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Today's guided wal.. by pdtempan   (Show all posts)
2020-09-24 14:09:43
"Milky Way" from mcrtchly Contract pics
Picture: Milky Way (Contract pics)

Heavens Above
The Milky Way arches over the abandoned church in Dunlewy, Co. Donegal with the Derryveagh Mountains in the background during an exceptionally clear night sky in late September 2020. This is a composite of 46 individual frames of the night sky and one single image for the church. The final mosaic of the 46 frames is about 30,728 by 21,189 pixels in dimensions; equivalent to a single 651 million pixel image! I had to lower the resolution for the MV website.

To the left of the church spire is Mars. The bright feature above Mars is the Andromeda galaxy, one of our nearest neighbour galaxies and is about 3 million light years away. To the left of Mars, in area of orange light pollution, is the cluster of stars called Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus, which are also known as the Seven Sisters, although there are more than seven stars! The Pleiades cluster is relatively close to us at 390 light years distance. The two bright dots above Pleiades and to the left of Andromeda are the double cluster of stars in Perseus; each cluster contains about 300 individual stars. The purple area roughly in centre left of the Milky Way is the North America Nebula in Cygnus (2,500 light years away). The pink-red spot in the lower right part of the Milky Way is the Lagoon nebula in Sagittarius which is 6,000 light years away.

If you are interested in how this image was produced please see our website page
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Summit Comment
Dunstable Downs: Dun' miss the summit
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Park at Car park short one minute walk to Trig Pillar. Nice views abound and just below the Hill is the London gliding club and planes take off regularly to tow the gliders in the air which draws ...

Summit Comment
Clipper Down: Trig an' trees
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Park at National Trust Car Park (Ivanhoe Ridge) and head on a short walk up road and through trees to find trig pillar. due to trees no views but very pleasant woods

Summit Comment
Wendover Woods [Haddington Hill]: Had to visit
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Park at Wendover woods and cross fields for Trig Pillar no view because of trees nearby. Summit is in background at edge of trees around 100 metres away

Summit Comment
Coombe Hill: No need to comb the area easily found
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Short walk from car park at south to trig pillar. Large monument to Boer War beside the Trig Pillar and spectacular views

Mountain of Iron 3 peaks A fine wilderness walk on a fine October day.
concorde 2 weeks ago.
walk, Len: 14.9km, Climb: 705m, Area: Knockacullion, Breifne (Ireland) Knockacu...

Summit Comment
Muswell Hill: A short walk to trig
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Short walk along right of way than gate to trig pillar in centre of field. Be careful should you veer of the track to trespass you are close to a prison

Summit Comment
Shotover Hill: You could shot by this summit
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Parked in Shotover Country Park car park and walked to summit on Track. Pleasant walk but not much views

Summit Comment
Bald Hill: Can Baldly state this is for list tickers only
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Leave the M40 at junction 5 to head for the car park at Cowleaze Wood. Less than one minute to summi near telegraph pole. For list tickers only

User profile
omurchu 2 days ago.
Hiking the dream.

Summit Comment
Ashley Hill: Laura could not help me about Ashley
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Trig Pillar (painted Black) is by Gatekeepers Cottage ten metres from this photograph. No access, this forest top is beside the forest fence. Funnily enough I asked a local called Laura about it a...

Union Rock
Bunsen7 2 weeks ago.
A family friendly ramble along forest tracks and boardwalk to a diminutive summit area with 360-degree views.More detail walk, Len: 5.6km, Climb: 186m, Area: Ox Mountains (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Walbury Hill: Peter Gabriel sang about it...
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
Interesting Monument to where glider exercises were conducted prior to D-Day at car park from where you stroll up along track to gate. From there you head to the trig pillar 200 metres away

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