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Dublin/Wicklow Area Printable format
Maximum height for area: 925 metres Summits in area: 127
OS Map(s): 28B, 49, 50, 55, 56, 61, 62, AWW for all tops Set Area Map On

Walk Guide 132 for
Glendalough Butterfly
Maintainer: Mulciber
Guide rating stars (Guide rating: 3.50)

Walk length: 38.6km   Ascent: 1350m   Duration (without stops): 9:30 h:mm
This is combination of two walks, the first starts on Paddock Hill up to Scarr on to Tonelagee and finishes along the fine Brockage Ridge. The other is a favorite of many, Camaderry Tomaneena and around to Lugduff.. There are two main climbs and one descent of note. with many ways of returning to your car if the weather turns bad or time run out... (Track 1536 for GPS)
Points visited:
Start = T127 970 - Scarr - Tonelagee - Brockagh Mountain - Camaderry Mountain - Tomaneena - Lugduff - Lugduff SE Top - Finish = T127 970
 (Guide last changed: 2012-04-27)

Leaving Dublin head South for Kilmacanoge, Take the slip road after the petrol station over the bridge and head for Roundwood and on Laragh. Leaving Laragh head for Glendalough, the Visitor Centre carpark will be on your left..

Leaving the Visitor Centre turn left and keeping an eye out for the Wicklow Way sign near the Hotel, follow the Wicklow Way up hill, across the road and uphill through the pine and beech trees to a forest track, here you keep to the Wicklow Way until you reach Paddock Hill,

Points visited
Picking up the track on your left follow it along all the way to the top of Scarr on your left you can see Tonelagee and the Brockage your next goal. Leaving Scarr head towards Kanturk but turn off along a faint track that will take you towards the Waterfall and car park at Glenmacnass. Here carefully cross the river and begin the first main climb of the day. Take the time to enjoy the views of Lough Ouler and over your shoulder where you've been. At the summit pause rest and begin the steep slippy descent of Tonelagee, reaching the Brockage Ridge its about an hour to Brockage, with great views to the left and right. At Brockage turn and head towards Camaderry aiming to hit the road across from the bridge (T09764 98498 (Point A)) This downhill section has a lot of ankle breakers hidden in the heather, so step lightly. Reaching the bridge follow the miners track as it winds its way up the flank of Camaderry, passing ruins and spoil heaps as you go. Reaching the S.E Top there is a well worn track that will bring you on to the second Camaderry. Your next goal is Turlough Hill on the far side of a boggy col. Passing by Turlough Hill walk on towards the Quarry and on to a high point that looks down on a nasty boggy section that must be crossed. The aim here is to head towards Conavalla and turn for the Lugduff ridge as soon as possible.. But enjoy the views down the valley towards Glendalough.There are many tracks that will take you along this next leg, the ground is broken and wet in spots but not bad. On one side Camaderry and Glendalough and on the other Glenmalur with Lug rising high. The last high point reached is Lugduff before you head down to the boardwalk, here you pick up the Wicklow Way which takes you down to the car park in about 50 minutes.

When you reach the car park you have a couple of choices about the last leg, down the public road or along by the lake...

Point A: T09764 98498 (turn area map On)

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march-fixer a week ago.
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Moyle Hill: A pimple in northern Donegal
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Dart Mountain North-West Top: Easily Done On The Way Up Dart
Aidy a week ago.
I crossed over this summit in March 2015 on the way to Dart from the high point on the Park/Tamnagh Road, which is a pass on the west side of Dart. I found that the natural route took me over the ...

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Glascarns Hill: A Welcome New Addition
Aidy a week ago.
I climbed Glascarns Hill over a year ago, not knowing at the time that it would make it on to MV, and I was just using it as a stepping stone on to Croaghbane. Even then however, I was glad I went...

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Craigcannon: How Far Can You Drive.
sandman 2 weeks ago.
In a normal road car where the tarred road ends at C2342031143 in a 4+4 you can get to C2394030645 but if you have a farm tractor especially with a turf cutting attachment you can drive all the wa...

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Tonduff East Top: OS Sheet 56 can go to bed now I hope!
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
After visiting Robber`s Pass Hill, decided to revisit both Tonduff tops after a Hiatus of about 25yrs, started at 14066 13923 a small rough track leads toward some old bog cuttings here, then foll...

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Robber's Pass Hill: OS Sheet 56 revisited again!!!!!
eamonoc 2 weeks ago.
Short and Sweet, started at 16943 07462, plenty of room for many cars, followed Wicklow way through coillte barrier, immediately took a right turn up to a slightly higher well constructed path tha...

Forum: General
mcrtchly a month ago.
I recently surveyed the col between Gearhane and Fallaghnamare using a survey grade GPS (10cm accuracy) and recorded an elevation of 611.35m for the col. I surveyed the elevation of Fallaghnamara ...

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