The Maamturks Challenge 2010

The Maamturks Challenge 2010


This years Maamturks happened to fall just that little bit earlier than usual and as the clocks had only recently sprung forward it meant that the first two hours of the Challenge were in total darkness.

Overcast weather meant that initially it wasn't all that cold, but alas no prizes for guessing . . . . .

this was not to last!  

Only an hour into the days pain and the GoreTex would be called upon - and on it would have to stay, for when the rain stopped the wind-chill would kick in, then it would be time for needlepoint hail that flies horizontally. At this stage chances were the heavy mist would lift to give massive vistas to spur the soul, but now it was time for a good old snow storm. Now that the snow would ease up it would be of course time to check in with the rain again. But sure hey - you'd almost feel short- changed if you didn't get anything less on the Maamturks.  

When clearances came (albeit intermittently) no-one was in any doubt as to why for some it would be their first “Turks” but for many others it would be an almost addictive return to an incredible landscape that beggars belief it is so beautiful and wild. An incredible snow capped Mweelrea in the far distance could be seen at one end of a vista that began with the Twelve Bens drenched in sunshine at the other - and all of this through snow-flurries on the Turks!

It takes up to forty dedicated helpers on the walk itself, from manning the checkpoints, ensuring good directions and safety, to even providing sausage sandwiches at over five hundred metres altitude!

And there is of course countless hours of behind the scenes graft that goes in to helping ensure that all have had as best a day as possible………..whatever the weather.

Many Thanks to all, no doubt healing blisters will allow familiar faces a return once again to this great part of the world.

Jim Holmes.


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