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Dublin/Wicklow Area Wicklow Mountains Subarea Printable format
Maximum height for area: 925 metres Summits in area: 111
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Lugduff Mountain Wicklow County
Log Dubh A name in Irish (Language)
(Ir. Log Dubh [PNCW], 'black hollow')
Height: 652 metres OS 1/50k Mapsheet: 56 for top
Grid Ref: T07220 95361 Latitude: 52.998554 Longitude: -6.403789
ITM: 707145 695395 Prominence: 97m   Isolation: 1.0km
Rating graphic. The name has been transferred from one of the valleys or hollows near Glendalough. In 1617 it was recorded as Barnelogduffe, but in 1668 as just Lug Duffe and similarly as Lugduff in 1760.

Lugduff is the 189th highest summit in Ireland. Our data has reached 65% of the goal for this summit. (Details)

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Circuit includes top.
by pplsgod  31 May 2013 Did Lugduff on Sunday 28th Feb 2010 as part of a circuit around Glendalough (see walks list "Glendalough - Camade - Lgh Firrib - Lugduff" for more info on route) Starting at the visitor centre head for the main road and turn left. Head for the junction of R757 and St Kevins Road, take St. Kevins Road also known as St. Kevins Way

After a short walk along St. Kevin Road (approx half a kilometre) there is a left turn into the
forestry. It is the first turn you will come across along this road. The route through the forest is a
well trodden track which zig zags before opening to a clearing onto the ridge of Camaderry

If you follow a bearing of 280 degrees you will come onto the South East summit of Camaderry at T 089 974 (Point A) (Point A). The walk upto Camaderry summit at T 082 981 (Point B) (Point B) from here is straightforward with a compass bearing of 319 degrees

From Camaderry summit take a bearing of 300 degrees which will bring you to Turlough Hill
Reservoir at T 065 985 (Point C) (Point C). From here take a new bearing of 290 degrees towards Lough Firrib taking care to avoid steep ground on your right hand side. Lough Firrib is located at T049 987 (Point D) (Point D)

From Lough Firrib (to avoid losing too much ground) walk for approx 1km along a bearing of
200 degrees (should take max 20 minutes) and then turn to 140 degrees directly towards
Lugduff summit at T 073 954 (Point E) (Point E). Adjust your compass to 130 degrees which will bring you to Lugduff SE Top . Turn due East (80 degrees) and drop down to the Spink Walk track

You can follow the Spink track / boardwalk all the way back to the visitor centre or for a slight
variation turn into the forestry at T 095 957 (Point F) (Point H) (approx - on the track there is a signpost telling you exactly where to turn off the boardwalk) After a short decent you will pick up a track that runs parallel to the Spink trail by taking a left after coming out of the forestry. There are a
few different trails that lead back to the visitor centre.

On this day there was a lot of snow lingering around the summits which slowed our progress, the walk took 6 hrs 30 minutes but could probably be done in an hour less ing ood weather
Point A: T089 974 Point B: T082 981 Point C: T065 985
Point D: T049 987 Point E: T073 954 Point F: T095 957
(turn area map On)
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by csd  4 Aug 2003 Middle: Lugduff ridge with Lugduff to the extreme right. Foreground: Fraughan Rock Glen. Background: Tonlagee and Camaderry. If you have six hours to spare, a pleasant circuit taking in Lugduff can be done. Start at the car park at Baravore and head up the forest track to Table Mountain. Lunch at Three Lakes can be followed by the short pull up to Conavalla. Then head SE along the ridge that divides Glendalo and Glenmalur, taking in Lugduff on the way. Divert south through the Cullentragh Park and aim to hit the forest at approx 077 935 (Point G). Aim for the stream marked in the middle of the forested section and listen for the sound of falling water. There is a delightful waterfall secreted in the woods. Finish up by heading straight down to the road and turn right for the kilometre or so walk to the car park. Photo taken 04.08.2003.
Point G: T077 935 (turn area map On)
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View across Ridge
by darrenf  14 Jun 2010 This photo was taken en route to Lough Firrib. We started at the upper car park in Glendalough and ascended the steps taking you up to the spinc. From here its a straightward tramp across the boardwalk until you come to a junction. Going straight on (or keeping right) will take you to the bridge at the head of Glendalough Valley and bearing left at this point takes you up and over to the saddle between Mullacor and Lugduff SE Top. We took in SE Top before stopping for lunch on top of Lugduff. We continued on toward Lough Firrib.

The photo clearly shows the Lugduff ridge to the right of the photo, while the trail snaking down from the spinc is also clearly visible. The head of the Glendalough Valley is just peeking through also. Unfortunately the camera battery died just as we approached Lough Firrib. Typical. Be warned however that we discovered a number of ticks on our legs after spending some time in the peaceful surrounds of Lough Firrib.
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by paraic  27 Jul 2004 Drove up the Glenmalure valley to the carpark by the Avonbeg River at T 066 943 (Point H). The cloud level was at about 600m so I wasn't going to expect any views from the summit! Decided to climb up the steep valley wall directly to Lugduff. The wall face (270m) should take about 40 mins to complete. Made my descent of the valley wall 2km west of my assent through Ballinagoneen. Walked back to the carpark using the track along the river. Tough climb but on a clear day I'm sure it's worth it!
Point H: T066 943 (turn area map On)
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by colin murphy  28 Sep 2009 Did as part of a Lugduff SE Top - Lugduff route starting at Ballinafunshoge forest car park (see Lugduff SE top for route). Pick shows one of the many pretty streams that tumble into the glen, taken at point T075 945 (Point I).
Point I: T075 945 (turn area map On)
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Picture: Lugnaquillia from Summit of Lugduff Expand pics.
Eastern Approach
by Geansai  18 Jun 2011 I made my way up to Lugduff from the parking area halfway up the Glenmalure valley. There is a good forest track which is part of the wicklow way.Following the arrow signs takes you to a gate at the edge of the forest where you go through and turn right heading uphill with the edge of the forest on your right. Cross a stile and you are soon on the saddle between Lugduff and Mullacor. There's a track along the ridge towards Lugduff with good views down to Glendalough and across to Camaderry and Turlough hill. Didn't stay on this track long, turning left on to the higher ground with views across Glenmalure and pushing on to Lugduff. There's a small cairn at the top and a fantastic view across to Lugnaquillia. Its a pity I didn't have this shot when I was going up Lugnaquillia.
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