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2015-10-19 09:28:56
Current website hosting issue Now OK
Context of comment:Hi folks
UPDATE Currently this is ok - please report any difficulties.

Currently we are experiencing hosting difficulties and the server has gone down and up a couple of times.
Hopefully stability will return shortly.
2015-10-08 22:02:32
OSI Map layer not working at present RESOLVED
Context of comment:[Update, OSi now restored - operation now as previously] On the main area display you will find that the usual map layer is absent from the detail map. Hopefully this will be rectified within a few days. In the meanwhile you can select a different mapping layer by clicking on the layer button at top right. For example the "cycle" layer.
2015-10-04 07:05:01
New summit added
Context of comment:Knockavoe (Sperrins) has been added to the Local/Cultural/Historic hills list.
Thanks to site member Aidy for proposing this hill and supplying us with the supporting information.
2015-10-03 18:25:00
Vandeleur-Lynam confirmed
Context of comment:Visited the Comeraghs today and surveyed both Knockaunapeebra and Fauscoum North West top to check for VL status.
Message:Knockaunapeebra is confirmed as a Vandeleur-Lynam however Fauscoum North West misses by 1.5 meters.
2015-09-29 13:04:22
New Arderins
Context of comment:This year we have added the following Arderins
Message:Coomcathun South Top - Dunkerrons - recheck of 1/50000 and 6" OS maps
Mount Leinster East Top - Blackstairs - DGPS Survey
2015-09-29 11:42:07
Change is the only constant
Context of comment:Yes my Captain Messrs. Vandeleur and Lynam have passed however technology dictates that we must update their list, so their 257 has become 272.
Would you have a stone wheel on your peoples carrier?;-)
This is probably a bad time to tell you there may be another VL in the Comeraghs called Curraghduff.
I have to survey both it and Knockaunapeebra and I hope to do so next Saturday.
As to forewarning you we'll discuss how to include a maybe list, it's not a bad suggestion.
2015-09-29 09:03:32
Upping the Ante
Context of comment:So it wasn't a case of me failing to spot the obvious or being indifferent to VLs because I was singlemindedly pursuing Arderins. No. Knockaunapeebra DID NOT EXIST as a VL a couple of years ago when I sallied forth on the Comeraghs.
Message:Is there any possibility that, in addition to telling us after the event, MV might mention the possibility that certain humps MAY in the future be elevated to VLs or Arderins.
Additional points:I will help to fix this carry on by denouncing it whenever I see it. Both Vandaleur and Lynam have passed on. Their List is settled. Remember the slogan for Guinness Light: "Who said it couldn't be done?" Well it couldn't and in this case it shouldn't. Let the lava cool. Settle these Lists and be done with it!
2015-09-29 08:50:27
New Vandeleur-Lynams
Context of comment:We received a suggestion from some members that we should announce any list additions or corrections we make to our hill lists. We probably should have been doing all along! So From now on I will try to keep you posted on any additions/deletions we make along with a brief comment on the reason for the change.
Message:This year to date we have added the following Vandeleur-Lynams.

Knockaunapeebra Comeraghs - spot heights on 6" OS map
Camaderry SE Top Dublin/Wicklow - DGPS Survey
Brandon Far North Top Brandon Range - DGPS Survey
2015-09-12 15:35:30
Current website problem
Context of comment:ISSUE RESOLVED Since yesterday 11 Sept 2015 we have been experiencing intermittent failures. These appear as an inability to login usually with an error message such as "error at connect".
Message:We are endeavouring to find what is causing this unexpected difficulty.
It may be associated with uploading gps tracks.
However the symptoms are also consistent with various other things including overactive web crawling.
Additional points:If you encounter the issue and it persists then let us know.
2015-08-14 15:39:49
Lists and track photos.
Context of comment:MV has added two lists of Irish summits, so we now have the 23 Lists and Personal Log.
The new lists are the:
Arderin Begs: Summits of 500+m height and between 15 and 30m prominence. Currently there are 121 of these.
And then there is the superlist:
Arderins + Arderin Begs. All summits of 500+m with at least 15m prominence. 527 of them at present.
In other news it is now possible to add photos to a new track in the track upload section. As with the other places you can add such photos, you can add up to five photos in JPEG format of any pixel dimensions.

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Summit Summary
Mullaghbolig: Relatively easy ascent aided by track most of the way.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy 16 hours ago.
Simplest approach is from Barnes Gap, parking at H5517389565. Proceed up the track for about 1.3km to H5631389301 where you will see a line of trees running east next to a grassy field. At th...

Tough double-bag thanks to rough terrain.
Colin Murphy 18 hours ago.
A tough walk mainly due to the terrain, which was very rough in parts, of about 7km with an ascent of about 600m.Bar... walk, Len: 6.9km, Climb: 566m, Area: Mullaghash, Sperrin Mountains (Ireland) ||

Summit Summary
Mullaghash: Steep sided hill with rough terrain.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy 17 hours ago.
One approach is via Barnes Top (see summary for that hill for approach.) Continue north from Barnes, dropping down to 280m at the col at C64732 01155, and crossing some marshy spots and a bar...

Easy ascent of dull top.
Colin Murphy a day ago.
A fairly straightforward and easy ascent of a really dull top. The starting point is a farm gate and there is par... walk, Len: 3.6km, Climb: 117m, Area: Spaltindoagh, Sperrin Mountains (Ireland)|...

Summit Summary
Barnes Top: Fairly straightforward ascent of so-so summit.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy 17 hours ago.
One approach is from the SW, parking for 1 or 2 cars (at a squeeze) next to a bridge H63564 98972. Cross the gate and proceed NE up a slope that is a mixture of tussocky grass and some heathe...

Summit Summary
Spaltindoagh: Easy ascent to dull top
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy 18 hours ago.
One approach is from a farm gate at H6427689757 where there is parking for one car without blocking the gate. Previous walkers have had no access issues but if there is anyone about you shoul...

Tain Way (1 of 2)
Onzy 2 days ago.
Classic Tain Way over 2 days. 4k detour off track at end of Day 1 and start of Day 2 to find accommodtion... walk, Len: 25.7km, Climb: 745m, Area: Cooley Mountains (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Teevnabinnia: A worthy end to a fine circuit.
eamonoc 3 days ago.
Climbed as part of Mweelrea circuit on 29th Nov,it is a bit of a slog for tired legs after Mweelrea SE spur. The day was stunning, full on winter sunshine wit incredible views with incredible...

Tain Way (2 of 2)
Onzy 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 23.7km, Climb: 576m, Area: Gullion (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Hill of Allen: Delightful short walk up through the forest
hibby 5 days ago.
Visited the Hill of Allen on 18/11/2023. Parked at the recommended roadside spot and walked up through the forest to the summit and the tower.It's a beautiful tranquil walk through mixed fore...

Summit Comment
Ballyguile Hill: Undemanding walk to an unprepossessing summit
hibby 5 days ago.
Ballyguile is another hill that, were it not for the Local 100 list, I might never have been aware of. We parked in an estate called Mountainview (a propitious name!) and used the recommended...

Beinn a'Bhuird from Linn of Quoich
billbaggins 4 days ago.
The two summits of Beinn aBhird and Ben Avon are only 4.5 kms apart, and as both summits are long distances from r... walk, Len: 35.3km, Climb: 1134m, Area: Cairngorms (Britain) Beinn a\'Bhuird [||

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