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2007-03-12 11:31:59
Re Allow GPS tracks to be uploaded for mounta
Context of comment:This is a good idea though I think it needs a little discussion. MountainViews knows how to handle GPS data added in "GPX" format. This is used by many programs that people have for use with their GPS ( such as GPSU ) and also by some GPS units ( such as the Garmin GPSMAP60 CSX which can output GPX format directly. Would this format be ok for upload and download?

Also, tracklogs would be displayed on the maps that MV provides, which would look very interesting I think, though it could get cluttered.

But why stop at track logs? I would have thought that uploading routes and/or waypoints would be extremely useful.

This would apply particularly in the new walks section of the site.
Message:Comments please.
2007-03-06 13:50:05
Allow GPS tracks to be uploaded for mountains
Context of comment:It would be a nice feature to allow users to upload track logs of their walks. This would allow other members the ability to check out routes before going to new mountains.
Message:Upload facility similar to current GPS fix upload.
Additional points:I would be pleased to help testing.
2007-01-09 13:41:18
Context of comment:Info about Garraun
Message:Joss Lynam points out in relation to Altnaghaigera the following:

"Since Altnaghaigera is mentioned, people might like to know that the local name on the north side in Ben Free"
2006-08-29 20:45:02
Re: Missing Link
Context of comment:The SMC help page has been relocated to a different site. You can get it here:
2006-08-29 16:53:50
Missing link
Context of comment:The link for downloading the instructions by Paul McMichael for installing the SMC maps on your GPS seems to be broken. Does anyone have a copy of the or a working link.
2006-05-31 14:31:38
Change to list of mountains.
Context of comment:MountainViews uses a list of summits of at least 500m. The list is in need of improvement and here is our first revision.
Message:One accidentally included summit has been deleted and three extra summits have been added (Knocknahunna, Mullaghcarbatagh and Ott). The area names have been significantly renamed. For example there is now the area of Breifne which includes Cuilcagh and neighbouring summits. Previously these were illogically grouped with mountains in Sligo.

Various summit names have been changed for a whole variety of reasons ranging from correcting typos to using more correct forms. An example of the latter is the change from Ahinkeen to Caoinkeen. However the previous names used in MV have been recorded where relevant.

For many summits there is now extra information on the origin of the name and notes about it.

The name of the county / counties that the summit is in is now recorded for the first time.
The database has been amended to include the name in both English and Irish where available and in future versions of the software these will both appear.
Most of these changes have been made by Paul Tempan who will be writing a document describing the list. Far too often names have appeared on lists and maps without discussion. Paul's document is intended to allow consultation about the list.
Additional points:Many of these changes (Ott for example) have been put in at the request of members and MV relies on the members to look at the revised list and point out any errors or omissions.
2006-05-20 20:23:12
"Sample view of GPS map." from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: Sample view of GPS map. (Contract pics)
GPS for Ireland, article, download.
Context of comment:Currently MV provides GPS information in the form of waypoints that indicate the summit positions of all of the mountains in our list. While better than nothing this still does not use the full potential of GPS units . Essentially these can show maps and points of interest. There is no commercial product for GPS units at present, however we are pleased to announce the results of various community projects.

Message:Building on earlier work by member Pazapas and from data provided by the SMC (Scottish Mountaineering Club) briank has put together a really interesting article on what is available.
There is a link to the version produced by Pazapas and also links to other versions and other information. See Resources | All About maps for GPS in Ireland

Additional points:Getting the data onto your GPS requires the use of various tools and a PC, however it is perfectly feasible. We hope that this article will stimulate further interest in this area and also that we can find further sources of information to put onto maps.
2006-03-16 02:02:46
So Much choice...Any suggestions?
Context of comment:Hi! I've been surfing on this site for a while. I cannot find a general discussion forum so feel free to move this if you have one. The list of every mountain in Ireland over 500m in particular is a useful guide to all the challenges ahead. Thanks for that. My girlfriend and I have climbed two mountains so far, they being Cruach Phádraig at 764m and Lugduff at 652m (assuming it is Lugduff and not Camderry which is on the left of the Upper Lake in Glendalough). We are in Dublin and want to get out for Saturday. Kerry and West Cork, along with Galway, Mayo and Donegal are too far. Other than these where on the island would you recommend for the best climb/walk for 4-7 hours? Wherever we are going we will stay overnight. If there were a hurling match on Sunday I'd just go to the nearest mountain range to wherever it was so this question wouldn't arise:-). Thanks in anticipation.
Message:My suggestion, as unusual as it might seem to car drivers, would be to have a list of the nearest train stations to the different mountain ranges, and how to get there. We don't all have cars, unfortunately. I had initially planned on getting the train but the difficulty in finding out how far the respective mountains were to the nearest train station has me bringing my Dad's car. The Iarnród Éireann network map is here: but it was hard to find out the nearest towns to the respective mountain ranges (I was looking in particular at the Galtees). PS: Your frontpage photos are fantastic. I had never heard of Hungry Hill or even the Caha Mountains, but what a picture! Excellent job allowing us to see where the photos were taken just by moving the mouse.
2006-01-25 15:23:13
"The Summit" from jackill Contract pics
Picture: The Summit (Contract pics)

New 500 mtr Summit?
Context of comment:I was intrigued by John_desmonds suggestion that Knockahunna could be above 500 meters. Looking at the map it certainly seems so.I set out last Sunday with my gps and an altimeter.
The summit is marked by a carin topped with a small concrete structure which must have been used for"bouncing" tv signals some years ago. Standing on the ground next to the cairn my gps was reading 502 meters whereas standing on the cairn next to the hut it was reading 504 meters. Accuracy was 5 meters for both. The Altimeter was reading 511 meters(Iusually find this could vary by as much as 20 meters from the gps reading). I then continued on to what I judged to be the highest point on the col to Slievenamon. I took readings there of 454 meters with 6 meters accuracy.
Message:promote Knockahunna!
2006-01-24 22:00:33
New Summits
Context of comment:Just to echo the comments of john_desmond, I've often wondered why Finlieve in the Western Mournes wasn't in the database despite being well over 500m. It merely gets forgotten about in the shadow of Shanlieve - perhaps it could be included also.
Message:Update datebase

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Summit Comment
Stoompa: Coordinate errors
jackill 17 hours ago.
We parked the car at GR V98412 85728 on a fine July evening and walked the first kilometre on the roadway before turning left onto the rough path that follows the side of the Finoulagh River for a...

Summit Comment
Duff Hill: Approach from Military Road.
Colin Murphy 18 hours ago.
I started at a forest entrance at O104 054 (parking for several cars) and proceeded up that track to the N of Carrigshouk for about 100m before continuing NW along the grassy terrain, following...

Summit Comment
Coumfea: Comfea via the Eastern Sgilloge Lough Gully
kernowclimber 19 hours ago.
From the Gap Car Park (S27684 12842) we followed the path signposted for the Nire Lakes crossing the Nire in clear spate after the recent snow, traces of which adhered to the cliffs surrounding...

Summit Summary
Coumfea: White sands on the Comeraghs
Collaborative entry Last edit by: JohnA 19 hours ago.
From the Nire Valley car park (S27684 12842), room for 20 cars but note this fills up fast on weekends, walk back down the road towards Ballymacarbery for about 500 meters. You'll come to a gat...

Summit Comment
Bryn Mawr: Trek through trees leads to unmarked summit
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
Parked to the northeast and followed forest track west. At the end where the deciduous trees started followed rough track until the trees thinned out a little and than headed due south before e...

Summit Comment
Erw y Ddafad-ddu: The view from the north
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
After we reached the summit it was a short trek to visit Aran Fawddwy and than the long trek back down the ridge all the way back to the starting point

Summit Comment
Erw y Ddafad-ddu: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
From Aran Benlyn we continued along the ridge in a generally south direction. There was a small descent and a small ascent before we reached the flat area summit marked with a small cairn

Summit Comment
Aran Benllyn: View from North
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
Between Pen Aran and Aran Benllyn there is a small lake (Llyn Aran Benlyn) which was frozen when we were there. In the photograph can be seen the edge of the lake, the fence that runs most of t...

Summit Comment
Aran Benllyn: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
From Pen Aran following the track which ran alongside the fence it was a short trek upwards to Aran Benlyn. This is marked with a small cairn like Pen Aran

Summit Comment
Pen-aran: The view south
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
The first stop along the ridge is Garth Fawr at around 320 Metres. This summit is not on Mountainviews

Summit Comment
Pen-aran: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 20 hours ago.
Having climbed Aran Fawddwy from the south before it was time to climb it from the north and reach the peaks i did not have the time to do on my previous visit. We parked at Llanuwchllyn in the...

Summit Comment
Rhobell-y-big: View from below
Fergalh a day ago.
Afterwards we headed North to the road where one of the cars was parked it had rained so much that day that the car got stuck in the grass where we had parked. Luckily a farmer helped us extrac...

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