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2018-02-06 13:44:19
Slieve Meelmore
I was alerted to a certain 'raging controversy' a few weeks ago, and have managed to avoid it like a nest of termites, but I can put it off no longer. Cra, my friend, you are jumping from the frying pan into the fire by suggesting that the anglicised element 'meel' in Slieve Meelmore/Meelbeg can be equated a) meall 'lump, mass' which is found principally in hill-names in Kerry and in Scotland, AND b) maol 'bald, round hill' as in Cnoc Maol Réidh / Mweelrea and Cnoc Maoldomhnaigh / Knockmealdown. By the way, which one is it? a or b? No, on second thoughts, don't bother answering that, because the correct answer is "neither". Pronunciations collected locally suggest overwhelmingly that the Irish word in question is míol, which is what we have on MV for this peak at present: Sliabh Míol Mór / Sliabh Míol Beag. Both meall and maol are pronounced quite differently from míol, though they can sometimes produce similar anglicisations. Now, you may have a point that ants seem an unlikely motivation for coining this mountain name. Míol not only refers to the ant, but also to the louse, and more generally does an animal, a creature. I notice that míl in Old Irish was used of cattle, or a herd of cattle, and this seems a little more plausible. However, we're not going to commit insecticide just yet. Firstly, it's clear from the Ordnance Survey Name Books that these names were locally understood to refer to ants when John O'Donovan collected them circa 1834. Secondly, there are other names in Irish mountains such as Com Seangán / Coumshingaun, 'coom of the ants'. Seangán means 'ant' unequivocally, so there's no getting away from that one. I grant you that it's worth a note in the next update suggesting the alternative interpretation of Slieve Meelmore / Meelbeg as 'big/little hill of the cattle'. I hardly dare ask whether that will keep you happy ;-) Right, I'm off to bar for a triple Powers. Damn, what's that itching???
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peter1 15 hours ago.
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des carroll 18 hours ago.
Hi folks. A pair of walking sticks were found in Seskin, Glen of Imaal near Fenton's. Would the owner please phone 086 8607393. If you do not get an answer, please leave a brief message with a pho...

Sail Mhor
Peter Walker 2 days ago.
After a week of blazing sunshine in the Peak District overwhelmingly spent swimming in the pool, lazing by the pool a... walk, Len: 11.3km, Climb: 833m, Area: Sail Mhor, Loch Maree to Loch Broom (Bri

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Knocknabro North-East Top: NE Top Revealed
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This summit is best reached via Knocknabro West Top. Park at laneway to old farmhouse now in ruin at W15905 83498. Room for 1-2 cars to park. Climb gate at entrance and follow post and wire fence ...

Coastal Dublin - Donabate to Malahide
Onzy 2 days ago.
Circuit of Broadmeadows Estuary from Donabate to Malahide walk, Len: 12.9km, Climb: 115m, Area: Dublin Islands (Ireland)

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Knocknabro West Top: A Long Hard Slog
CaminoPat a day ago.
Park at laneway to old farmhouse now in ruin at W15905 83498. Room for 1-2 cars to park. Climb gate at entrance and follow post and wire fence heading north until W16029 84252. From there head acr...

Tour d'Oueil-Larboust (Pyrenees)
David-Guenot 3 days ago.
How to turn a "GR de pays" which is usually completed over two or three days into a challenge walk. A solo tri walk, Len: 45.9km, Climb: 2128m, Area: France, Occitanie ()

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Bushfires in Dublin/ Wicklow July 2018
Trailtrekker 5 days ago.
To answer your question, you are good to go. Happened to drive the length of the Military Road last Sunday. As of that time all the fires were north of the Sally Gap. I am not aware there having b...

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Binnion: Hills, radios and lost leads
eejaymm 3 days ago.
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Peter Walker 4 days ago.
walk, Len: 10.9km, Climb: 739m, Area: Beinn Ghobhlach, Loch Maree to Loch Broom...

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