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2012-11-09 15:51:04
Email addresses being used for Paypal scam.
Context of comment:There have been reports of email addresses used for MountainViews enrolment appearing in spam.

It is not clear what the extent or cause of this is, however there may be an issue that affects a few, many or all members.

Should it be a widespread problem affecting the email address you have used for logging into MountainViews then it is likely you will get further spam.

How to recognise the current spam
The spam email that came out so far was a bogus PayPal message. The object of the exercise was to get you to click on a line that said "Update your information now". You can tell where this would link to because email clients will show you the address. In this case it was:

To the uninitiated this might appear reasonable because of the paypal.com.ie.cgi etc in the string, however in fact domains start from the right and the real domain is suuganda.org The rest of the crap before that is a subdomain designed to misinform.

Like all messages, think hard before clicking on any link. Do you have an account with PayPal. Check the link and see the address ends in the proper address relating to the organisation in question. Be aware of the usual tricks, for example it might have pay-pal.com This is NOT the same thing as paypal.com

Further actions
Treat messages coming to the address you use for logging into MountainViews with the same suspicion as you should be treating all email messages - they may be spam.

There is no point in quitting MountainViews, if the email addresses have been compromised, because they are already stolen.

There is little point in changing your email address with MountainViews if the email addresses have been compromised because it is not clear what mechanism was used to steal them, if they were stolen from MountainViews. If or when this changes, we will let you know.

Remember, MountainViews holds very little information about you. There are no credit card details, phone numbers or medical history or other items generally thought to be of high value. Your password with MountainViews is encrypted and as yet there is no indication that anyone has logged on illegally to any account.

MountainViews will endeavour to find out what has happened. If there really has been a leak of information then we will attempt to prevent a recurrence.
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Carol Morgan wins the women's Spine Race agai
IainT 5 hours ago.
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When hill-walking meets (pre)history
David-Guenot a day ago.
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Banagher Hill: Better road surface - easier access now
Pepe 3 days ago.
Followed the Bluestack Way sign mentioned by Aidy. The road is well surfaced now, though narrow. Drove a couple of kilometres NW (ignoring lower-down parking areas) to a small plantation on the le...

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Knockastia: Hunting and shooting forbidden
ceadeile 2 days ago.
The path described by FergalH is now, January 2018, very overgrown. There are many thorn bushes in particular which make it a somewhat dangerous for your eyes. A simpler approach is to park at the...

Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way by David Flanagan & Richard Creagh
aidand 3 days ago.
This book is definitely a keeper, a book I’ll hang on to knowing I’ll return to it again and again.I don’t know who the genius is who came up with the concept of the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) but th...

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"Werewolf? There wolf."
BleckCra 2 days ago.
Lycanthropus lycanthropus. Inverted pawprint. Slieve Commedagh. The Snow.None of which should be fecked with.

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The Ravens Rock: Crispy Morning Rock Hopping
Pepe 3 days ago.
Climbed this via the ascent up the Fox's Rock from the Long Woman's Grave. Took the direct route up (steep and slippy!) on a crunchy January morning. The light and the views were magnificent. If y...

Nire Valley 22km loop walk through the Gap and to Crotty's and up to Fauscoum
Ulsterpooka a week ago.
walk, Len: 20.4km, Climb: 1140m, Area: Fauscoum, Comeragh Mountains (Ireland) F...

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Slieve Bawn: Now home to a Windfarm and Recreation Area
melohara 4 days ago.
Slieve Bawn is now home to the Sliabh Bawn Windfarm and Recreation Area, a joint development between Coillte and Bord na Móna. Car parks have been provided and a number of walking trails developed...

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Re Adding markers to descriptions
simon3 2 days ago.
If you put in a grid reference into a place comment eg comment for a mountain, then the system notes this and gives it a letter like "A" which appears on the map However it only appears on the map...

Drumnalifferney North East Top
Aidy a week ago.
I did this route in winter conditions, and the views to be had around the Derryveagh Mountains, over Dunlewey, and ac... walk, Len: 8.7km, Climb: 577m, Area: Drumnalifferny North-East Top, Donegal NW

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Carrauntoohil: Many routes to the top...
donalhunt 4 days ago.
Posting purely to share the photo which was taken from Cruach Mhór on 21 June 2014.Another source with additional routes indicated (e.g. via The Bone and Cruach Mhór) is available from http://www....

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