Newsletter September 2020 Challenge Information

Newsletter September 2020 Challenge Information















Remembering back to my college years, we were told how the Dark Ages were truly that . . . Dark. Kind of reminds us of where we are in these pandemic times! But yet, as we were thought (and thought to be proud of), in a far corner of Europe a candle continued to burn lest we forget our purpose. These were all the Monasteries that dotted the Irish landscape! Here everything from theology and education to great artwork and even new-found farming methods were kept alive . . . and actually flourished.

So you see - this island knows how to be positive - and it is in this vain that kudos be gifted upon the Fei Sheehy Challenge 2020!

All it took was Ger Sheehy, his top team on the ground . . . and some simple common sense - and sure they were able to move mountains . . . I can't decide if that's a pun or not!

Thus ensuring that the Fei Sheehy Challenge would indeed be able to proceed (most probably the only Challenge Walk this year!)in a safe and friendly environment compliant with Covid restrictions.

All the necessaries, including registration, were done outdoors, so walkers just mozied off after they had signed in . . . wouldn't that just be the dream on the Maumturks!!


This year all three routes of the Challenge were looped Walks instead of the usual linear (a stroke of simple genius to help conform with Covid 19). This in its own right made for extra navigation, again allowing for a greater Challenge experience!

We've seen how Temple Hill can be the nemesis of many a Hillwalker on any occasion, let alone a Challenge Walk, so to make for an even greater Challenge, the option was put on the table to best this iconic summit for a second time, on the day within the Fei Sheehy that sees the most ascent of the three in itself!!

Instead of coming back through the woods between Benard and Temple Hill walkers could climb the extra 200/250m to take in the rise once again - they've done it already from Anglesboro and now from fairly near to where Blackrock and Pigeonrock Rivers meet.

Surely enough punishment has been already served you say.... and yet "Trailblazer" member extraordinaire Graham O'Reilly gobbled same up in an instant!

Heroes of our time are certainly to be found on the Irish Challenge Walk!!

Special mention too must go to good buddy Stephen Forde who has now completed the full Fei Sheehy Challenge (all three days each year) for 7 years!! Wouldn't the monks of old have been proud as punch (or Buckfast!).














"This was just unadulterated challenge hillwalking of the highest standard over the three days. Tough underfoot conditions, limited visibility and a bit of a curve ball thrown each day to mentally and physically challenge participants that little bit more. Any rain that fell during the walks was that lovely warm vertical stuff that you'd welcome on a muggy day. All-in-all a celebration of challenge hillwalking"

Gerard Sheehy.


MountainViews certainly continues to attract many new members to its community from all age brackets, young and old - such is the appeal of Hillwalking. What drew me to Challenge Walking in particular was the excitement of getting to Walk in all new areas of beauty under the patronage of new Hillwalking Clubs! So now many (many) years later it's fair to say that Hillwalking has a massive and very active following from boys and girls in their mid to later years . . . Yup, at this point the Artane Boys Band have done their thing and now we're well into the second half . . . and hopefully we have the wind behind us!














But realistically it'll be next year before we see any resemblance of a return to the norm.

But in the meantime . . . all is certainly not forlorn! Hillwalking Club the Wayfarers have just recently been able to hold 4 different grades of Walk on one of their "Walk Days" for their members . . . AND, Hillwalking Club Na Sléibhte - who as we know potter to the tune of the Challenge Walk, can be contacted should one consider membership, with their "Open Day" taking place in October!

Like we've said here in the Challenge Walks corner . . . we were born in a time of good music and no war! Keep the Faith Good Buddies - the good times will once again be "ag teacht anois!"

"Can I have two pints of Buckfast - and the €9 plate of chips please...."

Onwards and Upwards Boys and Girls,

Keep Safe and Enjoy your Day,

Big Hug (from a social distance),

Jim Holmes.

All photos from Cormac and are from The Fei Sheehy Challenge 2020!


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And always Walk responsibly, I mean always Drink responsibly . . . Yup, that's it.