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Maximum height for area: 615 metres Summits in area: 31
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Inch Top Hill Donegal County
Height: 222 metres OS 1/50k Mapsheet: 2,7 for top
Grid Ref: C31300 25300 Latitude: 55.074028 Longitude: -7.510798
ITM: 631242 925283 Prominence: 222m   Isolation: 5.4km
Rating graphic. The highest point on Inch Island in Lough Swilly.

Inch Top is the 1231th highest summit in Ireland.

Our data has reached 60% of the goal for this summit.

COMMENTS for Inch Top 1 of 1 Picture about mountain Inch Top in area Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland
Picture: Inch Top from the ferry across Lough Swilly. Expand pics.
A simple but rewarding ascent.
Short Summary created by Harry Goodman  23 Mar 2012 The road to Inch Island is signed from the R238 between Burnfoot and Buncrana at C361 246 (Point A) where a turn W leads down to and across the causeway onto the island. At a T junction C333 248 (Point B) turn right and follow along to a X roads at C324 251 (Point C). Go SW a short way to a small white cottage on the right C322 249 (Point D) near some large work sheds. The start of an untarred stoney track giving access to the summit is at C3205724955 (Point E) just past the sheds. This leads up, initially through trees, and then over more open ground to the top with it's communications mast, trig pillar and adjacent cairn. For such a small hill the summit C3134825280 (Point F) is a magnificent view point with a full 360 degree panorama of the Donegal hills and mountains and even further afield to the Sperrins. This is a climb that can be completed very comfortably in less than an hour even allowing time on top to enjoy the scenery. Total distance up and down is 3k. Permission to use the track up should be sought at the cottage, permission which was very readily given to the writer on the occasion of his climb (March 2012).
Point A: C361 246 Point B: C333 248 Point C: C324 251
Point D: C322 249 Point E: C32057 24955 Point F: C31348 25280
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A way up, but no way down?
by three5four0  4 Jul 2010 Parked in a small lay-by, just past the Carnaghan Presbyterian church, at C327239 (Point G) where there is enough room for one car to be parked off the road. Walked back past the church, turning left into a lane at C328241 (Point H), and then right onto another lane at C327241 (Point I). This lane way is unmarked on the satmap gps digital mapping. It is however, marked on both osni sheet 7 and osi sheet 2. Follow this lane up hill, turning right at C322245 (Point J) and left at C323247 (Point K) which leads you to a road junction at C321248 (Point L), turn left and go through a gate. At around C320247 (Point M), go through an open gate into a large field with sheep, follow the field round the spur to a gate into the next field at roughly C315246 (Point N). Go through the gate and walk to the top of the field. From here you need to plot a line of least resistance , through the ferns and gorse, to get to the final summit slopes of Inch Top, persons with height issues will not enjoy the next 15 mins! Some of the wind-bush and ferns are chest height.

At around C312249 (Point O) you arrive at an old over grown track, turn left along this, you will now be able to pick a route ahead (C311249 (Point P), C3117124999 (Point Q), C311250 (Point R) may be of help), and no doubt with some relief, you make it onto the short heather of the summit slope. A short ascent leads to the summit trig point and mast, with great views of the surrounding countryside, and fine place to eat your piece.

The descent, there is a service track descending from Inch Top, however on two of the options we ended in the same field to the rear of a house on the East side of the hill. Anyone who has investigate that side will have noted the number of no trespassing signs, in the lanes off the main road. So, a descent by the way of ascent is the only way to be recommended.

PS those who who have had there legs scratched by gorse / windbush etc, may find Eurax cream stops the itching!
Point G: C327 239 Point H: C328 241 Point I: C327 241
Point J: C322 245 Point K: C323 247 Point L: C321 248
Point M: C320 247 Point N: C315 246 Point O: C312 249
Point P: C311 249 Point Q: C31171 24999 Point R: C311 250
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Picture: View NE over Fahan to Mouldy Hill with Slieve Snaght beyond Expand pics.
An easy way up !
by Harry Goodman  13 Mar 2012 Although Inch Top is the lowest and one of the first encountered of the Inishowen mv listed hills I kept missing it out having read the posts of others. These described the route up, inter alia, as one with "a jungle section.....a few minutes of acute discomfort..... an abundace of chest high ferns and whin bushes......and a route to commend heartily to one's worst enemy......". This said, when it was the last remaining top on my Inishowen mv list, the day of reckoning could be put off no longer. On 5 March 2012, with little enthusiasm, I decided that the time had come to tackle this small hill. However, once there I sought out some local knowledge to see if an alternative and less torturous way to the top could be found. I was advised that there was an access track up to a mast on the summit and that I should not have any problem seeking permission to use it. From a crossroads at C3235425146 (Point S) I followed a minor road SW for a short distance to a small white cottage C3220624936 (Point T), near some large work sheds. On asking at the house if I could use the access track to go up the hill permission was readily given and I was advised that there would be no problem if other walkers wanted to do the same. This said permission to park and use the track should be sought. After a short walk on tarmac up past the sheds the start of the untarred stoney track was at C3205724955 (Point E). This led up through some trees to open ground at C3154025439 (Point U) where it turned sharply left and up to the mast, trig pillar and adjacent cairn. The top C3134825280 (Point F) is a magnificent view point with a 360 degree panorama. To the E and S is Scalp Mt. and the ancient hill top site of the Grianan of Aileach, Holywell Hill and the distant Sperrins. To the W and N are the Donegal Highland's and NE the Urris Hills, Raghtin More, Bulbin and Slieve Snaght. This is a climb that can be completed comfortably in less than an hour even allowing for a break on the top to sit and enjoy the scenery. Distance up and down is 3k.
Point S: C32354 25146 Point T: C32206 24936 Point E: C32057 24955
Point U: C31540 25439 Point F: C31348 25280 (turn area map On)
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Picture: Inch seen from Rathmullan Expand pics.
by pdtempan  20 Mar 2009 In this view, Inch Top is seen across Lough Swilly from Rathmullan. From this angle it is not obvious at all that Inch is an island, as it merges with the rest of the Inishowen coastline. Seen from the vantage point of Grianán of Aileach, south of Burt, it is clear that Inch is a natural island but for the causeways connecting it to the mainland near Burnfoot.
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Picture: Fahan from Inch Top Expand pics.
Born and bred in a briar patch...
by Peter Walker  20 Oct 2010 I followed three5four0's excellent directions, and thus tackled Inch Top WOULD provide a really lovely rural stroll in gorgeous surroundings to an excellent panoramic viewpoint...but for the 'jungle' section.

Alas, there really is no way around this, and believe me I was glad of my relative advantages in terms of height and legspan. A bit of scouting around and back and forwarding should mean you suffer at worst a few minutes of acute discomfort (rather than an eternity of agony and damnation), but this is still a route to commend heartily to one's worst enemy...especially if they tend to wear shorts.
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