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Dublin Islands Area
Feature count in area: 12, all in Dublin, OSI/LPS Maps: 43, 50, AWW
Highest Place: Knockbane 126m

Starting Places (6) in area Dublin Islands:
Clonkeen Road South, Killiney Hill Carpark, Lambay Pier, Pavilion Theatre, St Catherine's Park, Wyattville Close

Summits & other features in area Dublin Islands:
Bull Island 4m, Colt Island (1) 13m, Dalkey Island 25m, Ireland's Eye 69m, Kish Lighthouse 2m, Knockbane (Lambay Island) 126m, Maiden Rock 5m, Rockabill 5m, Shenick's Island 8m, St Patrick's Island 12m, The Bill 5m, The Muglins 5m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Bull Island, 4m Island North Bull Island A name in English,
Place Rating ..
Oileán an Bhulla an extra name in Irish, Dublin County in Leinster province, in Irish Islands Lists
Grid Reference O25288 38382, OS 1:50k mapsheet 50
Place visited by: 41 members, recently by: BrianKennan, abcd, maitiuocoimin, Fergalh, Mykhailo, Hoverla, trostanite, Colin Murphy, dregish, adam.mann, conormcbandon, jlk, newpark-cc, melohara, Glanman2 , Island visited by 60 members.
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Longitude: -6.117968, Latitude: 53.381566, Easting: 325288, Northing: 238382,
ITM: 725208 738472,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: BlI4, 10 char: Bul Island

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2328/
Gallery for Bull Island (North Bull Island) and surrounds
Summary for Bull Island (North Bull Island): A welcome legacy from Captain William Bligh
Summary created by melohara 2023-05-03 12:45:36
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Picture: Curlew at Bull Island
Bull Island (North Bull Island) was created by tidal deposits of sand and silt following the building of the North Bull Wall early in the 19th century. Captain William Bligh had recommended the construction of the wall following a survey of Dublin Bay in 1801.
It can be accessed via a wooden bridge at A (O21061 36027) or via the causeway road at B (O22210 37529).
The island is a nature reserve of international importance and is home several protected species. It is mostly owned by Dublin City Council (DCC) who estimate that it receives up to 2 million visitors yearly. To protect the wildlife and their habitats, DCC implemented a Visitor Access Management Plan on 30th April 2023. This plan requires visitors to avoid certain areas of the island. The point designated as the summit of Bull Island at C (O25288 38382), is within an area which should now be left completely undisturbed by visitors. For summiteering purposes, it is considered sufficient to visit a point on the beach at the base of the dunes at Easting D (O24600 37800). There is no need to access or disturb the dunes.
Member Comments for Bull Island (North Bull Island)

            MountainViews.ie picture about Bull Island (North Bull Island)
Picture: People walking at he NE tip of the island
Easiest bag in Ireland?
by Colin Murphy 3 Feb 2022
At just 4m, this island is probably the easiest 'bag' on the entire island of Ireland. Finding the 'high' point is no easy task, but luckily at least it doesn't appear to be on the golf course. As you approach the island across the Causeway Road, you eventually come to a roundabout, where you'll see a few dunes covered in long beach grass. The highpoint, according to my GPS was on one of these just to the right (SW) of the roundabout. Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2328/comment/23403/
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Can't be that easy!
by pdtempan 4 Feb 2022
In reply to Colin Murphy, I'm embarrassed to say that we visited Bull Island this summer without the thought of bagging the peak even occurring to me. Nor did we accidentally include it, as we only walked the north (inner) shore for about 600m. Did make a nice dog-walk, though, with interesting bird-life, including herons and egrets (so no regrets!). Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2328/comment/23404/
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Bull Island 8 circuit
by brenno 9 Feb 2022
A group of us did a figure of 8 circuit of Bull Island the Sunday before we all locked down in March 2020, also didn't occur to look for a high point. You can do a very nice c. 10k figure of 8 circuit of the island, starting at the causeway, following the outer beach towards Sutton until you're forced into the dunes, follow a trail back along the inner lagoon, skirting St Annes's golf club back past the causeway until you meet the Bull Wall. You can include the Bull Wall as part of this terribly arduous "trek" or else follow the outer beach back to where it meets the causeway roundabout. About 2.5 hours. One warning, if it's a nice weekend get there early as parking can be a nightmare. Also if it's windy be prepared for a lot of windblown sand when you're on the outer beach and watch for golf balls when going by St Anne's Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2328/comment/23405/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Bull Island (North Bull Island)
Picture: Howth from Dollymount Strand with the wooden bones of a boat in the foreground
Howth from Dollymount Strand in November
by melohara 3 May 2023
A stroll along Dollymount Strand at any time of the year can be a welcome diversion from 21st century Dublin. One often comes across relics of the past - lumps of coal from a long forgotten shipwreck or the aged timbers of a wooden boat emerging from the sands. Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2328/comment/23940/
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