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2017-05-15 11:24:14
For Clarification.
Some island bagging sites classify islands off our shores as no less than 1/2 an acre ,others classify all ie large rocks. Some sites regard the Island as having been bagged if you just stand on them others if you spend the night on them but i assume our classification on Mountain Views is as always its bagged when the summit is reached . But on some coastal features which is now listed how do you find a summit at zero meters high.
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Mt Leinster from Scullogue Gap
Bunsen7 3 days ago.
Parked in Scullogue Gap. Found myself confused along the way by the many backroads circling around the area to the we... walk, Len: 11.6km, Climb: 736m, Area: Knockroe, Blackstairs Mountains (Ireland

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Seanadh Bhéara: Access Issues
TommyV 3 days ago.
I was bagging a few hills in the South Connemara on Saturday 12th August. Shannavara was to be my 4th hill of the day. I followed bryanmccabe's directions and met the landowner who was out and abo...

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Can you copyright a mountain name?
mcrtchly 5 days ago.
Can a place name, such as a mountain name range name be copyrighted? It seems so in the UK where the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) claims copyright on the name 'Glencoe' through their ownershi...

Coumshingaun (Fauscoum)
Bunsen7 3 days ago.
Surprised no full track up for this, a classic route by all accounts, short but with interesting terrain and far from ... walk, Len: 8.2km, Climb: 676m, Area: Fauscoum, Comeragh Mountains (Ireland) F

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Crockawama: Garvary Mountain.
sandman 3 days ago.
Parking is available at C0411727890 beside a large farm shed not presently in use according to the very helpful farmer. Walking towards the hill following a rough tractor trail arriving at C041732...

Day 38 Germany Trip
simoburn a week ago.
walk, Len: 38.9km, Climb: 2808m, Area: Germany, Bavaria ()

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Croaghaderry: Fool's Gold.
sandman 3 days ago.
As with Derryreel from the coastal side the ridge this hill is located on is impressive but not so on the Muckish side , access is via the double gates located at C0103433730 . Passing thru old st...

Maughernane - Lough Iskanamcteery
peter1 a week ago.
This is the ridge south of Lough Iskanamacteery, starting at the previously used spot, just after the bridge. The wea... walk, Len: 12.7km, Climb: 596m, Area: Coomcallee, Dunkerron Mountains (Ireland

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Doire Uí Fhríl: Which Side.
sandman 3 days ago.
On approach from the coastal side this hill and ridge looks impressive but from the road on the Muckish side it looks a non entity. Access is via the track leading up to the old TV masts the ruins...

Slieve Carr from the east
Onzy a week ago.
This route builds on a Simon3 route (trk 1545) which starts further east.Parking at the end of this minor road is not ... walk, Len: 11.8km, Climb: 639m, Area: Slieve Carr, North Mayo (Ireland) Sliev

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Crocknaneeve: Coastal Hill
sandman 3 days ago.
Thank you for the excellent directions wicklore .... just to say the car still blocks the lane at point D even at 8.00am

Nephin Begs: Nephin Beg
Onzy a week ago.
Route from South to Nephin Beg and its South Top.Sandman has suggested a parking place deep in the forest north of the... walk, Len: 8.1km, Climb: 547m, Area: Nephin Beg S Top, North Mayo (Ireland) N

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