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2017-03-19 03:10:06
"University Hospital Galway" from CaptainVertigo Expand pics
University Hospital Galway (Expand pics)
Irish Times - Post Mortem on Hillwalker
According to the Irish Times a postmortem examination is to be carried out on the remains of a man found during the search for a hillwalker in Connemara who went missing during a St Patrick’s day walk. The body was recovered on the eastern side of Leenane Hill at about 3pm Saturday, five hours after the search began for the missing walker, a Dublin man in his 50s.
The Irish Times is reporting that the missing man, an experienced walker, informed his phone contact on St. Patrick's Day, that he would climb Leenane Hill at the northern end of the Maamturks. The remains of the hillwalker were removed to University College Hospital, Galway, where the postmortem is expected to be carried out on Monday.
The man’s identity has not yet been made public.
A post-mortem examination is performed to establish the cause of death which may not necessarily have resulted from a fall or other hillwalking accident. Death from heart attacks, strokes and so forth may sometimes cause death in a mountain setting. Such issues are generally the subject of an Inquest by the Coroner in charge of the case. The post-mortem report will usually clarify the circumstances leading to death. Whatever the cause of death, we extend our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased, being deeply cognisant of their loss.
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A nice Sunday hillwalk with lovely views of the Ox mountain valley
ColinCallanan a week ago.
This was on a nice Sunny day in midsummer, and the views were lovely across the plains to the S, E and N. West there w... walk, Len: 2.3km, Climb: 168m, Area: Knocknashee, Ox Mountains (Ireland) Knoc

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Barraderry: Coastal Hill
sandman a week ago.
A lot of low hills in Galway have water tanks located on them and this hill is no different , access is via the water works located at L9419824748 parking is also available and by walking round th...

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Rosan Mhíl: Coastal Hill
sandman a week ago.
If you are visiting the Aran Islands and you have a few minutes to spare this is a quick bag en-route if you park at the water reservoir located at L9613324545 your walk will probably be shorter t...

Just Dooish !
pazapas a week ago.
?The walk is a simple 24.5km loop all inside Glenveagh National Park. The entrance is free of charge.The route is made walk, Len: 24.5km, Climb: 898m, Area: Donegal NW (Ireland) Crockmulroney, Doo

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Annagaire: Mountain Views.
simon3 a week ago.
Another view from Annagry Hill. Looking NE and to the left of the picture is Cronalaght with its windmills. Tievealehid is behind this with Carntreena a slight bump on the adjacent skyline.Going f...

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Re Downloading Tracks
simon3 a week ago.
tomodubThese notes may help:Go to the area in question.Click on "Open Walks Finder" at left of page.Select a track you are interested in by clicking on it.At the bottom of the track you should see...

Visiting the Tievealehid - Carntreena group.
simon3 a week ago.
This route follows the obvious windfarm access road as suggested by others up Cronalaght from the SW. Cronalaght is a... walk, Len: 11.6km, Climb: 517m, Area: Taobh an Leithid, Donegal NW (Ireland)

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Annagaire: Good views, nasty briers.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a week ago.
This hill has excellent views of the nearby coast of NW Donegal.One place to start is around B7965 1909 on a public road servicing a number of holiday homes. There is a bank of a few metres to be ...

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Annagaire: Great place for a wide view of the NW Donegal Coast.
simon3 a week ago.
Annagry Hill overlooks a substantial estuary from the coast near Bunbeg and ending some 7km inland to the west of the hill.The photo show this shallow estuary at low tide. It is completely covered...

Owey: From holiday homes to plunging granite and wildness.
simon3 a week ago.
Short boat trip with Dan Gallagher.This was a trip around Owey in June, with generally poor weather including an hour ... walk, Len: 9.5km, Climb: 222m, Area: Torglass, Donegal Islands (Ireland) Tor

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Tor Glas: Wild island off the SW coast of Owey.
simon3 a week ago.
This island is one of several around the coast of Owey island. It is only slightly bigger than others and as you can see it has some grass on top.

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Knockafeehane: A quick bag
thomas_g a week ago.
Park at Q 61908 01873 (1 car just). Walk to the junction enter little lane just before house. It's a quick up and down over rough ground. Nice views though. This is farmland but no one was about t...

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