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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about mountains or another forum.
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Hi All,
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2013-03-01 14:27:41
"Broken priorities" from wicklore Expand pics
Broken priorities (Expand pics)
Someone loves the fauna, not the flora
On a recent walk of Mangerton I came across this scene at the start of my walk at the northern approach to the mountain where the trail begins that leads up to the Devils Punch Bowl. There is an A4 sheet of paper pasted to a tree overhanging the little stream. The A4 sheet of paper contains a number of images of wildlife and is an advertisement for the services of a wildlife photographer.

As I put on my boots I idly wondered how the person was able to reach across the stream to stick up the poster, as an approach from behind the tree didnít look feasible. Thatís when I took in the wider picture and realised that a number of branches in front of the poster were snapped and hanging down Ė as if to indicate that someone had put a ladder or board across the stream and leaned on the branches to put up the poster. The poster is up too high to make standing in the stream to put it up unlikely.

Now I accept there could be other explanations, and thatís why I wonít name the photographer, but is it possible that a wildlife photographer might have broken these branches in the process of advertising their wildlife photography? If not, who else might have broken them, right in front of the poster?
Yes, 'hot spots' f.. by mcrtchly   (Show all posts)

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Knockroe: Small hill in flat area
Fergalh 4 hours ago.
Park at (M50487 41178) pass through gate and walk 437 metres to top. Trig point at top

Peter Walker 6 hours ago.
A brief excursion over typically Sperrin terrain. Nobody was walk, Length:1.1km, Climb: 65m, Area: Cregganconroe, Sperrin Mountains (Ireland) Creggan

Summit Summary
An Scraig: Waypoint on the Brandon Ridge
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Onzy 16 hours ago.
Ballysitteragh is situated on the southern end of the Brandon ridge north of the Conor Pass. The hill can be reached from a number of directions. Most easily, it is hard to ignore the Conor Pa...

Peter Walker 6 hours ago.
Basically this is Mr Sandman's directions made .gpx flesh. A walk, Length:4.8km, Climb: 45m, Area: Stranisk, Fermanagh/S Tyrone (Ireland) Stranisk

Summit Summary
Beennabrack: Easy Climb from the South
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Onzy 16 hours ago.
Beennabrack is situated on the southern end of the Brandon ridge just north of the Conor Pass. The hill can be reached from a number of directions. Most easily, it is hard to ignore the Conor ...

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Bla Bheinn [Blabheinn] [Blaven]: Stunning Bla Bheinn
Derry_Danderer a day ago.
I climbed this last week and think I'll struggle to find a better view from the top anywhere else in Ireland or the UK. The location is remote although in tourist season I did come across maybe 6 ...

Summit Comment
Lavagh More: A Knee Killer After A Long Walk
Aidy a day ago.
I reached Lavagh More having already walked Ardnageer, Ardnageer SW Top and Croaghgorm, and virtually climbed Croaghbane and Glascarns Hill too at the start of the walk, although I turned west jus...

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Dessie , well done on Wicklow
jackill a day ago.
Sounds like an epic distance to cover in a few days. Very well done, might make an interesting article for the site if you had the time to write about it?

Devilsmother Circuit
Onzy 15 hours ago.
Route taking in Knocklaur, Devilsmother and Devilsmother Nor walk, Length:12.4km, Climb: 902m, Area: Knocklaur, Partry/Joyce Country (Ireland) Knockl

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Eastern reeks short version
rossbeighed 2 days ago.
this is a shortened version of a video of the eastern reeks via the bone- cnoc na peiste-big gun ridge-cruach mor. The original was way too long as pointed out by this site...It might give peopl...

Summit Summary
Slieve Muck: Follow the wall to the summit
Collaborative entry Last edit by: jackill a day ago.
Park at J27115 25243, an access road to Spelga Reservoir, room for 5-6 cars on the roadside without blocking the road way. Cross the public road and over the wall on the far side heading generally...

User profile
frankmc04 2 days ago.
Avid hillwalker, exploring the mountains of Ireland

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