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2015-02-25 21:49:56
Re Mullaghmore Cultural Status
Context of comment:Pepe
I think that Mullaghmore is definitely a place that we want to include. Partly because of the controversy that you mention, which I remember, but partly because it is something of an iconic place.
Message:I suppose entering the data for a new summit can seem somewhat overwhelming at first sight. However you are not required to enter all of the data. So for example for Mullaghmore, there's quite a bit of non-technical stuff that can be put in. The names for the place, the county name, the height, the grid reference of the top, the OS map it is on.

Why do we ask for this? This data is necessary for the website to function. We need to know the grid reference to put the place on the online map, we need the height so as to tell people about it etc etc. In the past someone has always had to put this data in. The most recent additions, 284 summits in Jan 2014, took 2 or 3 people around 800 - 1000 hours of effort and the data-entry was by way of very error-prone spreadsheets. There is a limited number of volunteers willing to put this sort of time in. So we came up with the Proposal system which stores suggestions, checks them and broadens the number of volunteers who individually don't have to do so much.

So could I ask you to take another look at entering the data that you can put in? Since we put the proposal system in some weeks ago some 47 proposals have been made with all but one accepted. Another summit was added just today (Black Rock Mountain)

You mentioned specifically the Easting and Northing. This is easy enough obtained. Once you have entered some data, including the Grid Reference, you save the proposal and then click "Check Proposal". The system will warn you what fields remain to be entered and for the Easting and Northing will propose correct values which you can enter.

Remember, MountainViews is a community based effort. We are happy that people propose changes but we ask volunteers to enter as many fields as they are able. We can accept incomplete entries, however remember the more you put in is the less that someone else has do to complete the data for summit.

You mentioned a difficulty with scrolling. We haven't heard of this before however the software is new and perhaps there is some difficulty we weren't aware of. Contact us by email group@mountainviews.ie to deal with the specifics.

Thanks again for the suggestions regarding Mullaghmore and Sliabh Rua.
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Slieve Main: Inishowen's second mountain.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 5 days ago.
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