The Hart Walk 2016

The Hart Walk 2016

Gerard Sheehy

First off, I wasn't with the lads. Just sharing the info. . . .
What’s not to like reading about the trials and tribulations of fellow walkers who are deliberately self-testing themselves to the extreme: and then basically ‘reliving’ the walk (and pain) with them.

If you’re a challenge hill walker you’ll have heard of, met or seen these two lads on the ‘circuit’. If there’s something big you want to take on and need a bit of company on the walk, then these are two of your likely candidates.

I don’t think that the Hart Walk track is on this website so I’m putting it up on their behalf and the text below is based on a few messages from them.

Andy (Owens) put out the word on FaceBook that he was trying to organise a few people to do the Hart Walk. I’m not sure how many expressions of interest that he got but, seeing as it’s so rarely done, he can’t have been expecting folk to be chompin’ at the bit. I mean, July/August would be a good time to have a cut off it but end of October? Hardy bucks.

Paddy (Dennis) had heard of it and it was on his ‘bucket list’ of walks to do. They’d walked with each other before and compliment each other in the way they walk, as they’re relentless and push each other hard.

They started at 22:12 on Saturday night. The weather was good but just that bit cold. Cold is good for these lads, as they’d just keep moving to stay warm. They broke it down into sections so the first break was after 53km, at Glenmalure, where they had a bag hidden with supplies.


Paddy said “Even though we had done a good long walk and the feet were sore from the hard road, I was looking forward to the long climb up the Lug and the mountain section, as this is where I would feel more at home. We started up the Lug just before dawn and my feet felt so much better on the ground they’re used to. It was cold up the top of the Lug, but at least we were half way and could turn and head for home.”

“It was tough going to the Wicklow Gap with the boggy ground and cold wind. At the Wicklow Gap we had another few minutes break and then headed up Tonelagee and across Barnacuillan bog, which is always messy. Up Mullaghcleevaun, and from the top of that we aimed to hit the route of the Art O’Neill and follow the route back to Dublin.”

Andy said “There was a stage, as we were heading for the Famine Cross, when my feet were so sore, I said to Paddy “ I'm going to hitch a lift the rest of the way.” but Paddy wasn't having any of it, he was determined to finish together, no matter what the cost.

Paddy - “A lot of this part was on road, so it was tough on the feet *again* and the legs were getting tired. It seemed to take forever to get to Dublin city and my feet were killing me but we made it safe and sound to the end. It took a bit longer than we had planned but I didn't mind, as the challenge was completing it. I have the height of respect for anyone who has done this challenge.”


Gerard Sheehy