Irish Compleatists of the Scottish Munros

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Irish Compleatists* of the Scottish Munros



Anne Morrissey

At present there are 282 Munros (2012 revision of tables) as published by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.
A Munro top is a summit that is not necessarily regarded as a separate mountain - but it is over 3,000 feet. 

The list below (whilst in no way totally complete) is of walkers with an Irish domicile.

The list gives the name of the walker (and where known) it then gives the walkers domicile, the walkers affiliation and the first and last Munros (with year) compleated by the Compleatist.

The first Irish walker credited with Compleating the Scottish Munros was Uinseann McEoin in 1987!Photo Anne Morrisey








Anne Morrisey



With thanks to Alan and Margaret Tees (Information and List of Compleatists) and Anne Morrissey (Information and Photos). 



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* Munro Compleatist is the generally recognised term for people who have visited all of the Munros - the list of major summits in Scotland.  An Irish Munro compleatist is an Irish associated or based person who has completed the Munros.  The term Arderin Complieter is proposed by MountainViews for those visiting Arderins, the list of Irish Mountains or for complieters of other Irish lists.

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Marion and Michael Wood on their compleation of The Munros, Oct. 2005!



Trevor Collins
Derry / East Lothian NWMC / MCofs
Liathach 1973 Ben Sgritheall 2016
Jim Brown
Belfast Spartans
Ben Nevis 1980 Sgor Dhonuill 2015
Helen Brown
Belfast Spartans
Ben Nevis 1980 Sgor Dhonuill 2015
Billy Magee
Ben Narnain 1980 Sgurr a Mhadaidh 2015
Terry McQueen
Bangor (Down) Spartans
     Ben More (Mull) 2014
Dylan Ryan
Keith Monaghan
Tempo (Fermanagh) CCC
  Aonach Beg 2014
John Forsythe
  Ben More (Mull)  2013
Kathleen Monteverde
Comber, Co. Down Nelson's Ramblers
Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) 2002 Beinn na Lap 2013
Anne Morrissey
Dublin Irish Ramblers Club
Luinne Bheinn Ben Narain 2011
Ms Lesley Gregg
  Bla Bheinn 2010
Mervyn Picken
Islandmagee / Comber,  Co. Down Nelson's Ramblers
Bla Bheinn  1990  Ben More in Mull 2010
Oonagh McEligott
  Meall Lunaigh 2008
Steve Corry
Jordanstown / Skye   
  Luinne Bheinn, Knoydart  2007
Marion Wood
Ben Vorlich Arrochar 1982 Ben More Mull 2005
Michael Wood
Sgiath Chuil 1982 Ben More Mull 2005
Robert Bankhead
  Sgurr a Mhadaidh 2005
Denis Rankin
Belfast Spartans
  Buachaille Etive Mor 2005
Gertrude Meehan
Monaghan NWMC / Blaney
Ben Nevis An Socach 2005
Brian Ringland
Monaghan NWMC / Blaney   
Beinn Dearg 1990 Beinn a Sgritheill 2004
Margaret Tees
Derry NWMC / CCC
Gulvain 1987     Beinn a Sgritheill 2004
William Cooke
Ray Lee
Derry / Perth NWMC / Perth
Meall nan Tarmachan 1999 Stob na Broige 1999
Robert Garrett
Jimmy Tees
Inverness Highland HW
     Stuc a Chroin 1991
Ms Frances Wilson
Coleraine Bannside
Ben Nevis 1976 Ben Chonzie 1990
Peter Wilson
Coleraine Bannside
Am Bodach 1971 Ben Mor (Mull) 1990
Uinseann McEoin
Dublin IMC
  Ladhar Beinn 1987