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2017-05-15 11:24:14
For Clarification.
Some island bagging sites classify islands off our shores as no less than 1/2 an acre ,others classify all ie large rocks. Some sites regard the Island as having been bagged if you just stand on them others if you spend the night on them but i assume our classification on Mountain Views is as always its bagged when the summit is reached . But on some coastal features which is now listed how do you find a summit at zero meters high.
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Summit Comment
Gooreen: Galway Island
sandman a month ago.
Omey Island is a tidal island both reachable by vehicle and on foot subject to the tides in your favor . The island with its fine walking areas and its uniqueness is a magnet for over sea tourists...

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Oooh, is that a MAP?
wicklore a month ago.
I was descending Lugnaquillia through the Ow Valley recently. I was floundering about in steep, marshy forest where each footstep fell through a moss covered roots or clear-felled debris. Flailing...

Visiting Collon Hill for coastal views.
simon3 2 months ago.
Most of this track is on forest roads. The final way up leaves the forest road through an area of beech trees. There i... walk, Len: 5.8km, Climb: 193m, Area: Collon Hill, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Co

Summit Comment
Ardbear N: Coastal Hill
sandman a month ago.
The walk marker informs you that the Connemara Greenway is 1km east and beside it a farm gate with a lock at L6643950072 will allow you access to the summit area that is if you cross over. Looking...

Walk up Ballinastraw
simon3 2 months ago.
This is a straightforward walk to Ballinastraw, a wooded summit as of 2017.Notable is the Eucaylyptus plot near the en... walk, Len: 1.9km, Climb: 48m, Area: Ballinastraw, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Ba

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Faul: Coastal Hill
sandman a month ago.
A parking area for the graveyard located at L6560249612 will solve your parking issues and the field gate opposite will allow access to the summit area. Head for the high point unfortunately you w...

Courtown/Clones area to Clogga
simon3 2 months ago.
Beach north of Clones.Lookout Post 10From the Castletown/Clones area the walk north to Kilmichael is reasonably interest walk, Len: 11.6km, Climb: 79m, Area: North Wexford (Ireland)

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Ardagh: Coastal Hill
sandman a month ago.
The entrance located at L6600348877 which is fairly basic gives no clue what you are about to encounter app 500mts in the gravel tract. One of the finest constructed all weather show jumping arena...

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Mountainviews Members Meet. Saturday 7th Octo
liz50 a month ago.
MOUNTAINVIEWS MEMBERS MEET 2017A Mountainviews members meet is planned for Saturday 7th October. Why not make a weekend of it!The walk is open to everyone and in particular mountainviews.ie member...

Near Sleamaine, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
Bunsen7 2 months ago.
walk, Len: 6.1km, Climb: 154m, Area: Sleamaine, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Sleama...

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Maumtrasna: Trig pillar
markwallace a month ago.
Unusually, Maumtrasna's trig pillar is not at the summit proper as marked on MV and OSI 38. The trig pillar is at around L 974 645 (OSI point 673), sitting above the head of the Srahnalong valley....

Summit Comment
Church Island: A brief pilgrimage
peter1 a month ago.
Compact Early Christian pilgrimage site, 500-1000AD. Difficult to land here as there is no beach. Be sure to tie up your boat before scrambling up the rocks!

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