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2012-02-26 19:43:16
"Chewing a Bone" from jackill Contract pics
Picture: Chewing a Bone (Contract pics)

14 of the best
Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.

Robert Baden-Powell

How to enjoy yourself in Kerry? join Wicklore & mad2climb from Mountainviews plus assorted scouts around Coumloughra on the perfect day.

By the way here is one of the greybeards club capturing his last 900 summit.
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Summit Comment
Tully Mountain: Views from NW Connemara
bryanmccabe 2 weeks ago.
Tully Mountain trig pillar, with Doughruagh, Diamond Hill and the Northern Bens in the background. Delightful views in all directions. Well worth walking the whole ridge NW to the coast, to includ...

Carrauntoohil via the Devil's Ladder
Onzy 3 weeks ago.
Family day out... walk, Len: 13.9km, Climb: 909m, Area: Carrauntoohil, MacGillycuddy's Reeks (Ire...

Summit Comment
Crossone: Crosspatch
BleckCra 2 weeks ago.
Crossone is horrible. If 2 of you go, it is called Crosstwo; 3, Crossthree etc etc ....Other than for a brief couple of moments, it simply defines dour.A thankless trail off the Midpace river (the...

Forum: General
BleckCra a month ago.
You could hear the thump across the glen. That's the way it seemed anyway when I went down; down on Commedagh from a standing start. On to one shoulder with the nut following just as those cycling...

Pics de Batoua
David-Guenot 3 weeks ago.
One of the best hikes I have had so far, a challenging out-and-back trip up the three Pics de Batoua (Main/SW Top: 3034m walk, Len: 18.3km, Climb: 1672m, Area: France, Occitanie ()

Summit Comment
Wee Binnian: Wee little tiny wee little Ben
BleckCra 2 weeks ago.
I'm not quite sure what Wee Binnian is - although I don't expect I'll have to wait long to find out. Maybe a Marylin or a Manson or a Pike with a Triple Half Tuck.Still, labels off, it is a wee hi...

Forum: Suggestions
MountainViews now using secure website.
simon3 2 weeks ago.
MountainViews has changed from being "http://mountainviews.ie" to "https://mountainviews.ie"When you access it you should now see a closed lock symbol or similar beside the URL in your browser. Th...

Summit Comment
Stumpa Dúloigh: The View West
omurchu 2 weeks ago.
The view westwards from Stumpa Dúloigh - Summer 2017

Arona to Parador Hotel via Valle de Ucanca
GSheehy a month ago.
Sticking the boots in the bag, when the intention was to go and have a rest.Justifying a walk, that?s predominantly as walk, Len: 30.8km, Climb: 2274m, Area: Spain, Canary Islands ()

Forum: General
GSheehy a month ago.
....You have beenwhere you have beensomeone else,a place of peat, pool and sky,stripped by windand swept by light.You walked yourselftransparent, rockyour bone and motion.But you have to return,to...

Summit Summary
Slieve Maan North Top: A place to visit once
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 2 weeks ago.
This summit is for list completers and lovers of tree bashing, It is not one to make a walk out of.Use the Wicklow Way from the South at T086874 or the North at Drumgoff Recreation Area at T094889...

Inishowen Slieve Snaght from the north.
simon3 a month ago.
This linear walk route starts from the north and includes the two Arderins and one Vandeleur-Lynam in the area. It sta... walk, Len: 9.3km, Climb: 515m, Area: Slieve Snaght, Inishowen (Ireland) Sliev

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