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2014-04-18 11:31:33
"The purple panel controls the list export." from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: The purple panel controls the list export. (Contract pics)

New feature: Lists export.
Context of comment:MountainViews is pleased to announce a quite big new addition to the "Nineteen Lists and Logs" feature.

If you select "Lists & Logs" | "Nineteen Lists & Personal Log" you will now find a new "Export" button, which brings up the export controls. See purple section of the picture. You can now get data from the list you created in various ways.

Download as GPX file. This enables you to export our data to many sorts of GPS devices, to programs like "GPSU" and for other purposes that can use the fairly universal ".GPX" format file.

Upload to a Garmin GPS unit For those that own a Garmin GPS device (currently the most popular sort of GPS) this will speedily send the selected summits to the device.

Download CSV for spreadsheet CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values" and is a way of sending data between programs. This feature dumps the list in a format that can be opened by many spreadsheets such as "Excel".

It is extremely handy to get all the summits as waypoints for an entire area onto your device before visiting the area. This has been possible in the Home | GPS Summit Data (Irl) feature for many years, however this V1 feature was cumbersome to use and will be removed shortly. The new feature is much faster and more flexible. This is particularly true for direct upload to Garmin which takes seconds.
Message:Some details GPS units need a shortened name to identify waypoints which must be unique. MV creates a GPS identifier based on the name which is unique for all the data that can be downloaded. Currently there are two options, the very short 6 char version or the 10 character version. You can set which you want.

You can set the type of symbol that is specified for the GPS unit. (Where the symbol is available on the device that is, otherwise it will use a default symbol.)

You can set an identifier for the file to be downloaded which is used in file names and property description fields.

Advanced export options One difficulty you may encounter is that your device cannot hold all the summits you are trying to upload. For example, many cheaper devices can only handle 500 waypoints. You will also be advised to have some spare space for waypoints you may make during your expedition to an area. You need to know what capacity your GPS unit has. It may be necessary to limit the waypoints you put onto your device and the Advanced options allow you to do this. You can set the total number of summits to export and you can arrange that the ones you include are the ones you need most. For example if you want to get 450 summits for the north of Ireland, you can choose "All Irish summits", "All of Type", Number to Include: 450, "North of selection". This will include summits of any type and export the first 450 starting from the north of the selection. (This choice would include all the summits for Northern Ireland and Donegal). You can also restrict to the nearest to a particular summit or the highest.

British data: All features now work.
Additional points:As always with a "quite big" new feature there will be errors. You may also have feature requests. Let us know at group@mountainviews.ie.
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Arona to Parador Hotel via Valle de Ucanca
GSheehy 9 hours ago.
Sticking the boots in the bag, when the intention was to go and have a rest. Justifying a walk, that?s predominantly a walk, Len: 30.8km, Climb: 2274m, Area: Spain, Canary Islands ()

Summit Summary
Slieve Main: Inishowen's second mountain.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a day ago.
Parking in a small quarry 3km to the east at point C444 372, cross the smaller top of Damph and then head north, curving around the valley until you cross a fence at C425 380 then begin to ascend ...

Summit Comment
Castlemahon Mountain: My outing to Castlemahon summit.
Ulsterpooka 5 days ago.
I followed Peter Walkers route and asked permission to walk to the summit mast. The person was very friendly and accommodating. I parked at the last house in what is a four house dwelling lane. Th...

Inishowen Slieve Snaght from the north.
simon3 a day ago.
This linear walk route starts from the north and includes the two Arderins and one Vandeleur-Lynam in the area. It sta... walk, Len: 9.3km, Climb: 515m, Area: Slieve Snaght, Inishowen (Ireland) Sliev

Summit Comment
Caoinkeen South-East Top: Caoinkeen
davsheen 6 days ago.
View of Caoinkeen from Gougane Barra Horseshoe walk

Summit Comment
Knockatee: October Cahas Walk
davsheen 6 days ago.
View over Kenmare Bay from Knockatee Summit Co. Kerry

High Mountains of Britain and Ireland, The by Butterfield, Irvine
Peter Walker 3 days ago.
Long out of print, but well worth seeking out by the serious hillwalker (especially if they visit Britain as well as Ireland), this is a gloriously impractical guide to all of the 3000ft mountains...

Cruach Eoghanach
Peter Walker 2 days ago.
Cruach Eoghanach is a handy outing on the days when you get out of the car, feel the force of the wind and rain, look... walk, Len: 10.4km, Climb: 329m, Area: Cruach Eoghanach, S Donegal/W Tyrone (Ir

Summit Summary
Mullagh More: Iconic hill with waymarked ways.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 6 days ago.
There is a way marked route up this iconic mountain. To get to the start drive out of Corofin in the direction of Kilfenora. After less than 2 miles turn right at a sign for 'Kilnaboy Church and S...

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Mullagh More: WRONG OPTION
Buny Clare 6 days ago.
As we advance in years some of us do not put the same effort in planning as we would have In previous years. I had climbed Mullaghmore on two previous occasions (see 10/6/2016) Last Friday I was ...

Pics de Batoua
David-Guenot 4 days ago.
walk, Len: 18.3km, Climb: 1672m, Area: France, Occitanie ()

Forum: General
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
CaptainVertigo 5 days ago.
I did my last walk in April and between work and family have not been out since.. I feel my absence from the mountains like a dull ache, a loss, a bereavement. Meanwhile everyone tells me that I a...

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