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2018-03-23 14:11:35
"From the Donegal Post" from jackill Contract pics
Picture: From the Donegal Post (Contract pics)

Those thieving Cork Bas*#?&$ !
Apparently we may need to consider moving one of our mountains south a bit. Apparently an eagle eyed Donegal resident spotted this in a picture at Cork airport. And sure we've also stolen Rory Gallagher!
Jim Holmes
2018-03-15 21:19:01
"Ed Byrne" from Jim Holmes Contract pics
Picture: Ed Byrne (Contract pics)

Pilgrimage : The Road To Santiago
Pilgrimage : The Road To Santiago
Friday BBC2 9pm
MountainViews Irish Mountain Gathering preferred MC of choice - Ed Byrne - can be seen as he walks with friends (kind of) on a three part travelogue along the Camino di Santiago de Compostella . . . Be sure not to miss!
Building on the continued success of The Irish Mountain Gathering - there can be no reason (at time of going to press) that Ed will not have secured next year's most sought after position . . . MC of course!
2018-03-02 00:11:47
Thanks BlackCra
Thank you BlackCra for the extremely generous words on my photo - your description is truly humbling.
2018-02-27 22:28:18
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Aidy's "A" pic.
Aidy's pic of the month ....... just sensationally good.
That is not to say mountainviews' potms aren't all fabulous but are often it seems constrained (not, I imagine always by the photographer), to a particular format.
Drama - tick. Composition - tick. Textbook exposure and other buttons - tick, tick.
Aidy's pic brings us all of these but they pale to a kind of insignificance against the sheer weight of emotion that drags on our bedazzled eyes.
Aidy's sees that and that's what makes the difference between a good pic and a truly great one.
First introduction to it and you just have to catch your frozen breath.
The ragged raw remains of the miners' school Gleniff. Ragged, but not forlorn. Ghosts of hope and innocence, aspirations, life and death. Today cold bones but once a vibrant, living thing.
The mountain stands behind its works. Icy. Impassive. Careless of what has been and what will be.
.... and as well as I can explain it, it will never come close to how good this pic really is.
Aidy. If I might just mark your homework. 10++.
2018-02-26 20:25:34
Mountainviews Members Meet Walk 2018
Keep the date! Saturday 28th April 2018. Mountainviews walk in the Galty Mountains. The walk will include the lesser visited though no less spectacular summits of Temple Hill and along a ridge leading to Lyracappul. There will also be an opportunity to meet up with fellow Mountainviewers for a meal (and drink and craic) on Saturday evening in Cahir House Hotel. Further details to follow.
2018-02-25 23:17:58
"Maze computing" from Pazapas Contract pics
Picture: Maze computing (Contract pics)

Layer for MountainViews website
Hi Simon,
Producing slippy map tiles needs a few preparation. I created a virtual Linux machine to test the process and now I have to read the online documentation to understand the capabilities of mapnik, nik4, tilemill, postgis... Some questions are raised, I need to play first with data to estimate the work.
2018-02-25 08:15:08
Re Emerald island GPS Map 2.0.9
Pazapas - David -
This looks great - well done. Would you be in a position to produce a layer for MountainViews website? That would be a complete pyramid of images rendered from Open Street Map and our data. Using Tilemill or similar.
We would be very interested in that.
2018-02-22 18:44:47
"Light & shadow" from Pazapas Contract pics
Picture: Light & shadow (Contract pics)
Emerald island GPS Map 2.0.9
Emerald Island GPS Map has been updated. This new version includes a new feature : shaded mountain relief !
There is also few other little rendering changes. The link is still the same :
Files work on Oregon 650 and BaseCamp on MacOS. Windows installer works again for Basecamp & Mapsource.
2018-02-22 10:37:43
New video: A winter walk in the Sheeffry Hill
Part one of a fantastic walk I had in the Sheeffrys about 3 weeks ago. It was a bright, sunny day and I took plenty of time to film and take photos. Thanks to my friend Wilderness giving me a lift, I started from the road pass E of Tawnyard and followed the ridgeline over to Barrclashcame before cautiously making my way down the steep S slopes to Doo Lough where I was parked. See track here: https://mountainviews.ie/track/report/3731/

2018-02-16 17:20:42
"The old miners
Picture: The old miners' school in a wintry Gleniff Horseshoe (Contract pics)

Gleniff Horseshoe
Headed out last Sunday to climb Tievebaun, but the lightning put me off. Got some great views in the Gleniff Horseshoe as a consolation.

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Those thieving Cork Bas*#?&$ !
jackill less than an hour ago.
Apparently we may need to consider moving one of our mountains south a bit. Apparently an eagle eyed Donegal resident spotted this in a picture at Cork airport. And sure we've also stolen Rory Gal...

Devil's Glen
jgfitz less than an hour ago.
walk, Len: 11.1km, Climb: 409m, Area: Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)

Summit Comment
Black Hill: Against the Odds
Geansai 16 hours ago.
After reading about it in the Ireland lonely planet walking guide ,did the second leg of the Antrim Hills way from the Larne- Ballymena road jump off point to Glenarm the day after the hurricane l...

Near Galty Mountains (Ireland)
mlmoroneybb 21 hours ago.
walk, Len: 6.8km, Climb: 141m, Area: Galty Mountains (Ireland)

User profile
FrankMc1964 a day ago.
Navigate most of the mountains along the west................member of Limerick Climbing Club.....One of the founder members of Mountain Meitheal Southeast doing Path repair around the Galtees.

Dolmen Loop Lisvarrinane
mlmoroneybb 21 hours ago.
Easy walk can be completed in 2.5 hours walk, Len: 10.6km, Climb: 281m, Area: Slievenamuck, Galty Mountains (Ireland) S...

Summit Comment
Sheegouna: Tipp of the iceberg #2
madfrankie a day ago.
Slievenamon dominates the view SW from Sheegouna's low cairn

Pigeon Rock Mountain & South Top
Trailtrekker a day ago.
walk, Len: 3.2km, Climb: 192m, Area: Pigeon Rock Mountain, Mourne Mountains (Ir...

Summit Comment
Sheegouna: The Tipp of the iceberg
madfrankie a day ago.
A couple of pics from a frigid hike up Slievenamon that continued on to the NE top, Sheegouna.Amazing how even the most unremarkable hills are transformed by the white stuff.

An abridged Sheeffrys route
peter1 3 days ago.
walk, Len: 13.0km, Climb: 763m, Area: Tievnabinnia South-East Top, Sheeffry Hil...

Summit Comment
Kinnaveagh: Glenveagh
jackill 2 days ago.
A photo looking down the beautiful Lough Beagh in Glenveagh national park with Kinnaveagh on the left overlooking Glenveagh castle and the Saggartnadooish ridge on the right.

Tievebaun and Truskmore SE Carn
peter1 3 days ago.
walk, Len: 9.4km, Climb: 585m, Area: Tievebaun, Dartry Mountains (Ireland) Tiev...

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