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This just gone up .. by ahendroff   (Show all posts)
Kernowclimber and .. by mcrtchly   (Show all posts)
2013-07-15 07:34:56
"Dragonfly" from Hilltop-Harrier Contract pics
Picture: Dragonfly (Contract pics)

Steri Pen
I have a query on water sterilisation, I know there are tablets etc. available on the market, but what would seasoned hikers recommend. Kernowclimber spoke of the Steri Pen which I see retails for $50 or so. I would be grateful for any advice.
Thankful for the r.. by kernowclimber   (Show all posts)
The heat from a gl.. by kernowclimber   (Show all posts)
Thanks for the qui.. by hbowman1   (Show all posts)
The distance to th.. by mcrtchly   (Show all posts)
Last week I was ab.. by hbowman1   (Show all posts)
Some missive to do.. by BleckCra   (Show all posts)
hi folks. We're pl.. by eugeneryan959   (Show all posts)

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Barguillère Mega Loop
David-Guenot 2 months ago.
walk, Len: 49.7km, Climb: 1984m, Area: France, Occitanie () ||

Summit Comment
Trooperstown Hill: An Overgrowth of Furze at Clarabeg
jgfitz 2 months ago.
On 21/4/19, our group hiked Trooperstown Hill, followed the uploaded track #868. This was an excellent hike until we reached T1842 9268, the point at which the track turns due west. Unfortunately,...

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