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2022-05-10 07:31:18
Re: Problem with iphone7 .. need confirmation
Context of comment:problems viewing page on mobile phone
Message:Screenshots of the problem always help with figuring out what's wrong. On my IPhone 6 the introduction box covers most of the page, and it is bigger than the screen of my phone, so if I want to close it with the "x" I have to pan to the right. However I can successfully do that, and I can also close the popup with the "Close Introduction" button (it is just visible on the screen).
2022-05-08 08:40:26
Problem with iphone7 .. need confirmation
Context of comment:The following message appeared recently:

Hey, I was hoping you could help. When I try to go on your website from my iphone7 the MountainViews introduction box is continuously trying to load and blocking an important part of the page etc. Would you have any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it? Thanks J
Message:MV has often had to deal with issues that appear on different devices and it is impossible to check all.

Could I request people using Apple products and browsers and in particular iphone7 to let us know about their experiences with the introduction panel on MV?
2022-02-02 07:58:59
Inishowen, Donegal, Pronunciation Files
Context of comment:MountainViews is happy to announce the addition of 52 pronunciation files for the Inishowen peninsula in Donegal.
For example for Urris Hills
Message:Thanks to Sinead McCann and Paul Tempan for the creation of these pronunciation files.
Additional points:As usual with new features, please tell us of any issues.
2021-06-23 14:17:17
Re Commenting on Saved Tracks
Context of comment:Bunsen7 & all,
This feature had problems and should now be working.
2021-06-23 12:12:58
Re Commenting on Saved Tracks
Context of comment:Re Commenting on Saved Tracks
Message:Re Commenting on Saved Tracks
Additional points:Hi Simon, unfortunately no, that input box doesn't present itself for me. Nor does the small "+" sign visible in your picture.

I tried it using Chrome, MS Edge and MS Internet Explorer, but couldn't get it to work on my devices.

I was trying to add a comment to track 2338.

It would certainly be a very good feature. Interested to hear if other users can do it.
2021-06-23 07:15:18
"After clicking on Write comment" from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: After clicking on Write comment (Contract pics)

Re Commenting on saved tracks.
Context of comment:This feature is indeed intended for people to make comments to existing tracks, allowing updated information etc.
As far as I know it is working. Just click where it says "Write comment". An input box should then appear immediately below where you clicked.
Enter text in this and then click on "Click to POST comment" and that's it.
Message:Try it. It was definitely working for me this morning, see
Additional points:However this feature was introduced just before the lockdowns started so perhaps not so many people were commenting on routes. Perhaps there are some input setups it doesn't work on We have also changed hosting which might have introduced errors. So, please do report this or any feature that isn't working.
2021-06-22 16:22:54
Commenting on saved tracks
Context of comment:I see a comment box on tracks but can't work out how to use it. Is this function in use? If so, any chance of a quick explanation?

I can rate the track but can't seem to add comments. For example, if a track was uploaded quite a long time ago, it might be useful to give updates etc, rather than adding a new track.
2021-05-23 20:32:58
Mostly Resolved Disruption on MV
Context of comment:MountainViews is migrating its hosting for technical reasons.
Message:This will start at 8AM on Monday 24th May.
Message:You may find that website stops working or behaves oddly.

Do not upload new comments, tracks etc on Monday until we notify you that this is completed.

There is a risk that the migration will take more than one day.
Additional points:When we have completed this, this forum should be available again.

The initial work has been done and appears to have been successful.

There may still be some untested features not working.
Additional points:As with any big change, there could be errors, yet to manifest themselves.
2021-04-30 23:14:44
Resolved Problem downloading gpx tracks
Context of comment:Yes, there appears to be an error in this which we are now investigating. Fixed 1 May 2021
2021-04-30 20:23:02
Problem downloading gpx tracks
Context of comment:There seems to be an issue downloading tracks. Clicking on a track in the suggested walks box does not bring up the option to download the track.

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Summit Comment
Lackavrea: A great introduction to hiking in Connemara
TommyV 2 months ago.
Lackavrea is the first real hill of prominence that people will see when driving along the N59 to Connemara. It's been on my to do list for awhile now and it was great to finally experience s...

Summit Comment
Glenbeg East: Follow the fence
TommyV 2 months ago.
As mentioned by bryanmccabe I started from the Western side of the hill at the parking area. Once you get to the first spot height at 203 metres you will see a fence that you can follow for t...

Forum: General
Chalky RIP
billbaggins 2 months ago.
Sorry to learn that Chalky, Ken Whyte, has departed this world and at a relatively young age. RIP.Especially sorry to learn that he had been dealing with a serious health issue for a consider...

Flags pass - Slievemaan South top - Drumgoff - Fananierin ridge loop
gaoithe 2 months ago.
walk, Len: 11.1km, Climb: 635m, Area: Slieve Maan, Wicklow (Ireland) Slieve Maa...

Summit Comment
Bulbin: A fine spring Bulb in Donegal
eamonoc 2 months ago.
was in Donegal for a few days, headed up north from Buncrana on the R238 turned left at C 37912 41181, was able to drive on a well made minor road to C36368 40298 room to park one or maybe tw...

Summit Comment
Caherbarnagh: Underrated Mountain in Cork
Musheraman 2 months ago.
Did this on March 1st on a lovely clear frosty morning, Parked at W17784 89018, a school bus normally parks here outside of school hours and there's space for one car behind. From here follow...

Mullaghcleevaun East Top to Carrigvore
simoburn 2 months ago.
Mullaghcleevaun East to CarrigvoreThis route provides an easy day out with many options for longer or shorter ver... walk, Len: 18.1km, Climb: 727m, Area: Mullaghcleevaun East Top, Wicklow (Irela|...

Summit Comment
Mullacor: For looking from rather than for being there!
march-fixer 2 months ago.
This rather dull summit is not one that would have you clambering out of bed early in order to rush to the summit. That is not to say that it isn't a useful place to go. The journey there, fr...

Summit Comment
Derrybawn Mountain: A view that is hard to beat
march-fixer 2 months ago.
If you can manage to pick a crystal clear day, then this summit is one of the best locations to place yourself. The views in all directions are superb. Also, there are any number of access po...

Mountpelier Hill Loop Walk
simoburn 2 months ago.
Mountpelier HillThis route is the standard route around Mountpelier Hill and the Hell Fire Club. There is plenty of ... walk, Len: 4.8km, Climb: 144m, Area: Mountpelier Hill, Dublin (Ireland) Mount||

Summit Comment
Croaghanmoira: Flags Pass - Wicklow way portion and loop into Ballynacor Estate
gaoithe 2 months ago.
We did a portion of Wicklow way from Flags pass T 08752 87588 (AKA Drumgoff Gap) - (with diversion to Slievemaan South top) - to near Drumgoff, then leaving Wicklow Way up road to T 10204 892...

Summit Comment
Slieve Maan: Some nice views approaching Slievemaan ridge from South.
gaoithe 2 months ago.
Some nice views can be found on a nice sunny frosty March morning (perhaps views have opened out a bit with more recent forestry clear-felling).From Flags Pass gate/parking T 08757 87599 we f...

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