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Galway Islands Area
Feature count in area: 144, all in Galway, OSI/LPS Maps: 37, 38, 39, 44, 45, 46, 51, 51A, 52, EW-CON
Highest Place: Inishark 96.6m

Starting Places (62) in area Galway Islands:
Angler's Return, Aughrusbeg Lough, Ballyconneely, Ballyvelaghan Lough, Brandy Harbour, Bridge St Clifden, Bundouglas Bay, Bunnageeha, Cashel Church, Cleggan House, Cloonsie Quay, Cnoc Mordáin, Connemara National Park Visitor Centre, Coorhoor Lough North, Dogs Bay Beach, Eragh Island South, Foher, Furnace, Fuschia Lane, Glenmore, Gort Mór, Gortdrummagh West, Inchamakinna, Inishark, Inishlay, Inishnee Bridge, Kilkieran South West, Lettercallow School Road, Letterfrack Lodge, Lettergesh Beach, unuseableLettermullen Pier, Lettershinna Hill, Loch Chamais, Loch Con Aortha N, Loch Con Aortha S, Lough Anivan Bend, Lough Nafiddaun South, Lough Natawny, Lough Tanny, Mace Head, Muck Lough NW, Mweenish Cemetary, Nacreeva Lough, Omey Strand, Owen na Baunoge River, Owengar Bridge, Ros an Mhíl, Ross Beach, Ross Point, Ross Quay, Roundstone, Sean Scoil an Talaimh Bháin, Silver Strand Road, Skeaghatimull, Sky Road, Tawnrawer Cartron, The Big Ring, Tievegarriff, Toombeola Bridge, Water Reservoir, Water Tank, Water Tank Carna

Summits & other features in area Galway Islands:
Ardnacross island 4m, The Boy 65m, Middlequarter (Inishbofin) (2) 89m, Crappagh 16m, Crow Island 9m, Illaunfadda 5m, Illaunard 10m, Illaungorm South 5m, Illaungorm North 5m, Eragh Island South 6m, llauneeragh West 15m, Illauneeragh (1) 21m, Big Island 7m, Illaunmore (2) 14m, North island 9m, Ardillaun (1) 5m, Birbeg Island 6m, Birmore Island 13m, Boolard Island 23m, Braadillaun 12m, Brannock Island 14m, Calf Islands 5m, Eagle Rock 5m, Kinnelly Islands 3m, Clynagh Island 15m, Croaghnakeela 2m, Croghnut Island 30m, Cruagh Island 63m, Crump Island 25m, Dinish 19m, Davillaun 5m, Deer island 5m, Dog Island (1) 5m, Donee 5m, Doolick 2m, Doonguddle 5m, Doonmane 5m, Doonawaul 12m, Dunmanus Island 5m, Annaghvaan 15m, Eeshal Island 12m, Ferroon Rocks 9m, Fiddaun Islands 9m, Furnace 27m, Freaghillaun 12m, Freaghillaun Beg 15m, Freaghillaun North 8m, Freaghillaun South 27m, Friar Island 5m, Green Island 1m, Glassillaun 13m, Golam island 25m, Gooreen (Omey Island) 26m, Gooreen Island 6m, Hare Island (1) 10m, High Island (1) 5m, Hog Island (1) 15m, Illaunmore (1) 12m, Illaunnamweelin 5m, Illaunnanima 12m, Inchaghaun 8m, Inishbarra 37m, Inishbigger 6m, Inishkeeragh (2) 10m, Inishdawros 3m, Inishdugga 12m, Inisherk 27m, Inishlacken 13m, Inishlay 6m, Inishlusk 5m, Inchamakinna 15m, Inishnee 45m, Inishtroghenmore 5m, Inishtravin 14m, Inistreh 5m, Inisbroon 23m, Inishark 96.6m, Inishbearna 47m, Inishcorra 5m, Inisheer 57m, Inisheltia 12m, Inishgort (2) 22m, Inishlyon 43m, Inishmaan 79m, Inishskinnybeg 12m, Inishskinnymore 16m, Inishturk (2) 37m, Island Eddy 8m, Redflag Island 5m, Lettermullan Island 45m, Fish Rock 5m, Mallgarve 5m, Mulroney's Island 5m, Mutton Island (1) 6m, Beaghy Islands 5m, Wherroon Island 5m, Illaunroe (1) 15m, Avery Island 4m, Illaunnanownim 14m, Colt Island (2) 5m, Illauncasheen 15m, Oghly Island 5m, Illaunaknock 5m, Dog Island (2) 5m, Puck Island 9m, Chapel Island (2) 7m, Fox Island (1) 5m, Illaunacroghnut 5m, Illaundoon 3m, Finish island 8m, Oileán Gharmna 53m, Illaunamid 5m, Duck Island (2) 10m, Duck island 7m, Mason Island 14m, Illaunmaan 10m, St. Macdara's Island 27m, Mweenish Island 23m, Inishmuskerry 6m, Cow Island 5m, Illaunnakirka 6m, Greeve Island 5m, Illaunacroagh Beg 3m, Illaunacroagh More 20m, Horse Island (3) 4m, Illaunnagappul 8m, Illaunaleama 12m, Illaunamrogue 3m, Illaunamenara 8m, Strawbeach Island 5m, Illaungurraig 5m, Illaunrossalough 5m, Illaunurra 9m, Ox Island 5m, Rabbit Island (1) 5m, Rock Island 10m, Roeillaun (3) 13m, Roeillaun (2) 5m, Rossroe Island 15m, Skerdbeg 5m, Skerdmore 5m, Straw Island 10m, Tawin Island 6m, Turbot Island 13m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Inishmaan, 79m Island Inis Meáin A name in Irish,
Place Rating ..
, Galway County in Connacht province, in Irish Islands Lists
Reachable "On Foot " Y
Grid Reference L93900 04600, OS 1:50k mapsheet 51
Place visited by: 16 members, recently by: Fergalh, Wes, miriam, juliewoods, mdoc1969, annem, jlk, garrettd, rgctobin, omurchu, livelife2thefull, TommyV, Mollflop, tphase, Welder , Island visited by 39 members.
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
, I visited this island: NO
Longitude: -9.584077, Latitude: 53.081742, Easting: 93900, Northing: 204600,
ITM: 493873 704632

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Inshmn, 10 char: Inishmaan

Gallery for Inishmaan (Inis Meáin) and surrounds
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Member Comments for Inishmaan (Inis Meáin)

   picture about Inishmaan (<em>Inis Meáin</em>)
Picture: High point of island
Find the gaps in the walls to find the highpoint
by Fergalh 28 Aug 2023
To get to the high point take a turn just before the Siopa Beag at A (L937 049) . Walk up the hill until B (L937 047) head east down the narrow track until you get to the gate that leads into a field . There is an ivy covered remains of a building here, go through the narrow gaps in the walls roughly south south east until you reach a plateau. A small pile of stones marks the high point here. Nice views in all directions Linkback:
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   picture about Inishmaan (<em>Inis Meáin</em>)
Picture: A walk around the island
A great walk around the Island
by Damian120 6 Jan 2018
Inis Meain - Lub Dun Fearbhai Walking Trail: Inishmaan or Inis Meáin is the centrally located of the three islands that make up the Aran Islands. I would recommend flying over from Inverin via Aer Arann as you can pick up the trail right at the small airport.

Start at the pier and end at the pier or turn left if arriving by plane as you depart the small airport building. This incredible walking trail traverses a convoluted array of narrow winding roads jutting out in a haphazard fashion. Numerous sheltered paths and stone walls erected in a maze-like configuration add to the thrill of this wondrous walking trail. Follow the Purple Arrows and allow yourself to criss-cross the island, from the rocky hillsides of the south to the deserted sandy beaches on the north shore. Where you will encounter wildflowers in bloom everywhere along the limestone Karst landscape. The trail is also littered with some astounding historical sites from the imposing stone fort -  Dún Chonchúir to the nearby fort - Dún Fhearbhaí. To one of the best preserved early Christian 10th century oratories at Cill Cheannannach. If time allows a make detour to Cathaoir Synge (Synge’s Chair), the scenery here is unrivalled. Linkback:
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   picture about Inishmaan (<em>Inis Meáin</em>)
Picture: Syng's Cottage
The hidden gem.
by TommyV 1 Nov 2018
We left Doolin on the ferry with hoards of others. Our ferry was bound for Inishmor with a stop in Inishmaan to let people visiting this island off. The fact that only seven people got off the ferry at Inishmaan will give you a good indication how less frequented this island is in comparison to it's two neighbours. The island is equally as beautiful as the other two so I don't really understand why tourism hasn't taken off here to the same extent, perhaps the locals don't want it. On the plus side, you will have the island to yourself to explore.

From the pier we headed across the North of the island then down along the East coast. The walk then loops back North to the village where you can investigate the impressive fort Dun Fearbhaí. I decided to branch off the main trail and climb three high walls to reach the highest point on the island at 79 metres but if you are not bagging high points there is no need to do this as it does not add any real elevation or views to the walk. Reaching the village is about the halfway point on the walk so we stopped at Teach Osta for some food and refreshments.

The walk continues through the village until you reach the equally impressive fort of Dun Chonchuir. After exploring here, the walk continues West until you reach Synge's Chair. From here head back East until you join up with the road and follow it North back to the pier, where the boat swings in to pick up the seven of us from earlier and not drop off another soul! Linkback:
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