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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about places or another forum.
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Bleck Cra
2005-02-24 18:21:47
Hello conor od. Try Coill Beithe, Caragh Lake, Killorglin.
County Kerry.
Tel: 353 (0)66 9769908

Brand new B&B - very very good. English but well, it's a new world. Think her Da's from there or thereabouts. Very keen to please, beautiful crisp new rooms, also do fine food, fab quiet location, not dear - starting to sound like a brochure. Check them out on the net. Something like 10/15-ish mins from the hills, near the famous Climber's Inn. Good fishing also and endless pubs in Killorglin down the road. Need more info - get Simon to give you my email.
conor od
2005-02-24 14:44:45
Can anybody recomend a good place to stay for 4 oulfellas about to climb Carrauntohil ?
Bleck Cra
2005-02-23 18:34:58
"" from Bleck Cra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

On Chimney Rock last Saturday, I noticed she had turned into a hare - and other than a goat or two, my first sighting of an indigenous quadruped on the Mournes in my 10 odd years exploring them. Strange, but the Mournes are quite devoid of serious fauna (pick and mix syntax?). At a fairly confident estimate across the whole range (above the treeline) I doubt if there thrives more than 16 pairs of ravens, 6 pairs of skylarks, 6 pairs of buzzards, a couple of pairs of other raptors, 4 pairs of big songbirds. No grouse, no deer, no hare (until last Saturday). In fact I think there’s more going on in the Gobi desert. Somebody tell me what this is about please. Herself was notable by her summer coat worn in a winter blizzard. A see-it-believe-it measure of warming winters. Pic shows raven roost within - Pot of Pulgarve.
2005-02-22 22:57:18
As a significant amount of the land that you will be walking on during your average hillwalk in Ireland probably belongs to some farmer, it would be advisable to keep your dog on a lead. Farmers do have the right to shoot any unleashed dog on their lands in order to protect their sheep.
Bleck Cra
2005-02-21 22:11:50
Reference SDillmore query ......... Take the dog Ess: everyone else does, increasingly and arguably to extremes. It can be quite amusing watching a Doberman sucking the innards out of a Yorkie or better still mistaking a Jack Russell for one. The issue with the dog in these parts, is the sheep - now it is arguable which has more rights: the poodle or the blackface. If the creature is biddable and understands “no”, meaning very sore ribs, there are no restrictions, other than on Batts land amongst the Hilltown Mournes where Batt clearly specifies no mutts - although I have seen a bloke with 3 Boxers loose on Slievemoughanmore. I suspect it might be bad to take a dog into the Sperrins, in that it is generally bad just to be in the Sperrins. I have 2 personal motley views on the matter: first that dogs and hills go together but second that this only applies to trained beasts and must exclude coiffured stars on extendable leads. You should have no trouble until Rover bites a sheep, whereupon you will be knee deep in it.
2005-02-17 18:17:20
Hey all. Being new to hillwalking here (I was born and raised in the U.S.), I was curious as to what the general policy was involving taking a dog along during walking, as the bulk of it is on private land. I haven't seen anything to forbid it, but I figured I should get some opinions from those in the know.

2005-01-30 21:19:13
"A wisp of the Mournes." from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: A wisp of the Mournes. (Contract pics)

One cold January day this was the view of Slieve Donard (850m, right) and Slieve Commedagh (767m) in the Mourne Mountains. It was taken from Butter Mountain in the Wicklow Mountains, some 112 km south. The line of sight goes directly across Dublin city and later Dundalk Bay. At first when we saw this, it seemed like a curiously shaped cloud. Haze completely obscures the other Mournes so these two summits with a light winter dusting float surreally in space.
2004-12-24 12:35:52
Maybe This could be used as a noticeboard. NW

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Catstye Cam: Swirral Edge is interesting !
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
From Helvellyn a short walk lead to Swirral edge. This was a more tricky prospect than Striding Edge as it was steep and narrow and the gusts were getting stronger. We made our way down and just a...

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Catstye Cam: Steep Descent
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
Not as famous or as spectacular as Striding Edge but if you are into scrambling well worth taking this route down of Helvellyn

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Helvellyn: Short steep climb
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
From Striding Edge a steep climb awaits until you reach the plateau and we headed straight for the trig pillar. The win was increasing so sadly we had to abandon the other peaks we planed to get n...

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Striding Edge [High Spying How]: Unusual monument
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
Near the beginning of the arete there is a monument to Robert Dixon who died in a fall here in 1846. Sadly my no means the last unfortunately. Care and experience is needed on this scramble

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5km from home
liz50 11 hours ago.
What would you consider the top 5km radius from home to be for a hillwalker? I am quite happy with mine as I live at the bottom of the Brandon range near Dingle in Co Kerry. It has been particular...

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Striding Edge [High Spying How]: Scramblers Delight
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
We headed along the ridge as the wind increased a few people passed us having abandoned their climb due to the prevailing conditions. The ridge is a much shorter and less exposed version of Crib G...

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Birkhouse Moor: Short steep climb
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
Headed away from the lake up a lane alongside a river which had surged in the previous weeks storm. The damage to the hotel by the lakeside was astonishing from what seemed a benign river. After a...

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Birkhouse Moor: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 6 hours ago.
I was joined in Patterdale by Onzy and Eamon OC (from this parish) for the horseshoe which included Striding Edge, Swirral edge and Helvellyn amongst others. The day started out windy and got wors...

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Tooreennamna: A worthy outlier
eamonoc 11 hours ago.
I visited the Arderin Beg Tooreennamna as part of an extended circuit of Cummeenageera, departed ridge from V72630 53914 and made my way out over fairly reasonably dry rocky ground with a few smal...

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Moelfryn: Cliffs on way to summit
Fergalh a day ago.
This minor peak on the way to Moelfryn has some wonderful views of the cliffs on the north side of Moelfryn

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Moelfryn: Long trek to summit and longer trek back to starting point
Fergalh a day ago.
From Sychnentydd headed in a north east direction a long trek heading over minor peaks of Cefn Nannerth and Graig Safn-y Coed (not on mountainviews) lead to this unmarked summit. Afterwards headed...

Summit Comment
Sychnentydd: Short trek to summit
Fergalh a day ago.
A short trek south east along path from Cerrig LLwydian leads to this summit marked by a boundary post.

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