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Post details Post   (Contract pics)
2021-06-17 06:48:14
re caher
hi Simon yep in the reeks
2021-06-16 17:30:17
Re Caher
Is this Caher in the Reeks?
2021-06-16 13:44:54
"" from jop68 Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

caher mountain
hi what is this structure on top of caher ? too small for a person ,just a cairn ?
2021-04-02 13:38:00
"The new hill at Rogerstown estuary, Lusk" from Pepe Contract pics
Picture: The new hill at Rogerstown estuary, Lusk (Contract pics)

New North Dublin Hill
The new hill known as Rogerstown Park (formerly Baleally tiphead) Lusk, with passing train for scale.
2021-03-22 22:00:16
Well done to all concerned with the ad
Well done to all concerned with the addition of pronunciations to the MountainViews website
2021-02-12 23:43:59
Mizen Head
Ah yes - thank you for considering this - and of course if I had watched the end of the show, instead of turning it off perplexed, they would have told me :)

Well that's moved towards the top of my list of places to visit.
2021-02-12 17:49:34
Mizen Head footbridge
The answer is in the title.
A fast search on Google with "bridges of ireland" gives few results :

Across deep waters - bridges of Ireland, a book written by Michael Barry (1985) shows the same bridge on its cover.
2021-02-12 08:28:31
"" from Bunsen7 Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

A stranger in my own land?
Seeing as mountainviews now features islands, and many of you are so well travelled in these parts, can anyone tell me where the pictured place is? The image is part of a filler section in episode 3 of "Great Irish Lighthouses", currently on the RTE player. It's close to a section where the weather reporting of lighthouse keepers is discussed.

I shamefully can't name it, having considered carrick-a-rede and duly discounted it after a decent google maps review.

Anyone care to put me out of my misery? Is it even Ireland :) I may hang my head in shame.
2021-02-06 23:04:47
"" from PatrickKinsella Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)
GPS tracker: question and answer
UPDATE 15 February 2021.
I have now tried out both Guru Maps and OsmAnd Maps on my iPhone. My preference is for Guru: the interface suits me better, and seems more straightforward, while OsmAnd's is less intuitive and the help pages are complicated. Also OsmAnd stopped recording for 300m in the middle of one walk.

And OsmAnd asks you to pay 5.49 if you want contour lines! I don't mind paying, but I'd prefer a free trial, and then pay for the app if you like it.

My thanks again to march-fixer for his suggestions.

Note: both apps are quite power-hungry, so I strongly advise carrying a good top-up battery. I will probable keep both apps, so I can check where they have different depth of local detail.

UPDATE 7 February
I have downloaded both OsmAnd and Guru Maps, the free versions in both cases.
My initial impression is that there are differently-good features to each. Looking at an area I know quite well, OsmAnd labels the chambered cairn on Tibradden Mountain, but the paths around there seem clearer on Guru. Guru shows your elevation and speed, OsmAnd does not. Neither show lat/long (but I can get that easily from the iPhone compass). For me, Guru has the cleaner look. Be careful of Osmand if data-space is an issue: it will automatically download the Ireland map (345Mb, that's OK), and then a world map of 252Mb, and it takes a bit of work to pause and stop it.

I will report further when I've tried the record features out on the hills (not for a few weeks - I am training-in my new knee!)
2021-02-06 14:00:47
Hill Suited?
It is a frightening and spooky thing when someone seems to have delved into your cranium and poked about in your still generally unformed thoughts! BleckCra has voiced the feelings of many a "mature" mountain walker with his very astute observations! We have got too cautious to just go out there and "Give it a lash Jack"!

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Summit Comment
Craig Cwm Silyn: Steep descent and ascent.
Fergalh 2 months ago.
From Mynydd Tal-y-Mignedd a short flat walk west is followed by a steep descent to the col. From here a steep ascent to this summit which is marked with a small cairn

Summit Comment
Mynydd Tal-y-mignedd: The tower cairn can be spotted just about on the summit
Fergalh 2 months ago.
The narrow section of the ridge is quite spectacular. Every peak on the Nantile ridge has a different Character and none are like each other

Summit Comment
Mynydd Tal-y-mignedd: Spectacular narrow ridge to cross
Fergalh 2 months ago.
From Trum Y Ddysgol head west over relatively flat area. Than a small descent to reach a very narrow section of the ridge. After crossing this a straightforward ridge ascent to a spectacular ca...

Summit Comment
Trum y Ddysgl: The view from the east
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Straightforward ascent and not too exposed

Circuit of Dirkbeg Lough - easier ascent
simon3 2 months ago.
The purpose of this walk is to reach the Maumtrasna plateau and Maumtrasna NE top (MNET). The lattter is quite po... walk, Len: 11.6km, Climb: 564m, Area: Maumtrasna North-East Top, Partry/Joyce |...

Summit Comment
Trum y Ddysgl: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 2 months ago.
A short descent than a spectacular ascent up ridge to unmarked grassy summit

Summit Comment
Mynydd Drws-y-coed: The view from Y Garn
Fergalh 2 months ago.
This looks a lot worse from afar than it is in reality

Summit Comment
Mynydd Drws-y-coed: Short spectacular scramble
Fergalh 2 months ago.
In my view the most spectacular bit of the ridge. We dropped down from Y Garn a short descent. Than a scramble up to this peak marked with a small cairn.

Summit Comment
Y Garn: From here the sweep of the ridge is in front of you to the west.
Fergalh 2 months ago.
This was the 5th of 9 mountains called Y Garn i climbed in Wales. From here the sweep of the ridge is in front of you to the west. The four peaks ahead in the photograph are Mynydd Drw-y-Coed &...

Summit Comment
Y Garn: Steep ascent out of valley
Fergalh 2 months ago.
The first one on the Nantile ridge. Park at Rhyd Du and unlike everyone turning east for the back route up Mount Snowdon I headed west to the track that leads to the lake. After a short while t...

Summit Comment
Mynydd Mawr: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 2 months ago.
On the B4148 west of Rhyd-Du there is a few parking spots beside Llyn Darwechen. First head north along lakeshore and than over the minor summit of Clogwynygarreg (311 Metres). Than after a sma...

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