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Cork Islands Area
Feature count in area: 94, all in Cork, OSI/LPS Maps: 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88
Highest Place: Great Island 95m

Starting Places (50) in area Cork Islands:
Ahakista Pier, Allihies, Ardgroom, Bere Island Pier, Cahergal, Caherkeen, Canshanavoe South, Carr Clós Dún Óir, Castletownbere Lifeboat Harbour, Clashduff River Farm, Coolieragh Harbour Road, Coomadayallig Lake Road N, Coomadayallig Lake Road S, Coomhola Bridge, Coosanisky, Crosshaven Car Park, Derreenataggart Stone Circle Road, Dunboy Wood, Durrus Village, Dursey Cable Car Station, Eskakininaun, Eyeries, Firkeel, Garinish Car Park, Garinish Island Pier, Glenbeg Lough N, Glengarriff, Glengarriff Nature Reserve CP, Higher O'Connell Street, Ilnacullin Car Park, Kilcrohane, Knockacullin Lane, Leahill Bog, Leitrim Beg Standing Stone, Letter Cillin CP, Magannagan Stream, Mount Corrin Road, Nora's Cottage, Old Copper Road, Old Head of Kinsale, Owgarriff River Lane, Peg's Shop, Pooleen Wood Car Park, Reenroe Bridge, Rossmackowen Bridge, Rossmackowen Cemetery, Scilly Walk, Sherkin Island Pier, Sui Finn Car Park, Toberbanaha

Summits & other features in area Cork Islands:
Adam's Island 29m, Aghillaun 5m, Ardillaun (2) 5m, Ballycotton island 50m, Bark Island 5m, Black Rock Islands 5m, Blue Islands 5m, Bridaun 15m, Bridaun Beg 15m, Bullaun Rock 15m, Bullock Island 42m, Calf Island East 22m, Calf Island Middle 14m, Calf Island West 28m, Capel Island 41m, Carbery Island 5m, Carrigdangin 15m, Carthy's Islands 14m, Castle Island (1) 36m, Castle Island (2) 5m, Chapel Island (3) 10m, Cold Island 5m, Coney Island (3) 12m, Dinish Island 12m, Eve's Island 8m, Eyeries Island 5m, Fastnet Rock 24m, Furze Island 15m, Garinish Island (3) 15m, Garinish Island (2) 20m, Garinish West 16m, Garvillaun 5m, Gerane East 5m, Goat Island Beg 21m, Goat Island Mór 33m, Great Island 95m, Hare Island (2) 26m, Haulbowline Island 20m, High Island (2) 45m, Hog Island (3) 5m, Horse Island (6) 5m, Horse Island (7) 5m, Horse Island (8) 39m, Horse Island (9) 36m, Illanebeg 25m, Illaunacuiree 5m, Illaunbweeheen 5m, Illaunglass East 5m, Illaunglass West 5m, Illaunnameanla 5m, Illaunrahnee 5m, Inishfarnard 44m, Kedge Island 36m, Lamb's Island (2) 20m, Long Island (2) 15m, Long Island (3) 31m, Loughure Island 5m, Lousy Castle Island 5m, Low Island 5m, Mannin Beg 5m, Mannin Island 18m, Mannions Island Large 5m, Mannions Island Small 5m, Minane Island 5m, Murphy's island 7m, Orthan's Island 5m, Owen's Island 6m, Pointabulloge Island 5m, Rabbit Island (3) 25m, Rabbit Island (2) 5m, Rabbit Island East 25m, Reenmore Island 5m, Roancarraigbeg 1m, Roancarrigmore 6m, Rocky Island 5m, Sandy Cove Island 30m, Sandy Island 5m, Sheelane Island 5m, Skeam East 19m, Skeam West 15m, Skiddy Island 5m, Small Island 15m, Sovereign Island East 15m, Sovereign Islands 30m, Spanish Island (2) 34m, Spike Island 24m, Stack Of Beans 25m, The Bull Rock 93m, The Calf 21m, The Catalogues 12m, The Cow 66m, The Stags of Toe Head 5m, Turk Island 5m, Whiddy Island 50m

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Horse Island (9), 36m Island Oileán na gCapall (9) A name in Irish,
Place Rating ..
Named after St. Lua an early Christian Saint Oileán Molua an extra name in Irish, Cork County in Munster province, in Irish Islands Lists
Reachable "On Foot " Y
Grid Reference W17900 28900, OS 1:50k mapsheet 89
Place visited by: 1 members, recently by: conorb , Island visited by 2 members.
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, I visited this island: NO
Longitude: -9.183192, Latitude: 51.507387, Easting: 117900, Northing: 28900,
ITM: 517867 528971

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Hrs36, 10 char: HrsIsln36

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   picture about Horse Island (9) (<em>Oileán na gCapall (9)</em>)
Picture: Ridge Walk on SW corner of Oileán Molua
Oileán Molua or Horse Island
by conorb 8 Apr 2021
Also known locally as Oileán Molua, Horse Island is an easy paddle out from Tráigh Carta. Alternatively, at low tide one could walk out to Trá na Marbh from Tráigh Carta and swim across the narrow channel with a dry bag/float and change on the main beach on the island.

From the main beach which faces the mainland, there is a track up to the ruins of the old village and graveyard. Local residents used to be buried on the island due to it's association with St Lua an early Christian saint and coffins would depart from Trá na Marbh (beach of the dead).

Places of interest on the island include the ruins of a tower built by Tom Somerville as a marker for his ships coming from the America's in the 1770's. Once they sighted the tower, they knew the safety of Castlehaven Harbour was just inside it.

The highest point on the island is a little hill on the middle of the island at about 36m. If one walks all the way to the SW corner there is a hair raising ridge that one can walk out on a calm day that offers amazing views of the surrounding coastline.

Can be easily be combined with Flea Island if you want bag two islands on the one trip. The much smaller Flea Island can be reached on foot from Tráigh Carta at low tide by walking out across the rocky ridge know as the Cois. Linkback:
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