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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about places or another forum.
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2009-03-18 12:21:31
"A quiet moment" from wicklore Contract pics
Picture: A quiet moment (Contract pics)

Isolating the definition of Isolation
In posing the question about the remotest place in the hills and mountains of Ireland I don't really have a set of criteria to go by. I think there could be two types of places identified. The first is any suggestions other MV members have about their favourite quiet spot-Pazapas already named his. Each member will have their own memory of a particular place on a particular day when all the right factors combined to make it special and remote at that time. I would be interested to hear about these places. The other type of place to identify could be literally the most remote place-where there are the least signs of human activity. An example-when we climbed Fauscom last year we climbed up along the ridge at Coumshingaun. It felt quite isolated. Then at the top we were surprised to discover that we could both see the road far away and hear the traffic on it. So not such an isolated place after all. Simon3's suggestion of Tearaght might just be the unrivalled remotest spot. But there is a lighthouse on that island...
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Forum: General
Mountainviews Walk in the Mournes
BleckCra a day ago.

Summit Comment
Ridge of Capard: Old friend
ewen a week ago.
Everyone has a hill they go to for a Sunday blast and the ridge of Capard is mine. I usually start from the car park at 364065 and head along the boardwalk. On a clear day you can see the stoney m...

Summit Comment
Mullaghcarn South Top: A nice outlier
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
Viisited on Wed 24th Feb in brilliant sunshine, out and back trek from Mullaghcarn not too bad

Clogherhead Circuit
Onzy 3 days ago.
Slightly lenghtened version of an earlier Simon3 track... walk, Len: 4.3km, Climb: 117m, Area: East Coast (Ireland)

Forum: Suggestions
"don't know" option for view rating?
IainT a month ago.
View ratingsHow about adding a "don't know/didn't see it" option for the "view" question when rating hills? Currently if you climb a hill to be greeted by a summit view of 30 feet of mist then you...

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Slieve Maan: forest bash
ewen 2 weeks ago.
Not much to add.A short walk from Drumgoff gap covering this and then on to the North top. The top has a cairn and this doesnt. No views after you have found a way through the conifers to the ride...

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Ben Dash: Restday Sunday
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
Plenty of diggers about

Summit Comment
Ben Dash: A lowdown elusive Trig!
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
Visited Ben Dash on Sunday 24th Feb, parked as mentioned in previous comments, made way up track. . On the lower slopes of the hill there is a lot of construction work being undertaken, power line...

Great Fuerteventura Outlook: Morro de la Cagada, 427m
simon3 5 days ago.
This Jandia, South Fuerteventura walk starts from a bus stop on the FV-2 near the turn off for Risco del Paso. As of Mar walk, Len: 6.5km, Climb: 394m, Area: Spain, Canary Islands ()

Summit Comment
Slieveacurry: The tractor, a shadow of it`s former glory
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
Visited Slieveacurry on 27th Feb, was eagerly looking forward to finding the tractor as mentioned in James Sheerin`s post dated 14th Oct 2016. Found it ! a shadow of it`s former glory and a sad te...

Summit Comment
Carn Liath: Ptarmigan
melohara 2 weeks ago.
Ptarmigan on Carn Liath

Summit Comment
Culardoch: As viewed descending Carn Liath
melohara 2 weeks ago.
Culardoch from Carn Liath descent

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