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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about places or another forum.
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2018-08-20 10:37:21
"Brandon Ridge" from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: Brandon Ridge (Contract pics)

Traverse of Brandon Ridge is scheduled for Saturday 8th September. The walk from the Connor Pass to Brandon Creek is around 18km with 1300m ascent taking around 7 hours. There is a slightly shorter option!
This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Mountainviewers on a spectacular walk, enjoy a chat all followed by drinks and a meal in Dingle post walk.
If you are interested in coming along and would like more details, contact Liz at
2018-08-19 10:39:25
2 baaags please
Yes Aidy. Apparently there's some bad grass going around.
2018-08-18 18:11:39
A New Hazard!

Never heard of this happening before.
2018-08-16 19:50:59
An Sli
Hello all,
I am currently trying to organize a longs distance walk from Killarney to Derry city, using the existing National Waymarked Trails along the West coast. A 1,000km of Trail already exist for this purpose with gaps of just 140km left to fill. If anyone wants more information concerning this trail please e mail me at

regards, Slier 159
2018-08-12 09:52:55
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Riddle of the Spinc
I was at Glendalough yesterday and on the Spinc for the first time. I cannot imagine there haven't already been a thousand hours debate on the boardwalk and and that there won't be a thousand hours more. Those conspiratorially for and those vociferously against.
And if I could add my twopence worth. Me? I'm just baffled.
Does it get people on to the Spinc? Undoubtedly but are those people more or different from those who would be on it anyway?
We most if us know that in recent times a party fell on it and took its guardians to court. That is absolutely not to suggest that it is easier to fall on than nature's own route underfoot but is it perhaps not inviting controversy if someone does fall on it - and I have to add that coming of it at some spots would be no joke. There's a busted limb somewhere in there.
My boots, my precious new big eff-off Zamberlans. Do I want their very expensive soles antagonised by that surface? Am I being precious?
I'll keep the jury out for now with just the barest edge in favour.
Incidentally I had forgotten what a very unappetizing spot is the Glendalough Park and Run.
2018-08-08 15:34:52
"" from brenno Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Lofoten Islands Norway
There are innumerable wonderful views on the coast of Norway, but the area around the Lofoten Islands offers probably the best. Don't know the name of the mountain in the pic, but it's about an hour north of the main Lofoten town of Svolvaer heading towards the Trollfjord. Pic is taken from the Hurtigruten ferry which links all the small towns on the Norwegian coast all thge way up to the Russian border town of Kirkenes. Pic taken in late April at about 10pm
2018-08-07 15:33:54
"" from mcrtchly Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

A magical mountain?
Kirkjufell (Church Mountain) is probaby the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Its conical shape rising 463 metres above sea level, framed in the foreground by series of small waterfalls, makes it a popular photography location. Unsurprisingly, its wizard hat-shape has seen it feature in the blockbuster TV series, "Game of Thrones". This shot was taken on a cold summer morning at dawn to avoid the inevitable large crowds, and we were treated to some diffuse colour in the sky and had the place totally to ourselves.
2018-08-05 21:14:33
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

I've been away from the hills for some time. Barely missed a week in 35 years. But 2018? You can count on one hand and seldom in anger. Just chapters I suppose and like a writer coming back to his work after the passage of time, he sees what needs fixed.

Fat people.
Fat people shouldn't be allowed on the hills. That said, there are many good and competent fat hillwalkers - they are allowed to stay. But on the hills and fat? Just for the Hell of it? No way. Get them out of my sight. They offend me.

Whining children.
Whining children should be beaten with canes or the leg of a stool and made to go up the mountain and the men who purport to be their fathers taken away from them and held in custody until at the behest of the whining child, they can be hanged.

Whining old people.
Whining old people can stay. Their feet do genuinely hurt and besides they've earned the right to whine.

People who follow their Partner.
People who follow their partner into the hills because their partner said they would like it when they knew they wouldn't and they don't. Off Off. They have miserable faces and I won't have miserable faces on the hills. Go back to the golf, the garden or the GAA. You'd be much happier and so would I.

All religions and faiths should be allowed on the hills. All except Northern Ireland protestants who refuse to read Irish or anything like it. So when they are faced with a map of pretty well anywhere in Ireland and Britain, they have no idea where they are or what they are looking at.

Scotsmen should be banned from the hills. All the hills. Forever. They are a menace to everyone including themselves and they are completely humourless. I'm sure they don't know what's under their kilt either.

People with walking poles.
People with walking poles should be summarily executed so always carry a large stake, some binding twine and a Lee Enfield rifle.

On the other hand, honey glazed girls in their Autumn days, Riviera honed, haughty in barely wrap-round dresses and unimaginably expensive Jesus sandals .... they're allowed. Yep they're allowed.
2018-07-18 20:47:44
"View from Tonlagee Summit" from tomlug48 Contract pics
Picture: View from Tonlagee Summit (Contract pics)

Lough Ouler From Tonlagee
A beautiful July day on the summit of Tonlagee. Gazing down at the beautiful heart shaped Lough Oular
.Tom Barragry & the Lugs .
des carroll
2018-07-17 18:33:08
Hi folks. A pair of walking sticks were found in Seskin, Glen of Imaal near Fenton's. Would the owner please phone 086 8607393. If you do not get an answer, please leave a brief message with a phone number for a return call.

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Quick up and down Knockakishaun
markwallace 3 hours ago.
Starts from layby opposite a house about 1km before the road crosses the bridge over the Bunowen River.Short traverse ... walk, Len: 4.4km, Climb: 308m, Area: Knockakishaun, Croagh Patrick (Ireland)

Forum: General
liz50 a day ago.
Traverse of Brandon Ridge is scheduled for Saturday 8th September. The walk from the Connor Pass to Brandon Creek is around 18km with 1300m ascent taking around 7 hours. There is a slightly shorte...

Burrane Upper
conormcbandon 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 0.8km, Climb: 43m, Area: Burrane Upper, Clare Coastal Hill (Ireland)...

Summit Comment
Knockakishaun: Bunowen River can present problems
markwallace 2 days ago.
Parked at a layby further up the valley from the crossing point mentioned in James Sheerin's comment to do a circuit of Laghta Eighter and Knockakishaun. Access to Laghta Eighter was easy from hig...

conormcbandon 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 1.0km, Climb: 26m, Area: Kilmore, Clare Coastal Hill (Ireland) Kilmo...

Summit Comment
Crocknafarragh: The High Route around Glentornan Lough
jsramsey1491 3 days ago.
Last Thursday (16/08/2018) a few friends and I decided to do a recce of a walk around Glentornan Lough. We started close to the Gaelic pitch on the southwestern shore of Lough Nacung Upper, passed...

Summit Comment
An Bhinn Bhuí: Benwee Head Loop.
sandman 4 days ago.
As already stated Benwee Head has some of the most dramatic costal scenery in Ireland and with this in mind i decided to enjoy on a clear sunny day the joys of walking the 12.4km of the Benwee Hea...

Oileán an Bhromaigh
conormcbandon 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 1.1km, Climb: 21m, Area: Oile?n an Bhromaigh, Galway Islands (Irelan...

Summit Comment
Knocknanacree: Storm Beach and Cliffs at lower western reaches
Bunsen7 4 days ago.
A view of "Acres" from Minard Beach. This is apparently a geologically interesting spot in itself as it is a storm beach comprised of large sandstone boulders. The castle is on private land and no...

Cnoc Mordain
conormcbandon 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 10.0km, Climb: 457m, Area: Cnoc Mord?in, South Connemara (Ireland) C...

Summit Comment
Knockafeehane: From the horse's mouth
Bunsen7 4 days ago.
This is the trail description post at Q59652 00497. It summarises the route if taken from east to west, as per track 3881.Vastly superior to my own garbled efforts!Annascaul obviously is a very we...

conormcbandon 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 1.2km, Climb: 40m, Area: Barraderry, Galway Coastal Hill (Ireland) B...

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