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MountainViews Walk Glenmalure Circuit
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Walk Guide 135 for
Glenmalure Circuit
Maintainer: march-fixer
(Guide rating: 0.00) Picture from walk Glenmalure Circuit, Wicklow/ Dublin
Walk length: 23.9km   Ascent: 922m   Duration (without stops): 6:00 h:mm
This walk encompasses wonderful views over Fraughan Rock Glen before switching north and up to the top of the ridge and then along the edge of the escarpment to Benleagh, beyond which you take in Camenabologue SE Top, Camenabologue and Table Mountain. It then skirts around the head of the glen and heads for Conavalla and then south east down the ridge to Lugduff. The Wicklow Way track is then used to track down to the glen road you came in on and back to the car-park. In one sweep you can hit 6 (and possibly 7) peaks in one nice circular trek.
Points visited:
Start = T066 942 - Path = T064 942 - Road = T061 942 - Climb = T054 939 - Cliff = T051 943 - Benleagh - WW = T032 939 - Camenabologue SE Top - Camenabologue - Table Mountain - 3Lakes = T032 981 - Conavalla - P633 = T050 975 - Lugduff - Bend = T088 927 - Car park = T081 928 - Finish = T066 942
 (Guide last changed: 2012-05-12)

Make your way into Glenmalure and go right to the end of the road. There is plenty of space at T066 942 (Point A) the car-park at the head of the glen road. Just be considerate and leave space for any vehicles that may wish to cross the ford.

Instead of crossing the ford and getting your feet wet, head up the east of the river and use the timber foot bridge. Head to T064 942 (Point B) where there is a 'secret' track on the left-hand side which is a short cut leading up to T061 942 (Point C) on the forest road. Head left into Fraughan Rock Glen until T054 939 (Point D) where you head up by the side of the fir trees leading up to T051 943 (Point E) on the end of the escarpment face. Take your time (and care) as it is quite a haul up this steep slope.

Points visited
Head south west along the cliff face and up the ridge to Benleagh. There are spectacular views down into Fraughan Rock Glen. From this lofty perch you can easily watch other walkers making their way along the lower reaches. Heading due west you will meet the Wicklow Way at Point '712'. Now turn due north and head for Camenabologue (taking in Point '663', Camenabologue SE Top to the east, if you wish). Next, continue on to Table Mountain, from where you then swing north east to Three Lakes. The quality of the water in the main lake here facilitates recharging your water bottles. However, care is needed around this area since it is very prone to soft boggy conditions. From Three Lakes head south east to Conavalla. From there head slightly north east and then swing south east towards Point '633' which is on the ridge heading towards Lugduff. All along this ridge there are wonderful views over and into Fraughen Rock Glen and beyond. From Lugduff you continue on along the ridge until you again reach another stretch of the Wicklow Way path (and depending on your time and physical condition, you may wish to spend an extra bit of effort and pop up to visit Mullacor).

Follow the Wicklow Way to T088 927 (Point F) where you double back north and use the 'old' Wicklow Way path which will eventually zig-zag down to a secondary car-park T081 928 (Point G) on the glen road. On meeting this road turn right and make your way back to your car-park at the head of the glen.

Point A: T066 942 Point B: T064 942 Point C: T061 942
Point D: T054 939 Point E: T051 943 Point F: T088 927
Point G: T081 928 (turn area map On)

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