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Post details Post   (Contract pics)
2020-10-26 23:32:12
"The trig on The Hill of Ward" from Fergalh Contract pics
Picture: The trig on The Hill of Ward (Contract pics)

Hill of Ward
Context of comment:Historical Hill
Message:David Guenot mentioned the Hill of Ward it is a national monument under the aegis of the OPW with the rings and ditches of the ring fort visible as you stroll across to the summit. There are also fine views to be had of the Hill of Tara and the Spire of Lyod from the summit. It is also over 100 metres high
Additional points:David Guenot's excellent suggestion of an addition to the historical hills list
2020-10-26 19:42:25
"As seen on Carbury Hill" from eamonoc Contract pics
Picture: As seen on Carbury Hill (Contract pics)

Castle ruins Carbury Hill
Context of comment:Addition to my previous comment
2020-10-26 19:39:00
"Carbury Hill Trig and castle ruins in the distance" from eamonoc Contract pics
Picture: Carbury Hill Trig and castle ruins in the distance (Contract pics)

Carbury Hill NW Kildare,
Context of comment:Carbury Hill GR N 68672 34506 Height 142m. Carbury Hill is situated in NW Kildare above the small
hamlet of Carbury, the history of this hill goes back to pagan times and was first known as Sidh Nechtain (The fairy hill of Nechtain) . Acocording to ancient documents Nechtain was King of Leinster, a celebrated poet and had a fortress near the summit. On its slopes Carbury Hill has a castle ruins, a Motte, a Barrow an old Graveyard and a trig point at it`s highest elevation. Near the base of the hill is the Trinity Well, the source of the river Boyne. When Christianity came to Ireland the Christian Missionaries dedicated the well to the Holy Trinity and it retains the name to this day
Message:Carbury Hill no access issues, no entrance fee just a hill steeped in History. Possible inclusion
to local and historical hills list ?.
2020-10-26 10:50:53
Possible addition to the Local/Historical/Cul
Context of comment:Just came across this FB post about Tlachtga, aka. Hill of Ward, near Athboy, co. Meath:
Message:I have never been there but it seems it could be a worthwhile addition to the Local/Historical/Cultural List. Does anyone here know this place ?
2020-10-23 19:38:21
"Tower and Celtic Coss" from Fergalh Contract pics
Picture: Tower and Celtic Coss (Contract pics)
Spire of Lloyd
Context of comment:An addition to the Historical list. ?
Message:This Hill is in a community Park just outside Kells and is over 100 metres in Height, The tower at the summit is an 18th-century folly in the form of a Doric column, surmounted by a glazed lantern. There is a paupers grave, trig pillar and old Celtic Cross on the Hill as well. Certainly an unusual title for a hill but can be seen for many miles around
Additional points:It is commonly known as Ireland's only inland lighthouse...
2020-10-07 09:56:18
Arderins, peaks, places listing by County
Context of comment:In the Republic at least the Covid framework for travel expresses restrictions in terms of staying within your own county.
MountainViews current main listing as in menu iitem "Lists & Logs" doesn't include the facility to show counties that places are in (with the exception of course of the County Highpoints).

It has always been possible to get the county information from the listing program "Lists & Logs | Listing Programs | Simple Irish Listings" however this feature while analytical can be hard to use
Message:MountainViews "Lists & Logs" section now allows users to optionally view Counties with other information about summits.

Use the menu item "Lists & Logs" then click on Show Choose list type, export, and other options, Click on "With County Name(s)" and then "Create List".

The listing will appear with county names. It is possible to sort the list by county name by clicking on the "County" heading.

So now you can find for example:

* all the Arderins in your county
* all the Local 100 in your county

which may make it easier to determine where you can walk depending on restrictions.

Should restrictions revert to requiring us to stay within a certain distance from home, then the existing item "Distance to Home" can be used to show all summits from where a user says they are based.
Additional points:As with any new feature, there could be bugs which we would be grateful if you repor
We are also looking for any other features or even new lists that might be useful during the time of Covid.
2020-09-22 18:38:03
"The final approach to Teeromoyle Tooth (pt. 608) to the centre left, Keamconneragh (pt. 593) to the centre" from David-Guenot Contract pics
Picture: The final approach to Teeromoyle Tooth (pt. 608) to the centre left, Keamconneragh (pt. 593) to the centre (Contract pics)

Context of comment:Just suggested new coordinates for Keamconneragh.
Message:What is obviously called Teeromoyle Tooth is the rocky outcrop at the end of the narrow ridge dropping down from Teeromoyle Mountain, which corresponds to pt. 608. This minor top has a prominence of ca. 10/12m only. As for Keamconneragh, it seems to correspond to pt. 593, which I can confirm has enough prominence to be classified as an Arderin Beg. I used my own GPX track (3793) to provide those new coordinates, yet they may still be a little approximate. Also note that I have an ancient version of the OSI 78 map, so the heights aforementioned may have been amended since; also, I might be wrong with the names, but the idea is, the correct location for the Arderin Beg (pt. 593) is further down ESE along the ridge. See pic attached, taken from (approx.) the lowest point along the narrow ridge.
2020-08-13 11:24:18
Exporting GPX files to Basecamp
Context of comment:We received a report that a downloaded GPX file from MV would not work in Garmin Basecamp. We tried this and it was indeed failing. We noted that other developers of software that exports GPX were also having difficulty with Basecamp.
Message:We have created a new version of the export routine for exporting to Basecamp.

There is now a new option

"Make compatible with Basecamp" which you can click.

When you start to "Download as GPX file"

This worked in our testing with Garmin Basecamp 4.7.2 (the latest version).
Additional points:Please let us know if this works correctly.
2020-08-01 08:45:35
Recognition for the Arderins
Context of comment:The Arderins, the list of Irish Mountains of 500m with a prominence of 30m has now been recognised as a premier list providing a lifetime challenge.
Message:In a joint announcement Mountaineering Ireland and MountainViews have described the vision, nature and objectives of the list. See

The joint announcement reflects agreement between Mountaineering Ireland's new hillwalking committee and MountainViews.
Additional points:The Arderins list in its current form was put together by MountainViews in 2009. The list was originally based on work by Joss Lynam and also Myrdyyn Philips/ Michael Dewey. Hundreds of people have contributed to the list or the data associated with it. The specification for the list is that summits must be at least 500m above sea level with a prominence of at least 30m. Currently there are 406 such summits recognised, however the number is expected to change as more refined surveying takes place. For example in Nov 2019 it was discovered that Common Mountain in Donegal SW forrmerly thought to be an Arderin misses out because surveying shows that its height is 499.7m, just under the minimum required.

Comment from MountainViews

We are delighted with this agreement and we hope it encourages hillwalkers to try the delights of the very very varied Arderins. We have not lost track however that ultimately the success of lists is in how hillwalkers view them and participate in them.
2020-05-23 11:46:00
"Map of Hill" from Fergalh Contract pics
Picture: Map of Hill (Contract pics)

Uisneach Hill
Context of comment:An addition to the historical Hills
Message:Usineach (Cnoc Uisnigh) is situated near the hamlet of Kilare in County Westmeath and is steeped in history, It is the burial site of the Earth Goddess Ériu & the Sun God Lugh and as such was regarded as sacred ground. It is also the seat of the original High Kings of Ireland (and not the trio who sing now). St Patrick visited there and preached to the multitudes as did Daniel O'Connell and Padraig Pearse and Develera (Eamon not Rocky). Other famous visitors have been Fionn Mac Cumhaill and various other heros of Celtic Mythology (Not the football team but way before their time). At the time of Tara it was equal in importance with an ancient royal palace on the slopes and is as worthy if not more worthy to be included in the historical hills list. Its height is 182 Metres...and there are guided tours on the hill.

here are some links to the Hill....

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Summit Comment
Purple Mountain: Purple Range
Onzy 18 hours ago.
Purple range over a misty Muckross Lake...

Summit Comment
Torc Mountain: Torc Mountain
Onzy 18 hours ago.
Torc Mountain over a misty Muckross Lake

User profile
arthurdoylephoto a day ago.
Climbing binnions and munros

Summit Comment
Maumturkmore: A very rugged hill, distant from everything.
markwallace a day ago.
Maamturkmore, called Binn Bhán on the Harvey map, is a minor but very rugged and not easy to get to peak that I wanted to add to my climbs in the Maamturks. I had also failed to reach the nea...

Summit Summary
Beendarrig: Heathery summit on EW ridge from Caher.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a day ago.
Beendarrig is a straightforward climb. The Kerry Way passes close to the summit. Follow the 'yellow man' signs from either the Bridia Valley or from near Lough Acoose. There are wonderful vie...

Leenaun Hill
peter1 a week ago.
[Ed.: We are advised that this Start Point is no longer available to the public. See Tracks 1416 or 3241 as alternat... walk, Len: 5.7km, Climb: 584m, Area: Leenaun Hill, Maamturks (Ireland) Leenau||

Summit Summary
Beann Bhán: Heathery summit on broad ridge overlooking Lough Acoose.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a day ago.
To the north: It is possible to start from around V76112 83996, which is on a road going past Lough Acoose.From the south, start at around V77919 81491 in the Bridia Valley using the Kerry Wa...

Summit Comment
Baunreaghcong: Snow and frost combine to paint the landscape
Colin Murphy a day ago.
Approached this hill from Capard, and was fortunate to do it in snow and frost, as it rendered the normally so-so landscape very pretty indeed. Just as well really, as the hill has little els...

Forum: General
Irish runner Eoin Keith wins the Spine Race
IainT 4 days ago.
For those who haven't come across it, the Spine Race is a 268 mile hill run up the Pennine Way in Northern England, run in January, so usually in foul weather, making it one of the world's to...

Summit Summary
Beann Dubh: Summit on heathery ridge overlooking Lough Acoose.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a day ago.
To the north: It is possible to start from around V76112 83996, which is on a road going past Lough Acoose. From the south, start at around V77919 81491 in the Bridia Valley using the Kerry W...

Summit Summary
Baunreaghcong: A couple of possible approaches.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy a day ago.
There are a couple of possible approaches to this hill. One is to start from the carpark at N 306 023 near the stone Monicknew Bridge. Walk up a forest track to the north east, which takes yo...

Femes to Playa del Papagayo
Djouce 2 weeks ago.
walk, Len: 12.8km, Climb: 369m, Area: Spain () ||

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