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Colin Murphy
2023-09-19 15:16:03
"Passes with flying colours" from Colin Murphy Contract pics
Picture: Passes with flying colours (Contract pics)

At the end of the rainbow...
We all know the devastating effects of climate change, but in extremely rare cases, it can result in something that might be viewed as positive. One such case is to be found in Peru, and the amazing phenomenon of Rainbow Mountain (5,200m), 1000km SE of Lima in the Andes. Up until as recently as 2013, it was permanently covered in snow and ice, but due to rising temperatures, the mountainís beauty has been revealed. The colours are a result of 14 different mineral compositions, among them quartz, sandstone, iron, magnesium & sulphur. Nowadays snowfall is restricted to the winter months (June-August) and even then, the mountain is only partially covered.
It is possible to climb the mountain, but only in the company of a group and a local guide. The actual ascent takes about 3-4 hours.
Photo credit: Michaellbrawn
Colin Murphy
2023-09-19 11:37:10
"The view over the Zurichsee from the top" from Colin Murphy Contract pics
Picture: The view over the Zurichsee from the top (Contract pics)

A hillwalking opportunity next to Zurich
Anyone visiting Zurich who might fancy adding a short hillwalk to the their stay, might consider bagging a very mirror ĎAlpí called Uetliberg, which provides great views over the city, the Zurichsee Lake and the surrounding mountains. Itís a popular day trip for visitors as you can catch a train in central Zurich to Uetliberg Station, which leaves you just a 1km hike up through a forested hillside to the summit (451m). There is a bar/restaurant there to slake your thirst and multiple viewing points. You will also have the option of doing one of the multiple longer treks through the nearby forested hills.
2023-09-09 11:59:47
Sunglasses Hungry Hill
I know this is a very long shot but I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses in a grey case on Hungry Hill in August 2023. If anyone finds them please let me know. Thanks. Niall
2023-09-09 11:57:47
Hungry Hill
I would be interested to know the origin of the (English Language) name 'Hungry Hill' in the Caha mountains. Is it connected to the famine?
2023-08-14 08:54:50
Re Errors in Met Eireann places.
Thanks mh400nt. The fact that two errors have shown up suggests there are more. I have also mentioned the error with Met …ireann - we will see if they respond. Sadly they have been reported to be unresponsive in the past, but we will see. I will gladly give them a list of all the summits we have including heights, positions and names in English and Irish. They probably will want to winnow the choice of summits down, and I can give them data to help make their choice on that.

In the meanwhile: check if where they say the forecast is for, is really for there. And report errors to here.

So far the positions of the below have been questioned:

Benagh in the Dingle Group,
Caherconree in the Slieve Mishes

We will add others if they turn up.
2023-08-13 07:52:57
August 2023 newsletter - met eireann
related to the first comment in the August newsletter.
Caherconree in the Dingle Peninsula is also incorrect.
When selected from the Mountain Drop down for Munster it actually redirects and gives the info for Coomacarrea, which is on the Iveragh Peninsula.
I've tried contacting them but to no avail.
Not sure if this is the right place for this comment so please delete if needed..
2023-08-06 19:00:15
Dogs on the Hills
Why can some walkers not adhere to restrictions with regard to taking dogs onto open mountain farms? Not for the first time sadly, coming off Cuilcagh towards Glan Gap last week, I met a large group with no fewer than three dogs, one of which I observed chasing sheep off a steep ledge. This type of wanton irresponsibility leads to routes being closed to responsible walkers and needs
to be called out. After events in Wicklow a few months ago is it any wonder an increasing number of access routes are being closed?
Jim Holmes
2023-07-10 20:35:39
"The Happiness of The Long Distance Hillwalker " from Jim Holmes Contract pics
Picture: The Happiness of The Long Distance Hillwalker (Contract pics)

The Happiness of The Long Distance Hillwalker
Being able to confirm, both visually and with competent navigation... it's always a comfort to know when you're on the "right track"!
A waymarked post heralds the way towards "The Gap" on this year's Commeragh Challenge 2023.
Jim Holmes
2023-06-22 16:01:58
"The Loneliness of The Long Distance Hillwalker " from Jim Holmes Contract pics
Picture: The Loneliness of The Long Distance Hillwalker (Contract pics)

The Loneliness of The Long Distance Hillwalke
On this year's Lug Walk 2023 as hosted by The Irish Ramblers.
Colin Murphy
2023-06-01 11:06:39
"A screengrab from the Met Eireann site" from Colin Murphy Contract pics
Picture: A screengrab from the Met Eireann site (Contract pics)

Met Eireann launches 10-day mountain forecast
The Met Eireann app now features a forecast specifically for hillwalkers and climbers, where you can access the forecast for a good selection of individual mountains in the different provinces. Apparently one of the main drivers behind this was Evelyn Cusack, who previously was the main speaker at our annual awards event. Perhaps we put the notion in her head! Anyway, coincidentally, Evelyn retires today after 42 years at Met Eireann. Wishing her a long and happy retirement and a thank you for the mountain forecasts! You can access the mountain forecast page here:

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Summit Comment
Eagles Nest: The Eagle best seen when not wet.
eamonoc 2 months ago.
After recent dry spell and reading some previous comments about Eagles Nest, decided to visit this hill, although at a mere 334m it looks intimidating. If you approach from the path near Dini...

Summit Comment
Middlequarter: Western peak is the highest point on island
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Took ferry on windy day and visited both Middle quarter (87 Metres) and Western quarter (89 Metres) peaks and the cliffs. As the ferry leaves Cleggan at 11.30 and Inishboffin at 17.00 there w...

The Western Mournes .. interesting and challenging.
osullivanm 2 months ago.
Starting from the very scenic Yellow Water picnic site, we followed the forest tracks in the direction of Slievemeel... walk, Len: 15.0km, Climb: 713m, Area: Slievemeel, Mourne Mountains (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Maumfin: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Parked at the pier north of Tully Village at 693 632. Walked over the beach and crossed fence . Headed up to summit with great views in all directions. Distance is around 1 km return

Summit Comment
An Droim Rua: Follow the boreen to the trig pillar
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Rather than climbing over walls from Dun Eochla to get to the trig Pillar at An Droim Rua there is an easier way. At the western end of the tower there is a narrow borreen. Follow this as far...

Fine hill with interesting geology
Colin Murphy 2 months ago.
It is possible to drive to up a road past some farm buildings, the road then becomes a drivable track up to turf ... walk, Len: 1.9km, Climb: 145m, Area: Thur Mountain, Dartry Mountains (Ireland)|...

Summit Comment
Coney Island: New York's Coney island is named after this little gem of an isla
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Leave the main Sligo to Strandhill road and follow the brown signs to the edge of the sea at 641 368. Here you make a choice either walk or drive the 2.5 km to Coney Island following the 14 p...

Summit Comment
Black Rock: Long walk from car along beach
Fergalh 2 months ago.
Park at 637 507 on Streedagh Beach. Walk north east along beach until you reach the tombolo at 657 527. Walk along centre of the tombolo where it is not as slippy. A small minor scramble lead...

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