in larger print spread out over the hills to the East. Taking a side road to the left of the R295 Boyle/Ballymote road we viewed the rather uninspiring tree covered hump of Brislagh. We eventually parked slightly beyond the apex of the road on a slight downhill at a layby with a break in the forest and a very rough p ... Click here

Rehabilitation for the Mullaghareirk Mountains
This range of 8 summits of average height 407m has got an average score of just 39 at present, making it the third from the bottom. (Surpassed by the environmental disaster that is the Arigna Mountains.) However it is relatively unused and according to this contribution, worth a visit:
madfrankie on Mount Eagle
I must confess to having had a negative impression of the Mullaghareirks - one of sprawling square miles of forestry blanketing drab hills, neglected and unloved. So it was a pleasant surprise to make a first visit and find an area somewhat less grim than expected. There's good road that crosses a saddle with neighboring Ballinard, and here you will find the gate leading up to a windfarm at R09 ... Click here

Sorry if I didn't mention what you posted .. there's a list of all contributors for the month later.

Walkers Association of Ireland
There is a list of events on the Walkers Association site.

  • 22nd October - talk on Mountain Rescue
  • 7th November - course on Modern Navigation (Geolives and Trailmaster)
  • 19th November - talk by John Shackleton (IRC) on Antarctica
  • 21st January 2010 - Table Quiz with any profits being donated to Mountain Rescue
  • 18th February - Talk on summiteering - by Simon Stewart.
  • 18th March - Talk on the Pyrenees
In addition, WAI will also be organising a photohike (date to be confirmed) and a day's seminar/workshop in Feb/Mar on topics of interest to hillwalkers who are not quite beginners, but would like to take the hiking experience to the next level (eg navigation, campcraft, modern navigation, gear, photography, first aid etc).
WAI Photo Gallery - why not upload some of your pictures (Ireland or abroad) to this?

Site notes If you can set-up your email to get web-format ("html format"), you should be able to get more out of this newsletter. Previous Newsletters
GPS Notes. Would you like a map on your GPS so that you can visualise summits, contours etc? Well, depending on whether you have the right sort of GPS and your willingness to do a bit of uploading, we may have the answer.
simon3 on GPS for Ireland, article, download.
Currently MV provides GPS information in the form of waypoints that indicate the summit positions of all of the mountains in our list. While better than nothing this still does not use the full potential of GPS units . Essentially these can show maps and points of interest. There is no commercial product for GPS units at present, however we are pleased to announce the results of various communi ... Click here

Also the latest from MV member pazapas, with more uptodate info including lakes, rivers, roads, antiquities, 150m list from this site and urban areas.
pazapas on Ireland Map v1.91
Ireland Map v1.91 is available both for Mapsource (Windows) and Road Trip (Mac OS X). OSM layer is now routable without too much errors and it displays more features mostly in towns. Please forget v1.90. Click here

This month.
We welcome the following new members who enrolled this month. 5lark3, abcdefghij, agardiner, aking, alanwilson, alexcorb1991, andrewb, andrewfinn168, andrewslowey, annabigger, annieb, anton, aodhocorrain, Aoife111, a_michal, bill-mary, bobclark, BobHarper, Bocsta, BogRunner, Brad, brendanb4, BrianIreland, Buttersf, cahalan52, Caoimhghin, carol99, cddevine, cdeegan101, chris-clayton, christeek, christeekob, cjdonaghey, clearypa, cmck, coleen, CollyBrown, conlonk, CrazyWelsh25, Crimdaq, crock, cuffemark, darek, david-tn, ddrew, DeclanBallance, des-crowley, desobroin, dez, dmchugh, dmcshane, dnomap, donohoe, doroniabe, Dowlings, dphelan, dprend, eamoboyle, ecwa, elvanis, emcgloin, Ferrisian, flemint, francisjohn, garethsimpson, geevaghclimber, gerrymc, glenruby, gm, griffinservices, grumpygit, gwen, gywdneubzbr, hcarolan, Herbert2929, hgboyle, Hill-Walk, hilltopal, Homer187, hurz, HuskyV, ian100, irelandwalk, Ireneobrien, Jamesd, jamesquinn, jamurphy, Janiek, jasonkelly, jcadogan, jconway, jd54, joehoydilla, Johnners, joneill_ie, joukeder, Jtk, judas, j_anthony_murph, katemorris, kev1, kevin69, khalligan, Kirwanjt, klopfkli, kracza, krimar, ladylimk, linrusheng, LiteBytes, louisa1978, mad, madams, markcleary, MartinH, mary99, Maryanseo, marymc_cartan, mary_henchy, Matrim, max13, maycourt, me, MickeyHarp, mirble, mkinane, mooneyb4, Murphdog, olwilln, oskehill, ozciompi, patg79, paulieb, paulineliam, pc, pery, PhilRegan, Piktusy, prattmatthew, rackard, richie-h, ricklave, robbmcc, robintaggart, robsug, rockwell, Ronan909, Ronnie2009, rorr, rory_finn, sammyhillsaway, SarahMurph, SarahMurph114, SDowling, SeamusMc, sehowarth, shaz_kelly, sindill, Skybluetam, Slurms, sparkey8, szum, Tahakki, timmoriarty, Toljand, tom-grace, tomas1516, TomCasey, tonya1969, tracksuitlou, transey, trips_121, verano, warkid34, weyermanns, wsheahan, w_ayne, yvesdb, yvonnemcg, ziolith (180)
Our contributors to all threads this month: Alex92 (1), Audi-Anne (2), Bleck Cra (5), BogRunner (2), Conor74 (1), Damien1977 (1), Geo (1), Harry Goodman (11), Moac (3), Tayto (1), Up-and-down (1), ahendroff (4), brenno (1), bruno (2), ciarraioch (1), colin murphy (12), cormacg (5), culrua (1), david kirk (1), dbloke (3), dewhelan (1), dhmiriam (2), eflanaga (1), gerrym (2), gm (2), jackill (4), josvanderlinden (1), larrylampwick (1), maclimber (1), madfrankie (5), mkinane (1), oldsoldier (3), paddyhillsbagger (8), padodes (2), paulocon (8), pdtempan (3), pplsgod (3), sbender (2), simon3 (1), skippy (1), smcbr (1), sparkey8 (1), ste_whelan (1), three5four0 (6), ucampbell (1), wicklore (3), willfogarty (1), youngjohn (6) and Contributors to GPS information this month were: Brendan777 (1), Geo (1), jackill (3), simon3 (7), wicklore (6)

For a fuller list view Community | Recent Contributors
There were comments on the following summits Aghla Beg (South), Anglesey Mountain, Baraveha, Beenkeragh, Benbo, Binn Bhán, Binn Shleibhe, Bolaght Mountain, Boughil, Brandon Hill, Bricklieve Mountains, Brockagh Mountain, Bulbin, Butter Mountain, Bweeng Little, Bweengduff, Carn Traonach, Carrauntoohil, Carrigawaddra, Cashlaundrumlahan, Ceann Sibéal, Clermont Carn NE Top, Clondermot Hill, Colly, Coolinasillagh Mountain, Corn Hill, Crockdooish, Crockkinnagoe, Croghan Hill, Disert, Djouce, Dromderalough, Eagles Hill, Feorus East, Galtymore, Garraunbaun, Gortmonly Hill, Kesh Corran, Kippure, Knockanallig, Knockanora, Knockanoughanish, Knockboy, Knockchree, Knocknacusha, Knocknadobar, Knocknagapple, Knocknagapple N W Top, Knocknagorraveela, Knocknagorraveela NE Top, Knockreagh, Lackacroghan, Lyracappul, Maghera, Mount Eagle, Moylenanav, Moylussa, Mullaghanish, Mullaghbeg, Mullaghmeen, Mullaleam, Nephin, Ridge of Capard, Scarriff Island, Sceilg Mhicíl, Seltannasaggart, Seltannasaggart SE Slope, Slieve Beagh South East Top, Slieve Binnian, Slieve Muck, Slievekirk, Slievelamagan, Slievenaglogh, Slievenamon, Slievetrue, Stokeennalackareha, Taobh an Leithid, The Big Gun, The Paps East, Tievebaun, Tonelagee, Truskmore SE Cairn and these walks were created (none in period)
Thanks to all 709 who have ever contributed summits or routes info and forums. .

For a full list view Community | Contributors Hall of Fame

Summary. MountainViews now has 3662 comments about 799 different hills & mountains out of the total in our current full list (1054). We need more comments, better comments and more balance for every summit as our rate for "data completion" now that the 150m summits have been added is currently around 39% There's plenty (255) of opportunities for you to be the first to comment on a summit. Listing summits in "Lists & Logs" (tick MV completion information) allows you to see what information we need to get more even coverage.

If you are contributing, please be careful to respect the interests of landowners. Suggest access routes well away from houses, gardens or that could conceivably impact farming activities. When walking, keep away from gardens or farm buildings. Use stiles or gates wherever possible. Never do anything that could allow animals to roam where the farmer did not intend.
If you hear of a problem area or route, write it up in MountainViews which does everyone a service.
Report rubbish tipping in the Dublin/ Wicklow area - ring PURE 1850 365 121
Report quads in national park area (in which they are banned). For Wicklow please phone the Duty Ranger: 087-9803899 or the office during office hours Telephone: +353-404-45800. Put these numbers in your phone, take regs etc. Let MV know of contact numbers for other areas.
If you have climbed some of the less well known places, we would appreciate a summit rating.We could use your help in making ratings for the unrated mountains which you have climbed, such as: Slieve Beagh South East Top, Carnanelly West Top, Puffin Island, Inis Tuaisceart, Maumfin, Inis na Bró, Carhoo Hill, Edenacarnan, Carranarah, An Tiaracht and some 80 others. and also GPS readings for summits.
If we can, let's make MV have more than one route up a summit so as to reduce the tendency for paths to appear. Your grid refs in comments for different starting points show up on MountainViews maps.

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