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2018-09-18 12:17:48
"The spiny Oksen Mountains turn crimson in the setting sun" from mcrtchly Contract pics
Picture: The spiny Oksen Mountains turn crimson in the setting sun (Contract pics)

The island of Senja in Arctic Norway has a compact range of mountains made more spectacular by the dramatic coastal setting. Tungeneset is a highly photogenic spot giving glorious coastal views of the Northern Sea in the west and the Oksen mountains with their dramatic peaks in the north. As the sun set, the spiny mountains turned crimson and the still conditions captured their reflections in some rock pools in the foreground.
2018-09-14 19:30:48
"fox damage" from gerrym Contract pics
Picture: fox damage (Contract pics)

Foxy Business
I am wondering what encounters there have been out there with foxes. This week I had an interesting encounter with a tenacious fox whilst wild camping in the Mournes. From comments on social media it is by no means an isolated incident, with instances of foxes ripping into occupied tents in the Mournes to get at food.

So here is how the story goes..... I was lying in my bivy beside Ben Crom resevior in the Mournes gazing up at a sky packed full of stars, a couple of shooting stars and a few satellites whizzing past at thousands of miles an hour and I went to sleep with a clear head and a contented smile.

I woke at 3am as you do and noticed my pack was missing. I started to panic "who was here" "How will I get my gear home". Then I heard a noise and in the light of the head torch some 30 ft away a fox was busy chewing at my ruccsac, where it had dragged it. I think I was more panicked than the fox as I let a yell. I retrieved the bag to find the fox had chewed a hole to get at the food (must have been the snickers bar!). I could still see the eyes of the fox reflected in my head torch as settled back I'm my sleeping bag.

I had another visit where the fox made off with my saucepan which I found the next morning across the River. I covered everything with rocks and settled down again only to be awoken by the sound of rocks moving - literally one foot from my head covering the rucsac. Again I woke up in the pitch black in the middle of the mountains shouting at and chasing a fox.

I had a chat with the Chair of the Mourne Heritage Trust at Meelmore Lodge and he also recounted a couple of stories, both at the campsite and in the mountains. Is this confined to the Mournes or have there been similar instances elsewhere in Ireland?
2018-09-14 13:40:36
"Magical View." from sandman Contract pics
Picture: Magical View. (Contract pics)
Breuil -Cervinia.
In 1978 as a young guy in my mid twenties i first arrived in Cervinia looking to do some high altitude off piste skiing and having found a winter paradise i returned to this area every winter since sometimes spending the whole winter season .But never did i go there in the summer time until now taking up an invitation that has been on the table for over 30 years .I arrived at end of season so the chair lifts along with the mountain huts were closed but this did not take away from the enjoyment as we had some fantastic walks with stunning views. Walking in areas around Cervinia ,Valtournenche and the small mountain villages of Chamois and Chenel . The area is situated in the Valle d'Aosta app a 2.5 hour drive from the airports of Milan and 1.5hrs from Turin.Well worth the trip either in summer or winter.
2018-09-04 16:08:32
Luggala - make your voice heard.
In our last newsletter ( ) we described the situation in Luggala, Wicklow where a change of ownership threatens to stop access to a place of major hillwalking interest.

We discussed the advantage of writing to the relevant ministers. Here are their addresses:

Minister Shane Ross T.D.
Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport
Leeson Lane
Dublin 2

Minister Michael Ring TD
Department of Rural and Community Development,
Trinity Point,
10-11 Leinster Street South,
Dublin 2

Minister Simon Harris TD
Minister for Health
Dáil Eireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2

And also mentioned that there is a petition which we believe people should sign even though we have some reservations about it. Read the full article to see this, url above. We recommend you don't give them any money.

It now emerges that Mountaineering Ireland are going to back this petition, also with some caveats. They supplied the above addresses.
2018-09-02 11:47:38
"Mount Brandon" from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: Mount Brandon (Contract pics)
Members meet walk Saturday 8th September in Dingle. Traverse of the Brandon Ridge from Connor Pass. If you are interested in coming along please contact Liz at
2018-08-20 10:37:21
"Brandon Ridge" from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: Brandon Ridge (Contract pics)

Traverse of Brandon Ridge is scheduled for Saturday 8th September. The walk from the Connor Pass to Brandon Creek is around 18km with 1300m ascent taking around 7 hours. There is a slightly shorter option!
This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Mountainviewers on a spectacular walk, enjoy a chat all followed by drinks and a meal in Dingle post walk.
If you are interested in coming along and would like more details, contact Liz at
2018-08-19 10:39:25
2 baaags please
Yes Aidy. Apparently there's some bad grass going around.
2018-08-18 18:11:39
A New Hazard!

Never heard of this happening before.
2018-08-16 19:50:59
An Sli
Hello all,
I am currently trying to organize a longs distance walk from Killarney to Derry city, using the existing National Waymarked Trails along the West coast. A 1,000km of Trail already exist for this purpose with gaps of just 140km left to fill. If anyone wants more information concerning this trail please e mail me at

regards, Slier 159
2018-08-12 09:52:55
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Riddle of the Spinc
I was at Glendalough yesterday and on the Spinc for the first time. I cannot imagine there haven't already been a thousand hours debate on the boardwalk and and that there won't be a thousand hours more. Those conspiratorially for and those vociferously against.
And if I could add my twopence worth. Me? I'm just baffled.
Does it get people on to the Spinc? Undoubtedly but are those people more or different from those who would be on it anyway?
We most if us know that in recent times a party fell on it and took its guardians to court. That is absolutely not to suggest that it is easier to fall on than nature's own route underfoot but is it perhaps not inviting controversy if someone does fall on it - and I have to add that coming of it at some spots would be no joke. There's a busted limb somewhere in there.
My boots, my precious new big eff-off Zamberlans. Do I want their very expensive soles antagonised by that surface? Am I being precious?
I'll keep the jury out for now with just the barest edge in favour.
Incidentally I had forgotten what a very unappetizing spot is the Glendalough Park and Run.

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Walking under the water!
march-fixer 5 hours ago.
With the Blessington Lakes being deprived of input due to the dry conditions, the water level has dropped considerably. walk, Len: 13.1km, Climb: 197m, Area: Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)

Mullagh More and Sliabh Rua
Aidy 3 days ago.
A leisurely walk in one of the most amazing areas in Ireland, or anywhere for that matter. The route took me to the to... walk, Len: 7.9km, Climb: 316m, Area: Mullagh More, West Clare (Ireland) Mulla

Forum: General
mcrtchly a day ago.
The island of Senja in Arctic Norway has a compact range of mountains made more spectacular by the dramatic coastal setting. Tungeneset is a highly photogenic spot giving glorious coastal views of...

Benbaun via Knockpasheemore
Aidy 3 days ago.
A relatively easy way up to Benbaun, the Co Galway high point, although it is a steep pull up to Binn Charrach/Knockpa... walk, Len: 10.6km, Climb: 797m, Area: Binn Charrach, Twelve Bens (Ireland) Bi

Summit Comment
Slieve Beg: Stared down the Devil's Coachroad and decided he can have it
PinkyFloyd 3 days ago.
I know that people scramble up the Devil's Coachroad though the mechanics of actually getting up the top part elude me. Braver men than I! Standing on top of Beg, looking down the massive gulley i...

Summit Comment
Cove Mountain: Return to Cove!
PinkyFloyd 3 days ago.
Today was the second time I have visited Cove. Anyone who read my first comment will know my first visit was alone and an altogether nervous affair. Well, the return was a much better experience. ...

Muck to Meelmore Loop
Bunsen7 5 days ago.
A track that's very easy to follow, with good parking, 3 highest hundred summits for less than 900m of ascent, but do... walk, Len: 13.6km, Climb: 874m, Area: Slieve Muck, Mourne Mountains (Ireland)

Summit Comment
Truskmore SE Cairn: Letrim - County high point - Done with my Grandad
ShaunDunne 4 days ago.
While climbing Truskmore my Grandad and I walked over and bagged our Second County high point of the day. Was very windy and wet up there today.

Summit Comment
Chimney Rock Mountain: Great reward for little effort!
PinkyFloyd 3 days ago.
Getting to the top of Chimney Rock doesn't take long and isn't too arduous. The views from the top are stupendous though and you'll be glad you climbed it. The rocks at the top help make this moun...

Summit Comment
Truskmore: Sligo - County Highpoint with my Grandad
ShaunDunne 4 days ago.
Climbed Truskmore today, Saturday 15/09/2018. Was a very wet and windy day. I was delighted to make it to the summit with the weather being so bad. I was amazed to meet 3 men on bicycles heading u...

Pic de Lustou
David-Guenot a week ago.
A fantastic, hard-won summit, a relentless, never-ending haul up followed by some easy but somewhat exposed scrambling o walk, Len: 14.7km, Climb: 1684m, Area: France, Occitanie ()

Summit Comment
Long Mountain: Afternoon stroll
Wilderness 4 days ago.
I left my car in Dunloy village. As I walked up Mallaboy Lane to the last farm house there was a yellow warning sign: BEWARE OF THE GUARD DOG and CCTV. I proceeded past the house with caution and ...

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