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2023-08-19 07:53:29
Unexpected changes may happen - please help
Context of comment:MountainViews is implementing a change whereby it can be installed as an App on major mobile platforms (e.g. Android, Apple iOS) and on some desktop & browser combinations (notably Windows + Google Chrome). In the technical world this is known as a "Progessive Web App" or PWA.

Initial trials with the App have been generally good with advantages such as much faster startup and page loading. Further advantages anticipated include social media import/export (e.g. sending/ receiving GPX files from other Apps, working somewhat while offline) and various others will follow.

However as this is a powerful tool, some tweaking and optimisation is necessary and some of this is difficult to test for because the way PWA's work on different platforms including mobile (Android/ iOS) and desktop to say nothing of different browsers.

Note: in general PWAs or more likely to work fully when you use them with an up-to-date Google Chrome browser which is available on most mobile platforms (including Apple) and on most desktop platforms (including Linux). However they also work well on other browsers such as Firefox.
Message:In an initial trial on 18th July 2023 results appeared good when tested. But some users (not all) reported that track uploading was failing or behaving oddly.

Changes have been made therefore to temporarily remove sources of trouble while a correction is made, though the App is still installable.
Additional points:We need help on this due to the variety of platforms that and its App "MountainViews App" runs on.

Please report any anomalies to no matter how small. If the system hangs or does unexpected things let us know.

Note. One way of correcting some issues with this sort of App is to close ALL windows with MountainViews running (browser or App) and then reopen them. The forces a reinstallation of the App's controlling files.

Folks, we need help on this one.
2023-04-18 08:08:29
Carn changes using EastWest data.
Context of comment:We have been re-evaluating some summits as a result of improved map information from EastWest/ Bluesky. Assistance noted from Database of British and Irish Hills.
Message:The following are the results,
Muskeagh Hill, Wicklow, is now a Carn since it is just over 400m
Seefin N Top, Galtees, is now not a Carn, a result of a better definition of where its linking col is.
Sleamaine, Wicklow is now not a Carn as a result of better estimate of its col height and corrected definition of its linking col
Additional points:Nothing hugely dramatic here. Surprisingly there haven't been that many changes as a result of using EastWest/ Bluesky topographical data. Some places have been identified as candidates for surveying. For example, Leenane Hill might be an Arderin were it surveyed.
2023-03-08 09:07:48
"Diagram showing EastWest/ Bluesky information." from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: Diagram showing EastWest/ Bluesky information. (Contract pics)

Another Arderin revealed, courtesy EastWest
Context of comment:We have been endeavoring to find Arderins for many years. While most can be found using OS mapping, there have always been hard cases where the height or usually the prominence aren't clearly discernible from OS mapping. Sometimes we attempt to resolve these using a surveying tool, accurate to 10cm, though there is always difficulty in establishing the position of cols.
EastWest mapping, where it is based on commercially surveyed Bluesky data has proved accurate enough to resolve some cases without actual field surveying.
Message:EastWest have informed me that according to their survey information for the Cooleys, the case for Eagles Rock to be an Arderin is strong.
The summit appears to be 529.2m (528) and the keycol (between it and Slieve Foye) is at 497.2m (499). The bracketed figures are what we formerly understood from OS information). Using the difference between the unrounded height and col height this gives a prominence of 32.056 (29). While Bluesky data isn't considered to be as accurate as surveying with a differential GPS, the margin between 32.1 and 30 the minimum for an Arderin is a convincing 2.1m which future surveying is not so likely to overturn.
So, Eagles Rock, Cooley Mountains duly is noted as an Arderin, making the total we currently recognise as being 409.

Thanks to Barry Dalby of EastWest for this. While we don't always see eye to eye on summit names, we are glad to cooperate everywhere we can.

The picture shows the summit position and its keycol on Bluesky data.
Additional points:Members, you might like to assist by writing a Short Summary for Eagles Rock and finding further pictures.
2023-02-09 07:24:37
Re Viewing recent comments first
Context of comment:Yes.. The number of comments have built up for some summits. Our system for presenting the most useful has been to show the best scoring first. New comments have been given a different colour and put at the front for a month to give them exposure and allow them to get rated. We also introduced the "Short Summary" which is intended to take the basics about a summit from all comments and present this first.
Message:However, even doing all of this, it is probably fair to say that some useful information in recent comments isn't always that visible. We have noted that ourselves. The first thing in my view is to try to ensure good uptodate short summaries are available. We have one volunteer doing this for all of the mountains in the Highest Hundred. In principle this is easy but it does take time and experience and grit.
However it would seem to be a good suggestion to allow sorting by most recent for comments. Currently the software MV uses for its main page dates from 2012 with improvements since. It doesn't work so well on different media formats such as mobile or wide laptops. We are working on the responsive version which reimplements the main page. This works much better on mobile and landscape formats.. This is the place we will implement the sorting option suggested here. However the responsive design is taking time to get right so it may be some months before we have it ready. You can view its progress at
Additional points:Thanks for the suggestion. In the meanwhile we could use volunteers to help with getting good Short Summaries in place which are another way of making it easier for people to find the most useful information about a place quickly. Contact if you wish to help.
2023-02-07 19:37:18
Viewing recent comments first
Context of comment:When viewing comments for a particular mountain, the default order is set by reviews and feedback. This is probably for the best, but would it be possible to allow users to choose "most recent comments" first? This would be useful if, for example, there were access issues or some change to routes, so a user would want see the most recent contribution first, rather than clicking through pages of contributions to find the latest information.
2023-01-14 09:52:54
The website is subject to occasional outages
Context of comment:Currently as a result of abusive accesses to the website we are experiencing occasional outages.
This is possibly as a result of a illicit activity.
Message:Currently these appear to self rectify within an hour.
We are investigating this situation.
Bear with us.
2022-10-25 06:16:15
Re Rising Summiteers Fixed
Context of comment:Thanks Taisce for this. Yes, we can confirm that the Rising Summiteers is stuck, so that if you specify a comparison with 3 months ago, it actually compares with about 6 to 12 months ago.
Message:There's an issue with the code and it can be fixed.
Additional points:A fix is put in, which appears to be ok, but do check and report any issue.
2022-10-22 18:06:26
Rising Summiteers
Context of comment:Error?
Message:Does not seem to be creating lists properly. If I list comparison period of 3 months, some of the users near the top of the list have not completed any summits in this period.
2022-08-22 07:03:22
Changes to Highest Hundred
Context of comment:MountainViews announces the following changes:
Added to Highest 100:
Cove Mountain (Mournes) in,
Seefingan (Dublin Mtns) in,

Lyracappul (Galtees and which was in doubt) remains in,

Removed from Highest 100:
Mullacor (Wicklow) out.

To be determined:
Knocknagantee (Dunkerrons)
and also the status of
Coomcallee (Dunkerrons)

These changes are all as a result of surveying to an accuracy of .1m
Message:As always, if we make changes to a list and it turns out that you haven't visited a summit that then becomes part of the list, any certificate you have from us is still valid.
Certificates are awarded on the basis of what the list was at the time of certification.

Nevertheless you might like to visit the "new" members of the list anyway.
2022-08-21 21:16:31
New Vandeleur-Lynam found
Context of comment:It has turned out that Baurtregaum NE Top has a prominence of 19m making it a VL.
This brings the total number of VLs to 275.
Thanks to member glencree and EastWest for this one.

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Summit Comment
Eagles Nest: The Eagle best seen when not wet.
eamonoc 2 months ago.
After recent dry spell and reading some previous comments about Eagles Nest, decided to visit this hill, although at a mere 334m it looks intimidating. If you approach from the path near Dini...

Summit Comment
Middlequarter: Western peak is the highest point on island
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Took ferry on windy day and visited both Middle quarter (87 Metres) and Western quarter (89 Metres) peaks and the cliffs. As the ferry leaves Cleggan at 11.30 and Inishboffin at 17.00 there w...

The Western Mournes .. interesting and challenging.
osullivanm 2 months ago.
Starting from the very scenic Yellow Water picnic site, we followed the forest tracks in the direction of Slievemeel... walk, Len: 15.0km, Climb: 713m, Area: Slievemeel, Mourne Mountains (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Maumfin: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Parked at the pier north of Tully Village at 693 632. Walked over the beach and crossed fence . Headed up to summit with great views in all directions. Distance is around 1 km return

Summit Comment
An Droim Rua: Follow the boreen to the trig pillar
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Rather than climbing over walls from Dun Eochla to get to the trig Pillar at An Droim Rua there is an easier way. At the western end of the tower there is a narrow borreen. Follow this as far...

Fine hill with interesting geology
Colin Murphy 2 months ago.
It is possible to drive to up a road past some farm buildings, the road then becomes a drivable track up to turf ... walk, Len: 1.9km, Climb: 145m, Area: Thur Mountain, Dartry Mountains (Ireland)|...

Summit Comment
Coney Island: New York's Coney island is named after this little gem of an isla
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Leave the main Sligo to Strandhill road and follow the brown signs to the edge of the sea at 641 368. Here you make a choice either walk or drive the 2.5 km to Coney Island following the 14 p...

Summit Comment
Black Rock: Long walk from car along beach
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Park at 637 507 on Streedagh Beach. Walk north east along beach until you reach the tombolo at 657 527. Walk along centre of the tombolo where it is not as slippy. A small minor scramble lead...

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