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David Kirk
2005-03-22 15:17:04
Do you guys realise that when you stride manfully (sorry – personfully) along Slieve League’s airy ridge you are walking on what was once an Antarctic seabed? As you grunt up Carrauntoohil, just be thankful – 250 million years ago it was 3000 metres high, not just its present easy 1,000. These gems of invaluable knowledge are the sort of things that can add a lot of interest to your ramblings if you learn something of the geology of our mountains, the story of how the wonderful landscapes we walk over came to be. There are plenty of good books out there now, and even a series of geo-trail guides to get you started. ES2k (Earth Science 2000), is an organisation promoting the landscapes-are-more-than-wet-feet movement. Membership is free, as is its excellent twice-yearly magazine. To get both contact magazine editor Tony Bazley ( and you can visit its website The two Geological Surveys in Ireland also have superbly informative websites – and Go on - be a rock-hound!
2005-03-22 14:07:54
Thanks hughm - that's great news!
2005-03-22 10:25:33
In response to danhughes1234uk, posted 2005-03-21 10:25:54.
Dan, OSi are currently developing a CD based navigation product for the outdoor enthusiast. The product will provide various mapping scales (including 1:50,000 and aerial photography) of selected regions around the country. It will provide 3D views and transfer of routes to and from GPS and PDA. It will be available in the shops in Aug/Sept this year.
Bleck Cra
2005-03-21 21:12:41
"" from Bleck Cra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Cap V: And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Navan.
And I am come down to deliver them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey; unto the place of the Canaanites, the O’Kanennites, the Savages and O’Hares.
Cap, Ship and the rest of the crew: Wilkommen et Bienvenue to the promised land.
2005-03-21 15:16:39
AidanB - I have been using a Garmin GPS for the last few months and as csd has suggested it can be an invaluable tool in bad weather conditions. Could I suggest that you check that you are entering the correct national grid reference letter in front of the coordinates. I made this error myself when I started using my unit and only realised it when standing at the foot of Beenakeragh, the gps told me I was 50 miles away. I have the Garmin Vista manual as a .pdf file (2.5 mb in size ) I could email it to you if you like or post it to you on CD .
2005-03-21 10:25:54
Folks, I have a question about digital maps that I don't know if anyone can help me on. I've always been very happy with my map and compass as a way of planning and navigating routes.

recently however, I was at a friends house in North Wales, and he showed me his memory map software of Snowdonia. I have to say, I was really impressed at the way it gives you all these 3D views to help you plan your routes out. It really is a nice tool. But as with all these things you can buy maps for the UK and US but that seems to be about your lot.

Has anyone found a way of getting OSI maps (or equivalent!) into some such package? I checked out the OSI website but although it does mention digital maps I got the idea it was aimed more at the professional market..
2005-03-18 10:21:59
CSD I think you've hit the nail on the head there, the chances are that I'm not using it properly, and you see that's why I'm looking for help! I think I have most of it figured out (no manual just a quick reference guide). You are probably right about the 1965 thing but it still gives a grid ref about 1km N/NE of where I plot on an OS map. If you can suggest some way of correcting this I will be well chuffed and won't try floggin it to Claude Hopper!! (Unit is a Garmin Vista if that's any help). Thanks.
2005-03-17 11:30:32
AidanB, I don't mean to sound condescending, but are you sure you're using the GPS unit correctly? The "Ireland 1965" probably refers to the OS datum, not the grid, and is still in use today. I've used GPS units from Garmin and Magellan, and they've never had problems with the grid. While it will never replace map and compass skills, I've found having a GPS invaluable on a couple of occasions when stuck in fog.
Claude Hopper
2005-03-16 17:58:11
Hello AidanB. Interested to hear your woes vis-a-vis the GPS. Can be of no use to you whatever, but your comments are definitely of use to me. Like yourself, I have never had any use for a GPS, yet bizarrely I find myself on the cusp of buying one. The power of advertising or the weakness of modern humans. I have it shortlisted to 2 machines, but I think your comments can help me shortlist it to no machines at all. Go back to the old ways of compass and common sense. We're both still here to tell the tale.
2005-03-16 14:54:40
Can anyone help me with this: I was recently given a rather nice second hand GPS unit. I was very impressed with it until I realised that the Irish OS grid references it gives are from 1965 and are about 1km out from the current OS maps.
I am traditionally a map and compass navigator and pretty handy at it too, so I need some convincing of the value of this unit or I might just put it on E-Bay.. can anyone advise?
(PS I already tried this on another forum and was inundated by GPS geeks who were convinced I needed a GPS to get to the local shops... not what I'm looking for)

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